RERA Bihar: RERA Registration Process, Fees & Charges

RERA Bihar

In recent years, India’s real estate sector has witnessed significant growth. However, this expansion has often unfolded in an environment lacking stringent consumer protection measures. While existing consumer protection laws offer some level of remediation, they have been largely reactive rather than preventative. Recognising this gap, the Government of India enacted the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016.

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) in Bihar plays a vital role under this act. It ensures that real estate transactions are transparent and fair, making the sector more organised and trustworthy. RERA Bihar makes sure that developers use funds correctly and maintain financial transparency. Additionally, the Government of Bihar has established an Appellate Tribunal to work alongside RERA. This Tribunal hears appeals against the decisions made by RERA Bihar, ensuring there is a system for resolving disputes effectively. The Principal Secretary of the Urban Development and Housing Department heads RERA as the Regulatory Authority, while the Bihar Land Tribunal functions as the Appellate Tribunal. Together, these bodies ensure that the regulations are enforced properly and that the rights of consumers in the real estate sector are protected.

What Is The RERA Act Of Bihar?

RERA Act of Bihar came into force on 28 April 2017 that is implied all over the state of Bihar. It is introduced to curb fraudulent and deceitful activities which significantly helps in infusing transparency and accountability in the realty sector of Bihar.

Responsibilities Of RERA Bihar

  • Project Registration of Real Estate Projects
  • Agent Registration of Real Estate Projects
  • Redressal of Complaints
  • Disclosure of Projects of Promoters

Benefits Of RERA

Security and transparency are some of the major concerns when it comes to investing in real estate. But the setting up of state-specific RERA has eradicated the concerns of transparency and security. Under the RERA Act, every state government forms its own real estate regulatory body to make the process hassle-free and professional for homebuyers. 

Rules And Regulations Of RERA Bihar

The rules and regulations of RERA Bihar are divided into 10 chapters and each chapter caters to a different category. Following are some of the rules listed in RERA, Bihar. 

  • Verification of documents required for real estate registration
  • Registration of projects and further approval in case they fulfil RERA requirements
  • Reviewing application/approvals of the registration agent/promoter
  • Filing complaint of a homebuyer against developers or real estate agent
  • Verifying the details of projects that are expected to be delisted

Fees And Charges 

It is mandatory to register all real estate projects with RERA. Real estate agents are also required to register themselves. All promoters need to get themselves registered except in the case of the below-mentioned scenarios.

Any land area less than 500 Sq.Ft. does not require registration

  • Any project with 8 apartments including all phases of construction
  • Any project where the promoter has already received the certificate before the RERA Act was passed. 

To get registered with RERA, you need to submit a RERA online fee for the registration process. The fee varies for every type of project. Following is a list of fee details for various project categories.

Fees And Charges of Bihar RERA

Late Fees Charges

Imposed late fees in case of residential project registration (1000 square meters) ₹5 Lakh
Imposed late fees in case of commercial, mixed and residential project registration  ₹7 Lakh

Other Charges Implied

To avail copy of first five pages of a document ₹100
To avail copy of remaining pages (After five pages) of document ₹20 is charged per page
To file a written statement ₹200
Case File Inspection ₹200
POA in the course of hearing ₹50
Case restoration ₹500
On-site inspection of the real estate project by the RERA authority  ₹10,000 for above 60Kms₹6,000 (30Kms to 60Kms)₹3,000 (within 30 km)
Alterations and modifications are done in the registration form ₹1,000
To submit query response ₹1,000
To submit project status on a quarterly basis ₹1,000
To submit an audited statement of the dedicated project account ₹1,000

Group Housing 

  • If the area is less than or equivalent to 1000 sqm, the fee charged will be ₹5 per sqm
  • If the area exceeds 1000 sqm, in that scenario the fee is ₹10 per sqm

Mixed Developments Project

  • If the area is less than or equivalent to 1000 sqm in that case the fee is ₹10 per sqm
  • If the area exceeds 1000 sqm the fee becomes ₹15 per sqm

