A Real estate can be your faithful spouse when stocks are just your cryptic lovers

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An investment of money for a financial security is just like expressing love to our boon companions for an emotional security. An investor’s motive shall always remain to obtain assurance & satisfaction. But in this hour of time, it has become critical for at least keep one eye open amidst blindly believing our folks, be it our investment agents or the lovers. So, how can one be sure about any of its investments without being caught in the whirl of distrust, corruption and other braggart entraps? The answer lies in your longing for steady returns. A Real estate can be your faithful spouse whereas stocks are just your cryptic lover.

Your spouse shall be more helpful than a lover. So will be your Real estate investment. An owner of a land property can always take an extra leap in earning through making improvements, raising rent, cutting costs and marketing it accordingly. In a way, an owner is the CEO of its property. Both Stocks and dating are a risky business, as you carry an unpredictable future with them. You are dependent on the altering market of the company, just like a moody lover. They can also become deceptive. Stocks require you to trust what the company reports. There are countless ways for companies to make things look better than they really are. Whereas real estate is more transparent in handling. Through a guided research, an investment in real estate will last only into a long term happy marriage.

Real estate sector provides benefits viz. by promoting infrastructure, employment and creating multiple avenues in the financial sector. It is the reason, that government and banks always encourage & promote real estate investment designing favourable policies and home loans. These conveniences are however not proposed in the stock world.

Real Estate investments comes as a source of pride. Sometimes, in the stock business, making money for money’s sake is a pretty empty feeling. But every time you drive by your property, you feel proud to have made that purchases years ago. An investment in Real estate investment constantly reminds that taking risks on reckoning, pays off over time. You literally feel like the King or Queen of your castle. As one gets older, it may probably want to set some roots. So purchasing your primary residence is beneficial. Also one may pass on its pride to its children or closest companions to let them create their own little worlds.

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