Journey of The Address – 2

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Month on month the journey continued with more and more trends of the magazine and so far the only uncanny similarity in the editions was the dissimilar non-algorithmic designing and content. We covered the most happening topics through our excellent research and analysis. We launched our amazing mobile applications for all the platforms and the same was covered in this very edition.

After September 2015, our consequent editions had more varied content and designing and completely different themes. With the coming of the New Year – we noticed new market trends and positive sentiments in the real estate industry. We gazed in the future of realty market in 2016 by the help of inputs received by our property experts spread all across India.

With the availability of plenteous data on property market but a deficiency of consumer-centric ones, we considered introducing a section imparting in – depth analysis of a residential micro market to help our buyers make informed decision for their investments. We have further added a spiritualistic section “ASK THE TAROT” to provide angelic guidance and clarity on property related issues. If we personify this magazine then probably the magazine is over decade old, counting each month equal to a year gone by.

The real estate industry is highly volatile and in the recent past global economy has been mostly sluggish resulting in low demand and high supply scenario. However, during past few months, we have witnessed a dynamic change in the buyer’s approach with lots of positivity coming into the picture. In addition, the online platform is gaining traction and people are looking for hassle free options. Through various articles & analyses, we have documented how the real estate has transformed in the Indian subcontinent.

THE ADDRESS has been the showcase of our creativity and talent. Aiming to be one of the leading if not the leading online infozine of India, we would continue to publish some fantabulous content alongside inspiring creativity. Our readers are our greatest strengths and we hope to go beyond their expectations in coming issues. Let life be a mystery, let life be a gift, let life be a clean slate and a road to trepidation, but when the expedition begins to end, let it hold the awesomeness of your captured moments called the Magnifico Viaggio.

First published in March 2016, edition of The Address.