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Siddha Galaxia Cover Image
Siddha Galaxia Project Thumbnail Image
Siddha Galaxia Amenities-Features 1
Siddha Galaxia Location Image
Siddha Galaxia Amenities-Features 2
Siddha Galaxia Amenities-Features 3
Siddha Galaxia Amenities-Features 4
Siddha Galaxia Amenities-Features 5
Siddha Galaxia Amenities-Features 6
Siddha Galaxia Amenities-Features 7
Siddha Galaxia Clubhouse External Image
Siddha Galaxia Gymnasium Image 1
Siddha Galaxia Gymnasium Image 2
Siddha Galaxia Sports facilities Image 1
Siddha Galaxia Master Plan Image
Siddha Galaxia Tower View 1
Siddha Galaxia Tower View 2
Siddha Galaxia Tower View 3
Siddha Galaxia Tower View 4
Siddha Galaxia Tower View 5
Siddha Galaxia Tower View 6
Siddha Galaxia Amenities-Features 8
Siddha Galaxia Sports facilities Image 2
Siddha Galaxia 2 BHK Layout 1
Siddha Galaxia 2 BHK Layout 2
Siddha Galaxia 2 BHK Layout 3
Siddha Galaxia 2 BHK Layout 4
Siddha Galaxia 3 BHK Layout 1
Siddha Galaxia 3 BHK Layout 2
Siddha Galaxia 3 BHK Layout 3
  • 30 Photos
  • Siddha Galaxia
    Rajarhat, Kolkata

    56.00 Lac to 93.22 Lac i
    The prices displayed are indicative and based on recent updates. Please note that current prices may vary due to market conditions.
    6,588 Per Sq. Ft Onwards
    Status: Well Occupied
    • 2500 units
    • 16.6 Acres
    2,3 BHK Flat from 850 Sq. Ft. to 1415 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
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    • Sports & Outdoor
    • Green Area
    • Club House
    • Fittings & Furnishing
    • Specifications
    Decision Drivers
    • Connectivity
    • 6.2
    • Livability
    • 7.1
    • Lifestyle
    • 6.4
    • Value for Money
    • 7.2

    Why Siddha Galaxia?

    • 43000+ sq. ft. Residents’ Club
    • The world's longest Rooftop Skywalk
    • 1 km long Joggers' Track
    • Location with easy access to key destinations

    Siddha Galaxia - Project Info

    Nestled in the tranquil expanse of Rajarhat, Kolkata East, Siddha Galaxia is a coveted destination renowned for its serene ambience and secure neighbourhood. Siddha Galaxia embodies a touch of paradise, featuring state-of-the-art amenities, excellent connectivity, and a prime location.

    Siddha Galaxia is more than a collection of homes; it is a sanctuary. The meticulous planning of the project extends to its varied offerings of 2, 3, and 4 BHK residences, reflecting a thoughtful design approach in its appealing layout and structure. This diverse range of apartment configurations adds to the project's allure, catering to different lifestyle preferences and requirements.

    Siddha Galaxia Photos

    Explore the enchanting beauty of Ace Parkway through a picturesque glimpse into the extraordinary allure of this outstanding property showcased in our extensive photo gallery. Experience the essence of luxury living through a collection of stunning visuals that portray the unique charm and sophistication of Siddha Galaxia.

    Siddha Galaxia Address

    The address for Siddha Galaxia is Rajarhat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700135.

    Siddha Galaxia, Rajarhat

    Siddha Galaxia stands near City Center 2, positioning itself at the forefront of Kolkata's future. The residential haven boasts sprawling greens and proposes a multitude of towers, creating an idyllic environment. Siddha Galaxia boasts the world’s longest Rooftop Skywalk, adorned with a 1.1 km jogging track, among other modern amenities.

    Siddha Galaxia Apartments

    Siddha Sphere, an integral part of Siddha Galaxia, marks the inception of this visionary project. The development boasts an array of amenities spanning a vast 43,000+ sq. ft. world-class Residents' Club, providing a galaxy-full of facilities.

    Within the development, a range of apartments with varying carpet sizes have been carefully designed to accommodate individual preferences. Many of the towers are already completed, which gives potential residents a great chance to move into their new homes and enjoy the lavish lifestyle Siddha Galaxia has to offer right away.

