Journey of The Address -1

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Some say the Journey is more important than the destination….And we believe that. It all begins with how you take your journey forward with each stride. We at Square Yards have grown horizontally and vertically, proportionately and disproportionately, from a point which defined us as a creative, informative, self-delivering, researching unit to a point where we become our own competition. With great zeal, perseverance, a lot of enthusiasm we started our monthly infozine “THE ADDRESS” in the month of April 2015. The objective was clear and we always wanted to beat our own best. Month on month we churned out carefully curated articles along with innovative designs. Here is how this journey started and how we have reached to where we are today.

Our debut edition was packed with Delhi Master Plan 2021 with insights on DDA L Zone, Decoding Budget 2015-16 presented by the newly elected NDA government. This was also the time when Square Yards was providing a Unique Investment Opportunity to its customers through investment in commercial real estate at Glasgow Airport parking lots.

The time when Square Yards was all over the news by raising initial funding from foreign investors where other startups were struggling to gain any traction, we had Second Edition of THE ADDRESS covering some very interesting reads such as ‘where to invest a crore in NCR’, ‘decoded Real estate regulatory bill’, ‘Vastu Trivia’. Overall we had a blend of articles which were covering all the aspects of real estate from hardcore research analysis to property advice & exciting home décor tips worth reading thereby gaining significant readership.

The month of June saw a rapid internal growth of the organization with Square Yards acquiring leading online property search platform Realizing. This went on news like fire in the jungle and gained a lot of attention across the online property market. With the third edition, we focused on changing the theme of our magazine design and from a traditional property magazine, we upgraded with a flavor of sports illustration theme. A lot of space was given to some good quality imagery in articles such as ‘Home Renovation – affordable luxury’, ‘Feng Shui’ & in ‘Laugh it off’ sections. July edition covered Indian Government’s visionary project of ‘Housing for all by 2022’. We also decoded the concept of ‘Smart Homes’ an absolutely new entrant to the Indian Real Estate and the concept of Investing in Pre-Launch properties.

As a magazine we not only grew in terms of our design and content but for the first time we covered 15 Topics and crossed the threshold of 50 Pages. This magazine that was done in 60 Pages got readers to read various articles in detail. 5th Edition with Dubai as the cover story was a Fashion illustrator. In this edition, we picked topics based on a theme. The entire magazine was beautifully designed to precisely make eyes wonder the amazing creativity it showed. This is the first time we introduced few new sections and replaced few old ones. For instance, we introduced Kaleidoscope section and removed Property platter.

[To be continued]