Innovative measures transforming luxury real estate in India

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It is clear how new technology has drastically improved our lives and these are also playing a major role in the real estate scenario of India. This can be seen especially in the luxury housing segment and this segment is going through a sea change in the country. Grandeur today is reflected in the high standard of living that the buyers love to flaunt and the high end amenities that these projects boast of and they have smart technology, engineering concepts for creating the maximum user comfort.

It can be said that opulence is the key word when it comes to innovation these days and these homes are all about smart technology and connected lifestyle. Life is comfortable with features that are meeting the growing expectations of the buyers and they are reflecting the social status of the people living in these homes. The homeowners are using state of the art technology to provide additional layers of security to their homes and that can be seen in fire prevention, theft control and others. Technology is also used to make the living quarters more sustainable. Previously location was considered to be the crown jewel of home ownership but as people become more and more aware about penthouse apartment, styled villas and luxury condominiums, the definition of luxury for end users is fast changing.

Key aspects worth noting

Another key factor is that there is a now a lot of awareness regarding climate change and developers are offering home buyers with options that look towards environment sustainability. The concept of green building is fast emerging and it has now become an industry standard as they pledge to protect the environment. Hence, the modern homes are equipped with energy efficient technology along with best water management practices and so that greenhouse emissions can be kept to a minimum.

Home builders are also making use of Internet of Things and Machine to Machine learning along with Artificial Intelligence and using them to push the boundaries of comfort and luxury. With their help, domestic appliances can be controlled with just a voice command or just through a customized mobile app. The buyers of these homes are mostly internationally travelled buyers, who have seen such homes in the west and now want something similar back home, and of course have the resources to pay for it. The standard of living across the world is changing in the luxury living segment.

What developers are doing now

In keeping with the demand, the developers are also coming up with world class designs and this is attracting buyers from across the globe. The décor is customized, with their tastes and their lifestyle goals and such high standards of living can only be achieved with the most advanced innovations. Real Estate developers are also upgrading themselves so that they can create such modern and advanced homes for their clients and give them a secure, connected and comfortable life. It is expected that the next generation of technological advancement and innovations is surely going to propel the evolution of luxury real estate even further and the developers will go ahead in the construction of future- ready smart homes.

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