Homes for the Start Up Commune – 2 ‘Amenities’

For Pari Sharma working at a digital start up in Noida, amenities are the most important factors in choosing the ideal home. “The work culture is different at startups and things like late nights quite common,” she says. This makes it imperative to have homes with quality features which makes it fully equipped to deal with the fast paced lifestyles of the startup destination.
Green Homes
People working with startups feel they are more aware and would like to keep up with the latest trends. No wonder then, green homes are catching there fancy. A green home typically has several environment friendly features like rain water harvesting, energy efficient lighting, recycling etc. Typically, these homes come with a certification, pushing their prices up. But a recent survey conducted by Square Yards, highlights that the startup community is willing to pay extra for the green home tag.
Club Houses
Club Houses with facilities like sports, gymnasiums, eateries etc. are yet another must for the startup commune. “A club house offers the perfect avenue to relax after a hectic day at work” says Pari. Ashutosh Mishra, a techie working for a startup in Gurgaon says, “If I have a club house in my apartment complex, I don’t have to waste time commuting to a gym or a spa. Also it helps in maintaining a fitness routine.” In fact, 44% of the respondents of the Square Yards Survey for Start Up people stated that a Club House was an essential requirement in a housing complex.

Tech Savvy Homes
Another significant insight from the Square Yards survey was the high demand for tech savvy homes. Start Up community is quite tech savvy and this reflects in their choice of homes too. There are a number of enhancements one can get done with their new homes. Say, for example lighting controlled by sensors, universal remotes for all appliances, video conferencing/calling facilities.

These are the top preferred amenities but demand for other amenities is also trending. These include 24×7 security, meditation areas, assured parking etc.

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