    Siddha Galaxia 2, 3, 4 BHK

    Comprising six towers housing 361 apartments, Siddha Sphere introduced a lifestyle enriched with star-studded features. With a diverse range of residences, from 2 to 4 BHK apartments, it provides a spectrum of choices for different lifestyles. Each carefully designed unit ensures comfort, space, and contemporary living for its residents.

    Siddha Galaxia Price List

    Please contact us for the most recent information on pricing and specifics about the apartments at Siddha Galaxia. For detailed information on prices, you can also consult the project brochure.

    Note: Prices may fluctuate depending on the current market state.

    Siddha Galaxia Builder

    Siddha Galaxia stands proudly as a creation of the renowned Siddha Group.

    Siddha Galaxia Construction Status

    Siddha Galaxias, inaugurated in December 2011, commenced its possession phase in January 2016. Out of them, the first and second phases have ready-to-move-in apartments. The third and fourth phase is under construction and will be completed by May 2024 and May 2025, respectively.

    Siddha Galaxia+ Legal Com/Issues

    Square Yards ensures a hassle-free property acquisition journey for potential buyers of Siddha Galaxias, efficiently handling all legal considerations and potential issues.

    Situated conveniently along the Rajarhat Main Road, with the Expressway extension merely 2 kilometres away, the project ensures seamless connectivity. Siddha Galaxia offers two distinct configurations with seven types of thoughtfully designed layouts.

    The 2 BHK flats feature a variety of floor plans with a superb area of 1040 sq. ft. The 3 BHK flats present several size options, ranging from 1265 to 1390 sq. ft., providing ample carpet areas for diverse preferences.

    The subsequent development witnessed the addition of a plethora of amenities, including a sprawling 43,000+ sq. ft. world-class Residents' Club, further enhancing the living experience within this celestial residential space.

    Siddha Galaxia offers a multi-layered experience featuring lounge facilities, an exclusive hall, and a vibrant party lawn complemented by spa and fitness amenities. Nestled in a locality abundant with schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and other conveniences, it is a coveted residential haven in Rajarhat, Kolkata.

    Siddha Galaxia was launched in December 2011.

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    Siddha Galaxia - RERA Details

    • Square Yards RERA Reg. HIRA/A/NOR/2018/000035

    Siddha Galaxia - Floor Plans & Layout

    Spanning 12.8 acres with sprawling green spaces and proposed multiple towers, it creates an idyllic environment that invites a harmonious blend of comfort and leisure.

    The lavish development offers a variety of thoughtfully designed living spaces, including 2 BHK flats spanning 1040.0 sq. ft. and 3 BHK flats ranging from 1265.0 sq. ft. to 1390.0 sq. ft. Spread across six meticulously planned towers, the floor plan comprises a total of 361 crafted apartments with attention to detail. For a deeper understanding, consult the Siddha Galaxy brochure for comprehensive insights.

    2 BHK
    3 BHK

    Siddha Galaxia - Price List

    Unit Type Area New Home Price*
    2 BHK 509 Sq. Ft. Apartment
    509 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
    ₹ 56.00 Lac
    2 BHK 512 Sq. Ft. Apartment
    512 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
    ₹ 56.66 Lac
    2 BHK 531 Sq. Ft. Apartment
    531 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
    ₹ 59.62 Lac
    2 BHK 665 Sq. Ft. Apartment
    665 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
    ₹ 72.80 Lac
    3 BHK 666 Sq. Ft. Apartment
    666 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
    ₹ 72.14 Lac
    3 BHK 731 Sq. Ft. Apartment
    731 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
    ₹ 75.76 Lac
    3 BHK 756 Sq. Ft. Apartment
    756 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
    ₹ 76.75 Lac
    3 BHK 691 Sq. Ft. Apartment
    691 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
    ₹ 77.74 Lac
    3 BHK 789 Sq. Ft. Apartment
    789 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
    ₹ 84.00 Lac
    3 BHK 731 Sq. Ft. Apartment
    731 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
    ₹ 84.33 Lac
    3 BHK 776 Sq. Ft. Apartment
    776 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
    ₹ 87.62 Lac
    3 BHK 864 Sq. Ft. Apartment
    864 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
    ₹ 88.28 Lac
    3 BHK 868 Sq. Ft. Apartment
    868 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
    ₹ 91.90 Lac
    3 BHK 945 Sq. Ft. Apartment
    945 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
    ₹ 93.22 Lac

    Siddha Galaxia Resale Listings

    The pricing details for the properties for sale in Siddha Galaxia are provided upon inquiry.

