How to get ICICI Home Loan Statement Online?

ICICI Home Loan Statement Online

This article explains the steps as to how to obtain the home loan statement online. It also describes the offline service available. The ICICI Home Loan offers various schemes to fit the financial need of different individuals. The features and benefits of the ICICI Home Loan Statement Online are also mentioned below. 

ICICI Home Loan Statement Online

The ICICI Home Loan Provisional Certificate is a summary of the loan details. It deals with all the components that a home loan borrower needs to keep track of and pay his home loan EMI. The statement is a list displaying the principal amount borrowed, the ICICI Bank home loan interest to be charged, and the loan tenure. ICICI Home Loan Statement, also termed as the Home Loan Provisional Certificate.

It is issued at the end or beginning of each financial year indicating the remaining home loan EMI left to be paid. It can be availed through both online and offline services by the home loan borrowers. It can also be used when applying for a new home loan or for calculating your income debt ratio.   

The ICICI bank website shows the following information:

  • Home Loan Summary.
  • Final Income Tax Certificate.
  • Provisional Income Tax Certificate.
  • Online request for Part Disbursement.

Features of the ICICI Home Loan 

ICICI Bank has been one of the leaders among the private sector banks in India. There are various attractive benefits and features of the ICICI bank’s variety of loans including home loans: 

  • They provide loans at affordable rates. The bank loans match the capacity of the customer and take into consideration the feasibility and convenience of the customer to repay the amount.
  • The application process is simple because of the latest technology. Individuals can apply for their home loans from the comfort of their homes by using the bank website or online portal. 
  • The bank does not have any complicated eligibility criteria. 
  • The bank aims at availing the best facilities and interest offers to the customer. It offers two kinds of interest rates- floating interest and fixed interest rate.
  • The paperwork and other formalities are not delayed unnecessarily. 
  • The bank provides its own EMI Calculator.
  • The necessary key documents include- identity proof, income proof, and address proof.
  • The customers can conveniently check their home loan status online by accessing the web portal. 

Eligibility criteria for Home Loan 

The ICICI Bank home loan eligibility calculator is also on the bank website. The following are the necessary criteria that help in determining the individual’s eligibility when applying for a home loan. 

  • Candidate’s age- 21years and above.
  • Minimum income for salaried employee – Rs. 5 lakhs annually.
  • Minimum income of self-employed individuals- Rs. 7.5 lakhs annually.

The customers looking for a home loan can have an estimate of their eligibility easily by visiting the official website. There are also immediate sanctions offered when accessing the bank website. 

How to get ICICI Home Loan Provisional Certificate Online? 

Like all other banking facilities, ICICI home loan statements or ICICI home loan provisional certificates can be got through the online portal of the said bank. The following steps mentioned below states the process of acquiring the certificate online:

Step 1: You need to visit the ICICI net banking portal.

Step 2: Click on the login page and then enter your credentials (user id and password) as allocated by the bank. 

Step 3: After you log in, select the ‘Enquiries’ tab.

Step 4: Select the ‘Home loan provisional certificate’ under the Enquiries tab.

Step 5: Enter your home loan details required.

Step 6: The ICICI Home Loan Statement gets displayed after you enter the desired information. You can view, download or print the statement in a pdf form.

How to get ICICI Home Loan Statement Offline?

The ICICI Home Loan Provisional Certificate can be got through offline service too. The following steps mention the procedure for getting it offline:

  • You need to visit the neared ICICI Branch.
  • Get your home loan statement form and fill the necessary information such as applicant’s name, PAN number, date of birth, residential address. The home loan details such as home loan account number, applicant’s email ID and contact number also need to be furnished.
  • After you enter the required information, submit it with the necessary documents namely Copy of Aadhar card, Passport copy or copy of PAN card.

Reasons why the ICICI Home Loan Statements are required?

Mentioned below are the following purposes are served by the Home Loan Statements:

  • It helps to keep a regular check on the home loan activities.
  • It updates the loan borrowers about the latest home loan EMIs, offers and schemes, due amount (paid and remaining amount), and the remaining tenure.
  • It is useful even after the completion as it marks the person’s loan payment capability and affordability. The bank does a person’s background check for lending future loans.
  • The home loan certificate also states the tax payment of the individual and also to claim tax deductions. 

How to apply for an ICICI Home Loan?