Commercial Projects

  • If the area is less than or equivalent to 1000 per sqm, the fee charged is ₹20 per sqm
  • If the area exceeds in that case the fee is ₹25 per sqm

Plotted Development Projects 

  • ₹5 per sqm capped at ₹2 Lakh

Checklist Of Documents Required For RERA Registration Of Agents

  • Photograph of Real Estate Agent
  • Business Pan Card of Agent
  • Aadhar Card of Real estate agent 
  • Authentic proof of Place of Business
  • Pan Card of Real estate agent 
  • Proof of Registration – COI or Partnership Deed 
  • Other documents such as by-laws, memorandum of association and articles of association

How Can Promoters Register Under The RERA Act Of Bihar?

  • Visit the RERA official website
  • Click on the Project registration tab on the official website 
  • Clicking on project registration will redirect you to another page
  • The next crucial step is to select the type –Promoter/Real estate Agent
  • Choose “Promoter”
  • After that, you must fill in all the relevant details including Email Id, PAN number, Mobile number
  • Once all steps are completed, you must click on the “Register” option to complete the RERA registration process.

 How Can Real Estate Agents Register Under The RERA Act Of Bihar?

  • Visit the RERA official website
  • Click on the Project registration tab on the official website 
  • Clicking on project registration will redirect you to another page
  • The next crucial step is to select the type –Promoter/Real estate Agent
  • Choose “Real Estate Agent”
  • After that, you must fill in all the relevant details including Email Id, PAN number, Mobile number.

Once all steps are completed, you must click on the “Register” option to complete the RERA registration process.

Latest Update
Dated June 2021Bihar RERA wants the central government to include a multidisciplinary team of numerous agencies to make sure that the real estate firms return money to the buyers with additional interest or get the building registered. Additionally, you can also obtain updates of the RERA act in Hindi.

RERA Bihar Complaint Form

  • To file a complaint to the authority, you need to fill and submit – Form M.
  • To file a complaint to the Adjudicating Officer, you need to fill and submit – Form N.

Process of Filing a Complaint 

  • Click on complaint registration on the official website of RERA Bihar 
  • Select one of the following options – Compliant to RERA / Complaint to Adjudicating Authority
  • Next, fill the RERA online form with all the required details, the RERA details of whether the project is registered under RERA Bihar needs to be mentioned

Once the form is filled, attach the required documents and a bank draft of ₹1000. Thereafter click on submit to register your complaint.

RERA Conciliation Forum

The reason behind creating a Conciliation Forum is to sort out the disputes between home buyers, real estate agents, and developers. RERA seeks to protect home buyers from unfair practices. The RERA details Conciliation Forum is formed to address the disputes between a homebuyer and a developer. 

RERA Conciliation Process 

The process of conciliation begins once a complaint is registered online 

The following steps are followed thereafter.

• In the next step the complaint is sent to the promoter for their consent. The builder must approve the request on the RERA official website 

• A fee needs to be deposited for the complaint registration

• Once the payment is done, the complaint is sent to the conciliator, which is followed by a hearing to resolve the issue amicably

• The conciliator facilitates and tries to resolve the matter. Next, a consent is signed by both parties

• If case of no consensus, the complaint gets terminated and both the parties become free to appeal in the court

RERA Bihar Penalties 

If any real estate agent fails to adhere to the rules of the RERA Estate Regulation Act Bihar, then there are certain penalties that are imposed on the agent. Following is one of them.

  1. If a real estate agent fails to register with RERA Bihar, they are supposed to give ₹10,000 per day. 

Compliances Under RERA Bihar

RERA Bihar introduced “Quarterly Compliance” to ensure transparency and ensure professionalism

  1. Developer needs to submit documents regarding the proportionate completion of their projects every quarter
  2. Architect certificate (From 1) Engineer Certificate (Form2) Chartered Accountant Certificate (Form 3) are categorised as RERA Return 
  3. The developers must give the construction status to the home buyers for their respective projects
  4. The checklist for the RERA Bihar “Quarterly compliance” includes the following
  • Percentage of water supply
  • Percentage of floorings, internal plaster, and flats 
  • Finishing of lobby and Installation of lifts, fire-fighting equipment, and electrical fitting to areas
  • Percentage of completion of staircase and lobby
  • Information about amendments, approvals, and modifications
Office Address of Bihar RERA Visit This Official Address: Real Estate Regulatory Authority, 6th Floor, Bihar State Building Construction Corporation Campus, Hospital Road, Shastri Nagar.