    • All
    • 2 BHK
    • 3 BHK
    2 BHK Apartment
    2 BHK Apartment
    1105 Sq. Ft. Built-up Area
    ₹ 72 L
    Posted by
    5 Asutosh Karmakar
    3 BHK Apartment
    3 BHK Apartment
    908 Sq. Ft. Built-up Area
    ₹ 95 L
    Posted by
    Dinesh Ghosh
    2 BHK Apartment
    2 BHK Apartment
    1105 Sq. Ft. Built-up Area
    ₹ 72 L
    Posted by
    5 Asutosh Karmakar
    3 BHK Apartment
    3 BHK Apartment
    908 Sq. Ft. Built-up Area
    ₹ 95 L
    Posted by
    Dinesh Ghosh

    Siddha Galaxia Rental Listings

    Units available for rent at Siddha Galaxia have their pricing details provided upon inquiry.

    • All
    • 2 BHK
    2 BHK Apartment
    2 BHK Apartment
    1105 Sq. Ft. Built-up Area
    ₹ 17,000
    Posted by
    5 Hectare Twenty Four
    2 BHK Apartment
    2 BHK Apartment
    1105 Sq. Ft. Built-up Area
    ₹ 17,000
    Posted by
    5 Hectare Twenty Four

    Siddha Galaxia Brochure

    Siddha Galaxia Video

    Siddha Galaxia - Amenities

    The project offers countless amenities, promising residents a holistic lifestyle experience.

    • Joggers’ Track/Rooftop Skywalk

    • Landscaped Garden and Sundeck

    • Spa, Steam, and Massage Room

    • Yoga and Meditation Zone

    • Health Club and Gymnasium

    • Swimming Pool with Aqua Aerobics

    • Badminton, Tennis, and Squash Courts

    • Multi-Activity Room

    • Library-cum-Lounge

    • Games Room

    • Coffee Shop with WiFi

    • Crèche and Toddlers’ Zone

    • AC Banquet Hall 

    • Library-cum-Lounge

    • Games Room

    • Kids' Play Area

    • Senior Citizens' Corner

    • Organic Farmyard

    • Sculpture Garden

    • Party Lawn and Turf Lawn

    • Reflexology Trail

    • Fitness Zone

    • Skyplex

    • Recluse

    • Chillout Lounge (outdoor)

    Key Features

    Siddha Galaxia offers a range of key features, such as - 

    • Siddha Galaxia's advantageous location offers seamless connectivity to healthcare, schools, malls, and other essential amenities, ensuring a convenient and well-connected lifestyle for its residents.

    • Siddha Galaxia's impressive world's longest Rooftop SkywalkWorld’s longest Rooftop Skywalk has 1.1 km of jogging track in a serpentine fashion. This orbital pathway seamlessly connects the towers while offering an abundance of lush greenery along its course.

    • Whether for rental income or long-term investment, Siddha Galaxia offers 2, 3, and 4 BHK options that resonate with discerning buyers seeking excellence.

    • There are some popular transit locations that are closest to Siddha Galaxia, like Airport Bus Stand Lines VS1.

    • Gymnasium
    • Swimming Pool
    • Badminton Court(s)
    • Squash Court
    • Kids' Play Areas / Sand Pits
    • Yoga Areas
    • Jogging / Cycle Track
    • Power Backup
    • Treated Water Supply
    • 24*7 Water Supply
    • 24 x 7 Security
    • CCTV / Video Surveillance
    • Fire Fighting Systems
    • Intercom Facility
    • Cafe / Coffee Bar
    • Reading Room/Library
    • Party Hall
    • Clubhouse
    • Indoor Games
    • Spa
    • Rain Water Harvesting
    • Sewage Treatment Plant
    • Normal Park / Central Green

    Siddha Galaxia - Specifications

    Some key specifications of Siddha Galaxia are listed below:

    • Siddha Galaxia's specifications embody a robust construction featuring an earthquake-resistant RCC framed structure with monolithic concrete for the substructure.

    • The doors are constructed with solid core flush shutters and solid wooden frames, complemented by mortise locks and handles for added security. For windows, aluminium frames are coated with anodised powder and have fully glazed shutters that ensure durability and functionality.

    • The internal flooring comprises vitrified tiles in bedrooms and living/dining areas, while anti-skid ceramic tiles adorn the floors of the toilets and kitchens. The walls of the toilets boast ceramic tiles, while the kitchen is adorned with ceramic tile dado and granite for the counters.