  • The individual needs to either apply offline, by physically visiting the nearest bank branch or online by visiting the bank website.
  • The applicant can also call the ICICI Bank home loan customer care to enquire about the queries.
  • A bank representative will collect your documents either form your home or office for verification.
  • The bank will also do a background check to verify the customer’s home and professional information.
  • After the verification of the documents and eligibility of the applicant, the application qualifies for the final level.
  • In the final level, the home loan interest and tenure are both fixed.

In case of application rejection, the applicant will receive a rejection letter stating the reasons for the rejection of the application.

Grounds of Application Rejection

The bank has its internal eligibility criteria for home loans such as the salary, type of job, company, the type of job and work experience, etc. The applicant must satisfy these to get the home loan.

The reasons for the home loan rejection are:

  • When the applicant’s credit score is low- A good credit score marks the applicant’s credibility is regularly paying the credit card bill. It is advised that you check your credit score before applying for a home loan. If your credit score is too low, your application will be turned down.
  • When the applicant has unstable employment- If the applicant frequently changes jobs in a year, then it is regarded that the applicant is not dependable. 
  • When there is insufficient income- Salary is a very important factor when applying for a home loan. The applicant’s salary determines his/her affordability of the loan. 
  • When the applicant works in a delisted private company.
  • When the applicant does not fall into the age limit.
  • When the applicant lives in an address which is present in the defaulter list.

The two scenarios of the application rejection are as follows:

1st Scenario: The ICICI bank pulls out information about your credit score from different sources as an initial check when you go to enquire about the home loan. This initial check is known as the soft enquiry that does not affect your credit score.

2nd Scenario: When the ICICI bank directly pulls out information about your credit score and credit history and finds out that your credit score is low. In this case, your home application will be rejected. This enquiry is known as the hard enquiry that does affect your credit score. 

Schemes offered

At present, the ICICI home loan interest begins from 6.90 %. The ICICI bank provides a variety of home loan offers at low processing fees and impressive flexible tenure (up to 30 years). These offers are available for both salaried and self-employed individuals. 

  1. Instant Home Loan.
  2. ICICI Home Improvement Loan.
  3. 30 Years Home Loan.
  4. ICICI Bank Insta Top Up Loan.
  5. ICICI Balance Transfer Plus Top Up.
  6. ICICI Top Up Loan.
  7. ICICI Bank 24 Hours Top Up Loan.
  8. ICICI Bank Extra Home Loans.
  9. ICICI Bank Saral Housing Loan.
  10. ICICI Bank Land Loan
  11. ICICI Bank Pragati Home Loans.
  12. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (PMAY-CLSS).

Steps to track the Home Loan application

The ICICI Home Loan Statement will be issued by the bank only after the home loan is approved. The home loan borrowers need to keep checking the status of the application process. Therefore, to make this purpose easier and online service facility has been provided to the customers. 

Below are the steps mentioned to track the ICICI home loan application made by the customer:

  • Step 1: Visit the website and select the check status option. After that, provide the form number or reference number for a home loan in the space given.
  • Step 2: In case you forget your home loan form or reference number, you can enter other details like the name, loan type, date of birth, loan amount, and PAN number. Then select ‘Submit’ to check your application status.
  • Step 3: You can also track your application status by entering your application ID and registered contact number together. You will also need to answer a few security questions and make sure those answers match with the ones you have already provided in the ICICI bank records. 


Q. How to download the ICICI Bank Home Loan Provisional Certificate?

ICICI Home Loan Provisional certificate may be downloaded using the ICICI Net banking service or the bank official portal. You need to enter your id and password allocated by the bank to download the statement.

Q. How to obtain my ICICI Bank Home Loan Statement Online?

You can get your ICICI home loan statement by entering your login id, password, and select the ‘Home Loan provisional certificate’ under the enquiries tab. 

Q. How to obtain my ICICI Bank Housing Provisional Certificate?

You can obtain ICICI Bank Housing Provisional Certificate both offline from the bank and online from the bank’s web portal. For offline service, you need to physically go to the nearest branch of the bank and fill the required form. For the online service, you need to visit the online bank portal and select the ‘Home Loan Provisional CertificatE’ under the Enquiries tab.

Q. Which factors determine the ICICI home loan eligibility?

The eligibility for ICICI home loan is dependent on various factors like the applicant’s age, employment type, total years in business, the status of employment, monthly income, credit history, and the type of property purchase.

Q. Which ICICI Scheme is the best?

Every scheme has its benefits and features that cater to the requirements of various individuals. The best scheme depends on the need and credit background of the applicant. You should, however, meet the eligibility under the scheme.

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