Vastu tips to follow while moving into your new apartment

Vastu tips to follow while moving into your new apartment

Vastu Shastra is one of the most important factors that influence homebuyers’ decisions. Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture that has been followed since the ancient period. Vastu Shastra is about improving the positive energies in a living space and equally applies to both homes owned by individuals and rental houses. When Vastu Shastra principles are applied properly in a living space– physical, spiritual and material well-being is ensured. The defects regarding Vastu is correctable and certain changes in the rooms with the application of harmonious colours, change of object positions or such regulatory practices and remedies can correct defective Vastu.

External environment of house or Apartment is also involved in playing a significant role. The location of the house or flat, property, street etc. must be checked for Vastu compliance before moving in. The external forces greatly influenced the internal forces of the house honour great extent when you are visiting the property house or apartment make sure you take your family members with you and try to feel how you feel in the space.

Apart from this check for proper ventilation, light and airflow within the house. Mostly in the cities and towns, mobile or electricity towers are spread almost everywhere at shorter distances. In such cases, avoid the places that are very close to these towers. Also avoid restless environments like places close to hospitals, graveyards or congested areas. In case you feel uncomfortable or uneasy in a space that means your energy patterns do not suit with that of the property house or apartment.

Some basic things are to be kept in mind while moving into a house or flat. You must avoid too much Vastu negatives in a house, for example, a toilet being in the North East, Kitchen in the northeast or south-west zone or corner missing to the northeast or south west of the house. The master bedroom should always be in the south-west zone. If you are renting a living space then make sure you know about the history of it like how well established or prosperous were the previous residents and the reason that made them shift to a different space. Also so most importantly the direction of the main door matters based on the date of birth of the individual. There are some positive quadrants and the main door must be compliant with this principle. It is also advisable by Shastra Gurus to perform a small ritual or havan before starting to stay in order to bless and purify the home against all kinds of negative forces.

The rituals like Ganesh puja, Vastu Pooja, Navagraha Shanti should be performed. Also keeping in mind that colours have vibrations, go for lighter shades of paint on the walls and do not use harsh colours or too many dark colours like black or grey. Before moving into the house you have rented or bought it will be good if it has been freshly painted with the repair of leaking pipes, broken furniture, taps and shelves.

For correcting the Vastu defects one may go for Vastu harmony paintings, yantra and crystals to welcome success and tranquillity. The symbols like kuberan crystal, elephants, Buddhas, paintings of water bodies, mountains or sun can be used as these are considered to be very auspicious in the Vastu Shastra. If you are presently living in a rented house that is not compliant with Vastu then you can always contact any Vastu practitioner who will guide you with solutions that will not involve any kind of alteration to the structure of the house.

A few other easy methods can be adapted to make a living space more harmonious without making any kind of architectural alterations. For instance, using saltwater to regularly mop the floor can cleanse the home. Lighting incense sticks or use of essential oils can be one of the remedies to keep the home holy and aromatic. The playing of harmonious music or chants can also help to create an ambience that is soothing and healthy for the mind. For cheerful and positive energy you can nurture a few plants and use pleasant pictures inside the house. Keep the home clean of dust, cluster and cobwebs as they attract negative energy. Also, ensure that all the clocks in the house should be working correctly.