    • Balconies are finished with vitrified or anti-skid ceramic tiles, and lobbies feature vitrified or ceramic tiles. Lift facia areas showcase marble, granite, or laminate finishes.

    • The electrical system features superior concealed copper wiring that is fire-resistant and low smoke, complemented by the latest modular switches, miniature circuit breakers, TV sockets, and broadband points.

    Master Bedroom-Walls
    • Oil Bound Distemper
    Master Bedroom-Flooring
    • Vitrified Tiles
    Other Bedrooms-Flooring
    • Vitrified Tiles
    • Oil Bound Distemper
    Living Area-Flooring
    • Vitrified Tiles
    • RCC Frame Structure

    Commute Time from Siddha Galaxia

    Siddha Galaxia Kolkata
    Please Select the destination to calculate the travel time.

    Rajarhat Kolkata - Location Map and Landmarks

    Listed below are some benefits of the location of Siddha Galaxia:

    • DPS Newtown- 13 min (8 km)

    • New Town Metro Station- 8 min (2.30 km)

    • Tata Cancer Hospital- 14 min (7.9 km)

    • Krishnakunja Disha Hospital - 12 min (5.39 km)

    • Ujjiban Multi Speciality Hospital - 10 min (4.86 km)

    • City Centre Mall - 10 min (4.32 km)

    • The Terminus Mall - 13 min (6.21 km)

    • The airport, a mere 5 kilometres away, adds to the project's accessibility.

      The locality of Siddha Galaxia offers seamless access to educational hubs and convenient connectivity to the New Town Metro Station and the City Centre Mall. The expansive 12.8-acre landscape hosts a range of housing choices, from 2, 3, to 4-BHK apartments, providing diverse options to suit various budget preferences. Offering easy access to Salt Lake Sector V and New Town, Siddha Galaxia is strategically positioned for convenience. 

      Here are some key reasons why you should invest in this property:

    • The Skywalk, a crowning feature of the residence, houses jogging tracks, play areas, and tranquil sitting zones, providing a refreshing space to commence each day anew.

    • Residents can relish the premium 43, 000 sq. ft. Residents’ Club, adding to the allure of this exclusive residential enclave.

    • Siddha Galaxia boasts an array of enticing amenities, including lounge areas, an exclusive hall, and a vibrant party lawn, perfect for social gatherings. Residents can indulge in spa treatments and fitness sessions at the health club and gym or take refreshing dips in the swimming pool.

    • The project presents a spectrum of experiences with serene, lush greens, making it one of Newtown's most attractive residential offerings.

    • Rajarhat hosts renowned hotels like Holiday Inn, The Fern Residency, and The Westin. The area is home to esteemed schools like North Point School. Notable medical centres such as Charnock Hospital and Renaissance Hospital are situated within the vicinity. 

    • This residential haven offers contemporary and spacious apartments designed to seamlessly blend style with practicality.

    • Schools
    • City Connections
    • Hospitals
    • Hotels
    • Shopping Centers
    • Business Hubs
    Shopping Centers Near by Rajarhat Kolkata

    Siddha Galaxia - Connecting Roads

    • New Town Expressway ~ 1.2 Kms
    • Rajarhat Road ~ 0.1 Kms
    • VIP Road ~ 5.1 Kms
    Read the reviews about Siddha Galaxia located at Rajarhat Kolkata and see what residents and real estate experts have to say about the project.
    10 Ratings
    • 5 Star 5
    • 4 Star 4
    • 3 Star 1
    • 2 Star 0
    • 1 Star 0
    Top Reviews
    Bharati Parekh

    Residing at Siddha Galaxia has been a joyous experience. The contemporary design, spacious interiors, and lush green surroundings make it a perfect abode. I appreciate the well-thought-out amenities and the sense of community here.

    Suchira Bhasin

    My experience at Siddha Galaxia has been nothing short of amazing. The stylish apartments, green landscapes, and fantastic amenities make it a residential gem. I'm proud to be a resident of this vibrant community.

    Eshani Bedi

    Siddha Galaxia is not just a residence; it's a lifestyle upgrade. The elegant design, thoughtful amenities, and serene atmosphere make it a perfect home. I'm thoroughly enjoying the premium living experience this place offers.

    Poorvaganga Dhar

    Siddha Galaxia exceeds expectations in every aspect. The contemporary architecture, well-maintained spaces, and thoughtful amenities make it an unparalleled living experience. I'm grateful to have found such a remarkable place to reside.

