Parihara Payment Report 2019-20

Parihara Payment Report

In this article, you will find vital information related to the Parihara Payment Report 2019-20. Some aspects of the registration process and services provided on the Bhoomi RTC portal will also be discussed here.

An Outline on the Bhoomi PariharaYojane

Bhoomi Parihara Yojane is an online platform that was launched in the year 2000 by the Bhoomi Monitoring Cell and Disaster Management team of the Government of Karnataka. The main purpose to launch the online portal was to provide information related to land and revenue in a digitalized way. We will acquaint you with the features of this website at the length of this article.

However, to access this website, landowners need to register themselves so that they can get vital information related to their lands. The basic information for which most landowners enrol themselves into this portal is to manage the records of the RTC which is the abbreviation for Rights, Tenancy and Crop Information related to the lands of the registered user. Thus, Parihara Bhoomi is a useful website that not only accepts the submission and withdrawal of land records by the landowners of Karnataka but also enables them to access the status of their land while being at any corner of the globe.

Services offered at the Parihara Payment

Report Bhoomi

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Residents of Karnataka can easily log in to this portal to access services like:

  • You can get a print of the original records of the RTC at any time and anywhere provided they pay a processing fee of Rs. 10 to the portal.
  • By simply logging in to the citizen portal by inputting their username and password, landowners could access information related Bhoomi Reports Management of RTC, land records, online registration of their land, any dispute or conversion of land and so on.
  • Revenue maps comprising details such as area and division can also be downloaded in PDF format via the Parihara Bhoomi website.
  • Status of mutation as well as the legal documents stating the transfer of ownership of property is also available at this website for your reference.
  • The RTC XML verification feature of the website enables users to cross verify the land information provided to them through the portal.
  • This website also provides Bhoomi Form-57 Data Entry for users to fill in to regularize unauthorized agricultural land with the government.
  • A survey document, called Tipan, which is in context to the land and i-Record of the RTC, is also easily accessible at this Parihara Bhoomi online platform.

Registration of Land in Karnataka

Before being able to access your land information, you will first have to undertake a land registration process under legal guidance. Here are the ways to register your land:

  • In the first place, you will have to buy a stamp paper which you will have to submit along with all the legal papers of the land or property to the Bhoomi Parihara Village wise sub-registrar.
  • After this, your documents will undergo a verification process hosted by the concerned authorities.
  • You will then have to pay the land registration fees once your documents are validated.
  • By providing you with a receipt for the successful land registration process, the sub-registrar will keep a copy of the same as a valid proof.

Parihara Payment Report Process

The Government of Karnataka has invested effort and labour to design the Bhoomi Parihara village wise report based on which the payment procedure is carried out. With the Aadhar enabled Parihara Payment procedure, farmers are now more likely to get their surplus on time from the landowners and the government. Following are the steps to guide you through the Parihara 7 Parihara payment procedure.

– Create XML file

– Upload a digital signature of an XML file by DC

– Upload signed XML files to SBI SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)

– Receive acknowledgement from State Bank of India through SFTP

– Receive the response file from SBI through SFTP


Q1. What is Pahani?

Ans. Pahani is just another term for RTC that is a record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop Information. Pahani comprises details such as:

  • The area of the land
  • Flood area under commercial, agricultural and non-agricultural residential land
  • Soil type
  • Landowner’s information
  • Liabilities concerning banks loans on the land
  • Possession of the land
  • Tenancy
  • Price of water and the type of lands.

Q2. What is Parihara Bhoomi?

Ans. Parihara Bhoomi is an online web portal for the people of Karnataka to keep track of their land records and deeds such as rights, tenancy and crop information, revenue details, mutation processes, dispute case reports, conversion and so on.

Q3. How can you check information on Parihara Bhoomi portal?

Ans. By simply clicking on the official website, you can enter your username and password on the options given after which you will be redirected to the desired page you wish to open.