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Stone Houses of Miao Tribe

In Miao village, the houses are built with stones. There are many limestone caves in this area. The topographical feature here is called ‘Karst’ where the stones contain a lot of calcium carbonate.


Complex Houses of Hakka Family

In dry Fujian area, the houses are built with the hard solid soil walls. The houses were built about 300 years ago. Hakka family was moving from the Yellow River area in 12th to 13th century. They build many town houses surrounded by the hard walls to protect from the outsiders. The houses are 4-storied and hundreds of people live together. One townhouse is for the whole family who has the same last name. The other family or not Hakka family are not allowed to live.




Ondol is traditional under floor heating system which has been used in the Korean peninsula, where the winter is very severe. The heat from the stove in the kitchen goes through the pathway under the floor. They usually use the firewood for the stove. The entrance of the house is made small to prevent cold air coming into the house. They sleep on the warm floor with the mat and don’t need to wear room shoes. Nice hack to stay toasty warm.


Houses On The Water Sabah, Malaysia:

The fishermen in Sabha of Borneo Island live on the water. In the water village, they use the timber of mangrove tree which has the durability against the sea water to build the water house. The water houses have officially issued the addresses and the family registrations.


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