South Facing House Vastu ideas that you can use

South Facing House Vastu

South Facing House Vastu Plan     

Indians are usually wary of buying south facing house due to some reasons best known to them. Vaastu is a guideline for people who want to purchase or construct a house. It is believed that if a house is made using Vaastu, there will be the infusion of lots of positive energy in the house. All the directions are harmless but the corrections should be made. You should have a south facing house Vastu plan. If you do have south facing house Vastu plan, it should include south facing plot Vastu plan also. For the state of Tamil Nadu, there is south facing house in Tamil. You may be wondering if the south facing house is good? It’s beyond south facing house good or bad. If you have a south facing Vastu plan in place, you are in the right direction.

South Facing House 

if you are planning to buy a south facing house, you should not pay any attention to any myth about it. Some people have got success after owning south facing house. You should think of a puja room. A south facing house Vastu plan with pooja room should be made after consulting a professional expert. If you are in Hyderabad or Telugu speaking area, you may go for south facing house Vastu in Telugu. A south facing home Vastu consultant will advise you on corrections to be made if the home has any flaws.

South Facing House Vastu
South Facing House Vastu

South Facing House Vastu in Tamil          

For Tamil speaking people, south facing house Vastu in Tamil will be convenient. They should also have a south facing plan. If you are going to own a south facing flat, you should have a south entrance Vastu plan because entrance is very important. The moment you walk through the entrance of a home, the energy of the house can be sensed. The main door should be placed at the centre. It can be slightly towards the left too. It should not be on the right side. For Tamil speaking audience, there are videos available and also pdf formats available. You just have to search for south facing house Vastu in Tamil on the internet.

Disadvantages of South Facing House

There are disadvantages to a house facing any direction. Their intensities vary. There are east facing and west facing house pros and cons too. You may consult the south direction Vastu for removing the defects. People living in south facing home seek the same. You should be aware of the fact that it is important to have the main door Vastu for south facing house planned. It will be part of the south facing Vastu plan. There are south facing house benefits too, but you should know about the disadvantages also for making the corrections. The south west direction is quite important because here the ruling planet is Rahu. The Rahu dosha has to be eliminated just the way a west facing house disadvantages can be overcome. Some of the defects are like a cut in a place towards the south-west. An underground water system or a borewell will present trouble. Large windows in the west are also not auspicious. If there is a main entrance to the south west direction, it is not good for the family.

South Facing House Vastu Plan 30x40      

Vastu is the science of letting cosmic energy flow into your home through deft tweaks in design, décor and construct. The after effect seems divine intervention. You can follow various home plans of different measurements available online. You can set things in order with the elements of earth, fire, water, air and space all coming your way. There are many celestial energies at work like solar energy, lunar energy, wind energy and so on. There is magnetic and thermal energy too. If the house is constructed following Vastu ways, the residents receive all the contentment of living blissfully.

Is South Facing House Good?

Your star sign is ruled by the planet Mars or if your profession involves work with fire, you will find south facing house suiting you to the fault. If you have a south facing flat, you should have a south facing flat Vastu plan done. In case you wish to have a pooja room, you can go for pooja room Vastu for south facing house. If you have a south facing plot for making the house, it’s good for you. you should go for a Vastu consultation. He will do some adjustments to the south facing the main door. For a Tamil owner, he should know how to calculate room size as per Vastu in Tamil. He should do Vastu measurement in Tamil.

Is South Facing House Good or Bad?

South facing house generally cannot be termed as good or bad. People are apprehensive of purchasing south facing house or plot due to some superstitions or myths. It is believed that the south facing house or plot is not auspicious.

Boundary Wall Regulations Should Be Checked

If you are constructing a house, you should be sure that the west wall and the south boundary wall are thicker and higher compared to the ones on the east and other ends.

Water Storage Norms for South-Facing House

If there is a borewell or underground water storage near the entrance, it is not good for the south facing house.

Suitable Colours to Choose

Vastu also has comments on the choice of colours. You should choose the colours of the facades after talking to the Vastu consultant.

1.Is south facing house good?

Yes, south facing house is good after some adjustments and corrections in construction and design

2.What are the disadvantages of a south facing house?

There is no major disadvantage of south facing house. There should not be any borewell near the entrance.

3.Which is the best facing house as per Vastu?

All the houses with all the facings are good according to Vastu.

4.Why is the south direction not good?

South facing is not considered good because it receives the sun throughout the day keeping the rooms warm. It is not desirable in warm countries like India.