7 Horses Painting as Per Vastu: Importance, Meaning, Directions & Tip

Who doesn’t like to beautify their home with a variety of decorative accessories? When it comes to decorating a house, paintings play a crucial role; they enhance any decor in an instant. 7 horses painting as per the Vastu Shastra, people should be particular about what they choose to pull together around them especially in the case of wall decor, be it paintings, photos, or wall hangings. 

Vastu Shastra laid down some rules about the position of paintings and pictures; there are some paintings that welcome positive energy when they are placed in the right direction. When we talk about paintings that bring in a positive vibe, horses, especially galloping horses, strike the mind. These horses are a symbol of success, strength, progress, and peace. Beautifying a place with a 7 horse painting is a great way to draw positive energy into the aura. 

Let’s go ahead and learn more about 7 running horses painting, right from its meaning and placement to styling ideas in the below article

What is the meaning of 7 Horses Painting?

7-horse painting, meaning the rising sun in the background, has great significance in the Vastu Shastra. They are a true symbol of power, courage, strength, stability, and loyalty, and are believed to enhance positivity in all aspects of one’s life. 

There is something special about the number 7. It is considered a lucky number, and there are many stories behind the number seven being extremely pure and pious. We have seven colours in the rainbow, there are seven oceans and seven constellations; and, not to forget, the seven sages (saptrishi) of ancient India. In addition to this, there are seven oaths to be taken by the bride and groom during a wedding in Hinduism. Therefore, the seven numbers play an essential role in our lives and have a positive and auspicious meaning.

Besides, a 3-horse painting also plays a vital role in the lives of the members of a house. It helps in getting rid of the financial problems as per Vastu Shastra as well as Feng Shui.

Best 7 Running Horses Painting Vastu Direction in House

It is quite important to consider the 7 horse painting Vastu direction, be it in your living room, bedroom, office, or commercial premises. According to Vastu Shastra, the South is the best of the seven horses in painting direction at home. The south direction is associated with success and fame, which is why you should prefer to place the 7-horse Vastu painting on the wall in the south.

In case there is no wall available in the south direction, you can also consider placing the seven horses in the north direction or the east direction of your home or office. These directions are also considered ideal for placing the painting. 

However, you need to consider a few things. While hanging the painting, make sure the horses’ faces are facing the inside of the room or the office. The painting should not be facing the door of the room or office since it might have a negative effect on your life. 

The horse painting is meant to obviate the obstructions and blockages acting as obstacles to your success or progress. One major thing about the painting you should not miss out on is that it should not have any chain, leash, or rope on the horses.

Take a look below at the table for Seven horses painting direction in home:

Direction Effect of the seven horses painting
SouthSeven horses are meant to invite success and fame when placed in the South.
NorthSeven horses are meant to invite prosperity in the family when placed in the North direction
EastSeven horses painting helps you in career growth when placed in the East direction

Some other reasons: Why should you place Running Horses painting in the house as per Vastu Shastra?


Though we have already discussed the significance of running horses painting in a home, here are some reasons why you must have the painting of galloping horses in your home:

  • Running horses are a symbol of speed. Hang it on the wall which is in the east of your home, office or lodge where you wish to bring in advancement in the activity.
  • In ancient times, the horse was used as a mode of transport; and the planet Venus is also a symbol of horses which is why the significance of the horses is calculated in placement as well. 
  • Vasta Shastra also says that a seven pony painting in your home assures monetary dependability in your life. 
  • As per Feng Shui as well, horses are a symbol of speed, valour and perseverance. A beautiful creation of eight running ponies is meant to welcome good fortunes and riches in the home. Eight running ponies mean eight yearnings of life, such as Career, marriage, Children, Personal Development, Recognition, Education and Happiness. 

