How Technology is Defining New Dimensions of Real Estate Marketing

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An era that has been marked with changing Consumer Profile, Unprecedented Rise in technological consumption & a constant urge amongst the user base to establish an emotional connect with the brands, the ground rules of marketing is changing. New technologies & innovations are increasingly becoming part of the lexicon of new age marketing game plans.

Take the instance of NOIDA based developer ALPHATHUM, that have used 3-D rendering & advanced games to give new meaning to its digital marketing endeavor.

The developer in collaboration with Square Yards, SCAPESWORKS has developed 3D Interactive application which helps users to navigate through the “Sky Park Terrace with Largest Rooftop Infinity Pool”, the USP of the project. Potential client/investor can experience the feel of sky park terrace & infinity pool, the amenities around and also the view the landscape from the top

The developer has also used interactive games to engage further with their potential buyers. The players have to traverse through animated pool terrace & collect the letters of ALPHATUM within a definite time frame. There are exciting gift vouchers linked with the quantum of points earned. The objective of the game is not offering an engaging & exciting inspection of the property but also offer nurture an emotional connect between the developer & the potential buyers.

“3D rendering is not new to the real estate with few developers adopting the practice before as a tool to connect with their target audience. However, with ALPHATUM, for the 1st time in real estate gaming has been used to leapfrog user engagement to newer heights.” Said Keyur Bhalavat, the think tank behind SCAPESWORKS, the company that has been credited with bringing some ground breaking innovations into Indian real estate.

In the coming time it is expected that innovative methods such as gamification will be more actively integrated with realty marketing campaign. In this regards, the games could be one of the game changers. Research in others sectors indicate that Games help in developing emotional connection with audience & nurture longer relationship. It leads to over 100 to 150% increase in engagement matrices.

In the times to come, 3-D animations & games will offer enthralling way for property developers to showcase their properties to their target audience. Interestingly these new methods can cut through the geographical barriers & enable developers to market their properties across different geographies.

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