West Facing House Vastu Plan & Tips

Vastu Shastra while construction of a house has been a part of home architecture designing or planning for years. How can we be sure about the side our house faces? It is the direction that we face while moving out of the main entrance. To ensure that your house is in the right direction according to Vastu, then you need to contact the right architect. If you are handed over the west facing house Vastu plan it indicates that your main entrance is facing towards the west direction. Before construction, ask your architect to hand over your west facing house plans for 30×40 site as per Vastu. If you are considering a west facing house Vastu plan with pooja room in the right place, here are some tips for you at the end.

West Facing House Vastu Plan in 2021

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that ensures peace and prosperity within your home. If your architect hands over the west facing house Vastu plan, will you be able to identify the pros and the flaws? You can look online for help for a west facing house plans for 30×40 site as per Vastu or west facing house Vastu plan with pooja room, and so on.

Vastu Shastra says there are five basic elements in nature – energy from air, water, fire, earth, and planets. These energies create a tremendous impact in almost every sector of life like health, relationship, thinking, peace, prosperity, education, marriage, etc. Therefore, if you have already considered a west facing house Vastu plan 30×40 slot, then know where and how to construct the rooms, main door, and various other factors.

The main door to your house plays the most important part in your west facing house Vastu plan and it should be facing towards the north-west. For better understanding divide the distance from north-west to south-west corners into nine equal padas or parts. Now, the 5th and 6th padas from the north-west direction is the best one for the entrance, while the 7th, 8th, and 9th padas should be completely avoided as it is the corner of negative energy.

The puja and the living rooms should be on the northeast side of the house which is the most auspicious corner. The kitchen is preferred to be in the southeast corner. Remember, not to construct a kitchen directly on top or below the bedroom, puja room, and toilet. The children’s bedroom can be on the west, south, or north-west, the master bedroom in the south-west, and the guest room in the north-west direction. The dining room, overhead water tank, toilet, and study room can be in the west direction. A basement or underground room in the east or northeast direction brings a heavy flow of money. In this direction, you can also plan a swimming pool.

Wall colors also play an important role in your west facing house plan as per Vastu. The ideal colors are yellow, silver, white, and beige. These are neutral tones and attract positive energy from the west. If your house extends more towards the west, then a light bluish shade is preferable to absorb more positive energies. Off-white and cream colors also go well with your west facing house plan but avoid too many bright tones. Consider constructing the west and south walls thicker and higher than the north and east walls. You can build an eastern sloping verandah but don’t constrict the northeast direction.

West-facing gardens don’t get proper sunlight in the morning, the plants need to withstand the afternoon and summer heat. Shade-loving plants cannot thrive under these conditions. So, you can look for tulips, roses, and Daffodils. These flowers are the best options for your west-facing gardens. To protect you from difficult situations plant heavy trees on the west. You need to provide sufficient space in the east direction and least in the west. This helps in removing great obstacles. On to the north-east direction, a low-level land or ditches is essential.

Best Vastu Tips for West Facing House

West facing houses are the third choice after North and East facing ones. But it bringing bad luck is just a myth and by following the Vastu tips one can bring peace and prosperity to the home.

Here are a few tips for you,


  1. To detect the direction of your house facing, use a magnetic compass.
  2. Place the main door in 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th padas from the northwest.
  3. Select the rooms properly like the puja room in the northeast corner, while the kitchen in the southeast.
  4. Bedrooms play an important role too. The Master bedroom should be on the south-west, while the children’s bedroom can be on the south, west, and north-west.
  5. If you are having a guest bedroom then place it in the northwest direction.
  6. Make the walls thicker and higher on the south and west corners than north and east.
  7. Make wooden doors for the pooja room and the deities should face away from the main entrance.
  8. In Front of your main entrance, plant a citrus plant and it will rejuvenate your house.
  9. Make at least one balcony towards the east.
  10. Use bright lights in your house.
  11. Ceilings should be free from cuts and irregular carvings to create a balanced life.
  12. Mirrors should face north or east to remove negative energies from your house.
  13. Use light colour curtains in the bedroom, and dark colors in the living room. Heavy and dark colored curtains are preferred on the negative corners of the house.
  14. The heating appliances of the kitchen should be placed in the southeast direction. Fix a sink in L pattern on to the northern direction.
  15. Use neutral colors on the walls of your home.


  1. Avoid using dark wall paints.
  2. Avoid placing mirrors in the bedrooms.
  3. Don’t use damaged and dim lights in your home.
  4. Don’t place the wrong curtain in the wrong zones or will lead to several diseases or problems in life.
  5. Avoid a plot or house if it is extended more towards the south or south-west direction.
  6. Avoid a bore well, water tank, or septic tank in the southwest corner.
  7. Don’t sleep directly below any beam or wall partition.
  8. Avoid placing your bed in such a direction that your feet point towards the bedroom door while sleeping.
  9. Avoid any large objects like trees or electric poles blocking the main entrance.
  10. Don’t purchase a plot that slopes from north to south. It results in financial loss.
  11. Avoid fountains in your bedroom. It affects relationships.

19+ Vastu Tips for West Facing House

  1. The main door should face slightly towards the northwest direction or in the middle. But avoid the southwest direction.
  2. If you are entering from the western side of your home, place an idol or a deity’s picture on the western side facing east.
  3. The puja room and the living room should be constructed on the northeast corner. It is the most auspicious corner.
  4. The kitchen should be in the southeast direction. Avoid construction of the kitchen over or below the bedroom, puja room, and toilet.
  5. The master bedroom should be in the southwest direction. In the case of a multi-level house, it should be on the top floor.
  6. The children’s bedroom can be in the west, south, or northwest direction.
  7. The guest’s bedroom is preferred to be in the northwest direction.
  8. The study room, dining hall, overhead water tank, and toilet can be in the west direction.
  9. Keep the total number of doors and windows equal.
  10. Try adding more windows in the north and east directions.
  11. Don’t obstruct the sunlight from entering through your west side windows.
  12. Avoid placing the staircase in the northeast zone. The total number of stairs should be odd.
  13. The colour tone of your wall should be neutral. Prefer white, silver, beige, yellow, light blue, off-white and crème.
  14. Don’t use too many bright tones as your home wall colour.
  15. The walls on the west and south corners should be made thicker than the ones in the north and east directions.
  16. Avoid placing dustbins or broken furniture near the main entrance of your house.
  17. Avoid placing mirrors in your bedroom. In case you are having a dressing table in the bedroom then check, it shouldn’t face the north or east side.
  18. Mirrors should be placed more than 4 to 5 feet above the floor.
  19. Your west-facing gardens will look beautiful with tulips, roses, and daffodils. As the plants need to stand the scorching heat of the sun in the afternoon and during summers. So it becomes difficult for all plants to survive.
  20. If you are buying a west-facing flat or a plot, avoid buying if it extends more towards the south or south-west corners and also if it is higher in the north than the south corner.

A west facing house gets the maximum warmth and light from the evening sun. There is a belief that these houses bring more wealth and prosperity. Most interestingly, you will have no enemies at your workplace or in your society. Politicians, business owners, religious preachers or leaders, and teachers can purchase a west-facing plot or house. For youngsters, these houses bring energy and enjoyment.