14 Tips to Place a 7 Running Horses Painting Vastu for Home

While planning to place seven running horses in your home, take care of the things mentioned below:

  • Make sure to pick a painting wherein the faces of the horses have peaceful expressions while buying one. Never go for the one with aggressive impressions on the faces of the horses. 
  • It is advised to go for the white colour of horses while investing in 7 running horses painting. The white colour is meant to invite peace, success, growth and prosperity. Whether you are buying one for your home or your office, white is the best colour to opt for.
  • As discussed above, do not hang the painting in other directions since the wrong direction of the painting might leave a bad impact on your life. Be careful and place it in the direction according to the Vastu. 
  • Another thing to be particular about while picking the 7-horse painting for your place is the background. Never go for the one with a background that shows dust, storms, turmoil, a sunset, or any other disturbing or negative weather condition. 
  • Needless to say, always consider what impression the painting leaves on you while investing in one. If looking at the painting does not make you feel happy or give you a positive vibe, don’t even think of buying it.
  • Do not place the painting of seven running horses in your bedroom, study room, pooja room, or on the main door. Also, avoid hanging it in places close to the bathroom or toilet.
  • The horses in the painting must be running in symmetry, in a straight line without hurdles. They should be shown running in open ground, not on the water.
  • Do not invest in a picture with a single running horse since it is considered inauspicious and doesn’t let good fortune enter your abode. Also, make sure to select a picture that has an odd number of horses.
  • Do ensure that the painting does not portray an incomplete picture of the horses.
  • Consider investing in a painting of seven horses with a red background if you are struggling with your self-esteem. It will help boost your self-esteem since the painting with a red background influences the planet Mars.
  • Choose the painting in blue to invite harmony and peace since the colour blue represents planet Saturn.
  • Make sure that the painting size is in proportion to the size of your room. Avoid picking a painting in a small size for a spacious room.
  • The medium for the painting should be strong and Vastu-friendly, such as canvas or wood. Avoid choosing paper as a medium for the painting.
  • Moreover, decorating your home with a seven running horses also helps in providing financial stability to you, as per Vastu Shastra. It is said that this painting brings the blessings of goddess Lakshmi to your home. 

Where should we place 7 horse paintings at home?

The living room is the best place to hang a 7-horse painting since it is considered lucky for the home and the people residing there. Allot it a placement as per the Vastu-recommended direction and avoid hanging it close to the window or the main entrance. 

7 running horses painting Vastu Direction in Office

1. Direction: The office’s north or east wall is the ideal location for the artwork. According to Vastu principles, these directions are linked to prosperity and positive energy flow.

2. Position: To make sure that everyone in the office can see and enjoy the picture, it should be hung at eye level. The fact that the horses in the artwork seem to be racing into the building rather than out of it is also significant since it represents the arrival of opportunity and success.

3. Avoidance of Negative Spaces: It is best not to hang the painting in cluttered or unfavorable places like next to restrooms, stairwells, or sharp corners. Negative gaps can impede the flow of good energy and reduce the painting’s impact.

4. Direction of Movement: The horses’ running direction can also have important implications in Vastu. Running horses from left to right are lucky horses that represent development, expansion, and forward motion. Make sure the horses in the artwork are facing the same way as this idea.

5. Size and Placement: The painting’s dimensions ought to align with those of the wall and the entire area. Refrain from packing the wall with too many ornaments or artwork. Without taking over the space, the painting of the racing horses should be the main attraction.

6. Personal Preferences: Lastly, when choosing where to put the painting, one should also consider their own preferences and intuition. It is crucial that the placement seem natural and harmonizes with the energy of the room and those using it.

Astrological Significance of the 7 Horses painting Vastu based on the Color

Have a quick look at the table to learn the astrological significance of the seven-horse painting:

ColourAstrological Significance
WhiteThe white coloured horse is a symbol of Planet Moon
BueThe black horse is a symbol of Planet Saturn
GreyThe grey-colored horse is a symbol of Planet Rahu/Ketu
OrangeThe orange-colored horse is a symbol of Planet Sun

Note: Avoid placing the painting without proper astrological analysis. Learn about the horoscope for the strongest and weakest planets and then allot it a placement in your home.