What are the Duties of a Real Estate Agent as per Bihar RERA?

There are certain duties that need to be fulfilled by a real estate agent, as per RERA Bihar. Under RERA Bihar, a real estate agent needs to make sure that the agent is following RERA rules and regulations. Some notable duties of a real estate agent under RERA Bihar include:

  • Buildings or apartments without the proper documents cannot be sold or bought. Any building property needs to be documented to ensure the buying and selling.
  • It is necessary for the real estate agent to not engage in any dishonest dealings with anyone.
  • One of the most critical duties of any real estate agent is to provide the buyers with all the necessary information or paperwork that they can use. A buyer can use this information and paperwork to reserve a building, apartment, or land.
  • A real estate agent needs to have accurate information about the receipts and paperwork for the related renovation or any other kind of paperwork.
  • If there is any inappropriate advertising for a service that isn’t available, the real estate agent needs to take care of that.
  • A real estate agent might get additional duties. The agent should be ready to take on the assigned duties.

Latest News

REAT Limits Bihar RERA’s Appointment Powers and Mandates State Government Involvement

The Real Estate Appellate Tribunal (REAT) in Bihar has made a crucial decision, stating that RERA can only hire its officers and employees if it involves the state government. This rule came after a private developer challenged an order from a RERA senior legal consultant. The order was about a customer, Asha Verma, who still needs to get the number of apartments she was promised. The developer said the consultant wasn’t allowed to make this decision, which led to REAT clarifying RERA’s hiring limits.

This judgment is important for all RERA offices in India. It says that RERA, a body created by the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act of 2016, must follow legal rules and work with the state government when hiring people. The Tribunal has asked to inform the urban development department’s principal secretary about this decision. This ensures that RERA works within legal limits and follows the authority given by the law.

RERA Bihar Sets Deadline for Extension of Lapsed Real Estate Projects

On November 13, 2023, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) of Bihar took a significant step towards addressing the issue of incomplete real estate projects. In a recent notification, RERA Bihar outlined specific measures for projects whose registrations have expired or been revoked. This notification aims to ensure the completion of the remaining development work on these projects.

RERA Bihar has formulated a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to manage applications for extending the registration of such lapsed projects. This move comes after an earlier notice was issued to promoters of these projects, urging them to apply for an extension with all necessary documents. In this latest communication, RERA Bihar has given these promoters a final chance to extend their project registrations. Failure to do so will result in them losing the right to complete any pending work and to sell or book any unsold flats in the project. This initiative is a crucial step towards ensuring that these projects are met and that the rights and interests of the buyers are protected.


The blog above delves into the nuances of the Bihar Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act. This landmark legislation has been effective since May 1, 2017, and has brought much-needed structure and accountability to the real estate industry. Establishing the Real Estate Regulatory Authority of Bihar has served as a central platform for registering real estate projects and agents in Bihar, providing detailed information about promoters, and offering a streamlined process for lodging and handling complaints related to real estate transactions.

Key responsibilities of the Regulatory Authority include ensuring that promoters disclose all relevant information about real estate projects, registering real estate projects and agents, and addressing complaints. This comprehensive framework is designed not only to safeguard the interests of consumers but also to instil transparency and accountability in Bihar’s real estate sector.

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RERA Bihar FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

You can view details pertaining to RERA registered projects on the official RERA website. Select the Project tab and then from the dropdown list, click on the search project option to view the list.

Public notices in Real Estate Regulation Act Bihar means all the updates and up-to-the-minute notifications that are introduced by the state of Bihar so that agents, promoters, and developers stay acquainted with the new rules and regulations.

Checking the project status is easy-peasy, you just need to visit the official government website, then from the project tab select the project status option.

For searching the complaint case status, select the agent tab and from there click on the “Search Complaint/Case Status” option.

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