Partial Occupation/ Temporary Occupation Certificate

While taking possession of a property, an occupancy certificate is issued by the statutory local development authority. This document gives a builder the permission to let buyers occupy the premises and is mandatory for any building with more than five units.

when the construction work of a project starts, the builder obtains no-objection certificates (NOCs) from authorities concerned for essential supplies such as water and electricity. These NOCs state that the construction being undertaken is within the ambit of law. A completion certificate is proof that the building has been constructed in accordance with the prescribed rules, and that all the concerned authorities have cleared the project

A builder may also seek a provisional completion certificate from authorities at the time of giving possession to customers. With growing popularity of phased-construction gaining momentum, the concept of partial Occupation Certificate has also come into existence in few places like Bangalore, and Concept of Temporary occupation certificate in   Noida

What is Partial /Temporary or provisional Occupation Certificate?

Partial OC is granted to large projects that are being developed in different phases or blocks. Once a specific phase is completed, the concerned authorities (BBMP / BDA-in case of Bangalore) after inspecting the building grants it a Partial OC. Simultaneously, as the next Phase finishes, partial OC is given to that aswell and so on. Once the entire project is complete, Partial OC is replaced with one common OC for the entire project.

Similarly in Noida if there is no major deviations in the building as per bylaws of Noida or there is no stay order on providing the occupation certificate then there are very high chances that an temporary occupation certificate after inspecting the building

In a nutshell, a Partial Occupancy permit allows only a portion of the completed project to be open for occupancy.

Validity of Partial OC

It is valid until the entire project is completed and the authorities issue the Final OC for the entire project or for a specific period of time like 6 months


From financial perspective, immediate possession is the advantageous to customer as the burden of EMI and rent is taken away.   The builder is aided  as before the completion of the whole project the possession of the few towers can be delivered.


With Partial or Temporary occupational certificate one cannot apply for Khata Certificate as they can be issued against occupational Certificate. It is also not possible to sell the finished property without an occupational certificate.



When to Apply?

Like OC, builders need to apply for a partial occupancy certificate also within 30 days from the date of phase/tower completion.

Requirements to be met for a building to get a partial OC

  • Clearance from the fire department.
  • Waste management areas and composting facilities.
  • Proper rainwater harvesting facility.
  • Sewage treatment plant.
  • Airports Authority of India clearance (if within the range of an airport).
  • Electrical inspectorate certificate, including one for lifts.
  • Only basement and ground floor can be used for parking of vehicles.

What buyers need to know?

Projects that are being built in Phase-wise development, buyers must insist on getting a OC once the entire project is completed.