Can we put 7 horses painting in the bedroom?


As we have discussed above, the horse painting in the bedroom is not recommended. Try to avoid placing it in the bedroom, pooja room, study room, as well as on a wall facing the main door the washroom.

7 Horse Painting with Sunrise Benefits

Horse paintings against a dawn sky can inspire feelings of peace, vitality, and scenic beauty. The following are a few possible advantages of such artwork:
1. Aesthetic Appeal: A beautiful scene that may accentuate the beauty of any place, be it a home, office, or public space, is created when horses and sunlight come together.

2. Symbolism: Horses are frequently connected to qualities like vigor, strength, independence, and grace. Sunrises are a symbol of hope, optimism, and fresh starts. When combined, they can communicate ideas of empowerment, resiliency, and the beginning of a fresh adventure.

3. Impact on Emotions: Art has the ability to arouse feelings and stimulate the mind. A painting depicting horses against the dawn can inspire emotions in the observer such as tranquility, amazement, and peace; this can help them feel positive and at ease.

4. Reconnection with Nature: The painting’s depictions of natural elements, including the horses and the dawn, might serve as a means of reacquainting spectators with the natural world. It has been demonstrated that this relationship lowers stress, elevates mood, and fosters general wellbeing.

5. Inspiration: The vibrant picture of horses galloping under a rising sun might encourage people to work hard and enthusiastically toward their objectives. It can act as a prompt to appreciate the wonder and possibilities that every day offers.

6. Decorative feature: A painting of horses at daybreak can be used as a dramatic decorative feature that adds interest and individuality to any environment, even beyond its symbolic and emotional meaning.

7. Conversation Starter: People can connect and have conversations when they are exposed to art. An engaging picture such as this one can act as a catalyst for discussion, promoting exchange of ideas and thoughts among onlookers.

Summing it up

Now that you know the horses painting represents accomplishment, determination, speed, opportunity, control and good fortune, consider buying one for your home or office and allotting it a placement as per the Vastu Shastra to make its magic work. As per Vastu, it will prove to be lucky for you at work by removing obstacles related to execution issues and bringing in growth and quick development while adding a dose of elegance and luxury to the decor. 

It is quite important to surround ourselves with positive vibes to lead a happy and prosperous life, and Vastu helps you analyse whether the energy is positive or negative. Get yourself a seven-horse painting and place it as per Vastu rules to let it bring positivity to your life and wealth to your business. 

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FAQ’s About Seven Horse Painting

Q1. Which direction should a 7 horse be painted?

Ans. According to Vastu Shastra, seven horses represent strength, loyalty, perseverance, speed and success. They also symbolise energy that inspires you to keep going in life. Placing it in the South direction has a lot of advantages, as we have discussed above in the article. Make sure the painting faces any door or window while placing it in your home or office. Placing it on the North wall will invite prosperity to your home. If you are looking for career growth, hang the painting on the East wall of your home or office.

Q2. Which 7 horse painting is good for home?

Ans. Though seven horses painting in all colours represent positive energy and progress, we would suggest considering the one in white since the colour white is meant to invite peace and purity in the aura

Q3. Where do you keep the 7 horse picture in the office?

Ans. It is advised to place the seven-horse painting on the south wall of your office. While allotting it a placement, make sure the faces of the horses are on the inside of the office.

Q4. Is 7 horse painting good for the shop?

Ans. Yes. As we know that number 7 is considered to be prosperous and auspicious as per Vastu, placing the picture of seven horses will result in positive outcomes for any business. It will prove lucky to add a picture of a horse painting to your workplace since it is meant to bring growth and wealth to your business.

Q5. What does a 7-horse painting represent?

Ans. According to the Vastu Shastra, a running seven horse painting is a symbol of peace, success, and progress.

Q6. Is 3 running-horse-painting is good for home?

Ans. As per Vastu, a running horse painting plays a crucial role in the life of the members of a house. It is also said that painting a running horse painting helps you in getting rid of the financial problems.

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