    Karishma Kapadia

    Siddha Galaxia is more than a residence; it's a lifestyle upgrade. The spacious interiors, impeccable design, and state-of-the-art facilities redefine comfort. I feel privileged to call this place my home.

    Top Real Estate Experts in Siddha Galaxia

    Dinesh Ghosh
    Preferred Partner
    Dinesh Ghosh

    Asutosh Karmakar
    Preferred Partner
    Asutosh Karmakar
    • 15+ Years Experience

    Hectare Twenty Four
    Preferred Partner
    Hectare Twenty Four
    • 10 Years Experience

    Siddha Developer
    • Total Projects 40
    • Experience 33 Years
    The Siddha Group is a leading real estate conglomerate that is known for reliability, quality construction and affordability. Siddha Developers is led by Sanjay Jain and Chandra Prakash Jain and aims at selling high quality housing at affordable prices throughout the country.
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    FAQ for Siddha Galaxia
    Most Commonly Asked
    • Q: What is the current price of Siddha Galaxia?

      A: The current price of Siddha Galaxia is ₹ 56.00 Lac to 93.22 Lac.

    • Q: What is the price of units (2,3 BHK) in Siddha Galaxia?

      A: In Siddha Galaxia, units (2,3 BHK) price starts around 56.00 Lac and can go up to 93.22 Lac depending on the features you choose.

    • Q: Where to Get / Download Siddha Galaxia Brochure?

      A: You can easily download the Siddha Galaxia brochure from our official website or request one from our sales team.

    • Q: What are the Key Features of Siddha Galaxia?

      A: Siddha Galaxia offers a range of key features including Oil Bound Distemper, Vitrified Tiles, Vitrified Tiles, Oil Bound Distemper, Vitrified Tiles, RCC Frame Structure.

    • Q: Why Should I Invest in Siddha Galaxia?

      A: Investing in Siddha Galaxia can be a wise decision due to its 43000+ sq. ft. Residents’ Club, The world's longest Rooftop Skywalk, 1 km long Joggers' Track, Location with easy access to key destinations.

    • Q: Where is Siddha Galaxia Located in Kolkata?

      A: Siddha Galaxia is located in Rajarhat within the city of Kolkata.

    • Q: What are the Unit Sizes Available for Sale in Siddha Galaxia?

      A: Siddha Galaxia offers a variety of unit sizes for sale, including 2 BHK ranging from 850 Sq. Ft. to 1105 Sq. Ft., 3 BHK ranging from 1095 Sq. Ft. to 1415 Sq. Ft..

    • Q: Is Siddha Galaxia Ready for Possession or Delivered?

      A: Siddha Galaxia is Well Occupied and has already been delivered to the homeowners.

    • Q: Are there any sports facilities available in Siddha Galaxia?

      A: Certainly, Siddha Galaxia provides a range of sports facilities including Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Badminton Court(s), Squash Court, Kids' Play Areas / Sand Pits, Yoga Areas, Jogging / Cycle Track.

    • Q: What are the Stamp Duty Charges / Registration Charges for this Project?

      A: The stamp duty charges and registration charges for Siddha Galaxia can vary and are subject to the prevailing government regulations. Please contact our sales team for the most up-to-date information.

    • Q: What is the name of the Real Estate Builder constructing this project?

      A: Siddha is the renowned builder behind the construction of Siddha Galaxia.

    • Q: What is the price of 2/3 bhk in Siddha Galaxia?

      A: The prices of 2/3 BHK units in Siddha Galaxia start at 56.00 Lac and may vary based on the specific unit and its features. Please consult our sales team for accurate pricing information.

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    This website is only for the purpose of providing information regarding real estate projects in different geographies. Any information which is being provided on this website is not an advertisement or a solicitation. The company has not verified the information and the compliances of the projects. Further, the company has not checked the RERA* registration status of the real estate projects listed herein. The company does not make any representation in regards to the compliances done against these projects. Please note that you should make yourself aware about the RERA* registration status of the listed real estate projects.

    *Real Estate (regulation & development) act 2016.
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    Contact our Real Estate Experts
    Contact our Real Estate Experts

    We have sent you message with 4 digit
    verification code (OTP) on

    Did not receive the code? in
    • Zero

      100% Service, 0% Brokerage. We charge our customers nothing. Not today, not ever.

    • Full Service

      Our sales personnel are accountable for every step - site visits, home loans & post-sales.

    • Lowest Price

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