Housing demand was always there. Homebuyers couldn’t find the means, until Home Buying was ushered in by Proptech Players like Square Yards

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Home-Buying!! Ah, that thrilling, exhausting, and terrifying milestone in every millennial or baby boomer’s life. It is no surprise that for long, a property hunting expedition left people with a truckload of stress and a basket of mixed emotions. For first-time buyers, going for a house meant putting themselves in a battlefield with Don Quixote. They got confused and ended up in a nervous wreck.

A home-buying decision entails a massive leap of faith. After all, it’s a big financial and emotional decision. It is where a person will create permanent memories, break bread with friends and close companions and enjoy the sweetest pleasures of life.

However, the latent mess the home-buying process was in, pulled homebuyers away from realizing their dream of owning a home. A dearth of credible information about Real Estate Projects, proliferation of uncouth brokers in the market, false promises made by brokers to homebuyers, unavailability of a proper mortgage system and issues with builder commitments made homebuying a thorn in every home aspirant’s life.

The situation even gets worse when we take into account the physical nature of the real estate business which involves countless property visits, an unending documentation process and harassment till the time the house is handed over to the rightful owner.

It would be an understatement if we say that millennials weren’t searching for homes or have shelved their home buying decision completely. The demand for affordable homes was on a high after the real estate sector went through a raft of reforms aimed at bringing transparency and accountability to the sector. Not to mention the deluge of queries about mid-segment homes which were recorded on online real estate platforms.

It’s just that home aspirants were in dire need of a simple, hassle-free, credible and transparent home buying process, something which Digital Real Estate Platforms like Square Yards ushered into the sector.

With a state-of-the-art digital real estate portal, laced with artificial intelligence and machine learning, Square Yards has strived in making home buying a delightful affair, replete with memories. To ensure that, the real estate brokerage pioneer brought data in an opaque market, assisted in mortgages and digital paperwork and handheld a homebuyer in each and every stage of the home buying journey, till he got possession of his home.

In today’s evolving market scenario, Square Yards was hellbent on ensuring maximum customer satisfaction to home seekers and bring a change in their overall mentality that home buying is not like finding a needle in a haystack. We brought 3D walkthroughs, virtual reality tours, real-time inventory blocking engine and digital transaction tools, to make home-buying a breeze, to counter a lockdown scenario.

And emerged triumphant!! We closed April at 800+ counted deals with a transaction count of 400 crores, figures that talk volumes of the robustness of our digital model and the faith home buyers reposed on our platform. Success stories like these will rise and tumble in the Real Estate Sector with each passing day, now that the property sector is slowly coming of age, leaving behind its demons which held its reins for decades.

Sumit Mondal Content Analyst at Square Yards
Sumit Mondal Content Analyst at Square Yards