North-West Facing House :- Tips & Direction Ideas & Remedies to Bring Positive Energy at Home

North West Facing House

Since directions count as a weighty parameter in Vastu Shastra, it becomes important to cover every corner while renovating or constructing a house as per the guidelines they bring along. One of such guides is for north-facing houses. This section has shown you the best way to design your north-west facing house as per Vastu. 

So if this is what you are looking for, keep reading. 

Directions have an overriding role to play in one’s life, whether it is realized or not. As per the Vastu Shastra, it is essential to make a choice for the direction that favors your health, financial life, happiness, and the charm of luck. The Vastu shastra concept points at imperative effects and side-effects that one has to deal with while they commence something in a certain direction. Besides this, there are certain rules and remedies that help repel any sign of negativity. 

On top of the four chief directions are east, west, north, and south. There are other directions that are too crucial to evade. One of these directions is north-west. A north-west facing house can be your ticket to a happier destiny, bliss on the cards, and financial achievements in the pocket if you know how to make it play its positive side.

Importance of North-West Facing House Direction as Per Vastu

While you choose a career path and a direction in which you’d like to thrive, you invest a big part of your time, money, and energy in planning, evaluating yourself, and chalking out the future. Moreover, when you are taking a walk at night, you do choose to go in a direction that is comfortable, safe and that keeps you from getting lost.

If we look at the part where you are moving to a new place or planning to start a new life, 

Does it matter to choose the place or house in the right direction? 

What is the right direction anyway? 

Vastu says that when the direction of a property or any plot is happy with you, you stand amped-up to bank a successful life in your bundle, which can come in different ways, such as financial growth or a happy marriage. 

So what does it have to do with the Vastu north-west facing house? 

In simple words, the peace you want in your home.

The north-west direction is believed to be a direction of one’s creative side, luck, prosperity, and a happy social circle. This direction is governed by the moon, the kind of administration that can impact your house due to the urgency of help. 

Vastu shastra says that the ruler of the direction leads to tensions and disharmony in the house, if the house is not constructed well or placed according to the rules of Vastu shastra. Whether you have a north-west corner plot of Vastu or any area of your house highlighted in this direction, you must know that you may end up offering a boost to many sides of problems if you have no knowledge about how to steer your north-west Vastu house plan the right way.

Let us know what kind of problems the north-west defects can bring –

Problems Caused by North-West Vastu Defects: Ramifications and Recurrence 

Vastu Shastra defines certain directional defects that can cause you to fall into many troubles. Therefore, it is better for you to know them and treat your plan for a new house or a renovation by taking a hand from the Vastu friendly ways. 

1. Legal Front

Legal matters can come in different facets, such as court cases, police cases, or other legal issues that can arise when your property or plot is situated in this direction.

2. Financial Front

One of the scariest problems caused by north-west Vastu defects wanders in the room of finances. When the north-west diffraction isn’t treated the way it is made to be, you can land yourself in financial troubles that may arise under the guise of hazardous losses in business, financial weakness, and clashes with partners.

3. Health Front

Defects in the direction of a house or property can lead to several kinds of diseases, such as lung cancer, breathing problems, etc. This is one of the major reasons why a Vastu north-west direction for a home is essential.

But don’t you feel bewildered, as Vastu experts have some wonderful (and easy) ways to have you orient your house in a north-west direction and amplify the positive gains.

Let us now move on to the part of this section where you will find handy tips on Vastu Shastra for a north-west-facing plot or house and turn your place into your most auspicious possession.

House Entrance in north west direction 

If your home’s entry faces north west entrance Vastu, you can balance the energies in your property and improve the flow of positive energy by adhering to specific Vastu principles. For a home with a northwest entrance vastu, consider the following advice:

  1. Door Position: Make sure the main entrance door is attractive, well-maintained, and opens smoothly. The door should ideally be positioned in the northwest, slightly off-center, or in the center. Keep it away from the far northwest facing house corner.
  2. Area surrounding the entrance: Make sure the entryway is spotless and well-lit. Good energy is enhanced by well-lit spaces. Steer clear of clutter at the entryway. Positive energy flow is enhanced by neat and organized entryway.
  3. Decor at the Threshold: Adorn the entrance with lucky charms or designs. This can contain beautiful decorations, rangoli, or symbols from religion. Keep no bad symbols or objects close to the entryway.
  4. Airflow: Make sure the northwest region is properly ventilated. Having windows or ventilators facing northwest will help achieve this.
    Let the entryway be used to let in fresh air.

  5. Equilibrium Components: Considering that the air element is connected to the northwest, think about adding air-related features like wind chimes, light curtains, or airy décor.

  6. Location of the Guest Room: If at all feasible, plan a living space or guest room on the northwest corner of the home. This is consistent with the northwest’s social component.

  7. Shades: Select pastel and light-colored hues for the northwest region. It is said that these hues strengthen the uplifting energy connected to this direction.

  8. Steer clear of heavy structures: Keep large pieces of furniture or constructions away from the entrance. Hold onto the

Vastu Tips for North-West Facing House and Properties

We have got you the expert-recommended Vastu tips for north-west facing plots and houses that apply to the different areas of the property. 

1. Vastu for North-West Facing Plots

The most prominent directions are sidelined on a site when it comes to the north-west plot. Such a plot is nowhere near being a strong suit if you weigh it in comparison to any regular plot.

Here are the tips you can use for Vastu north-west facing plots:

  • Have a boundary on a lower level at the northeast part of this plot. With the help of a lower boundary at the northeast side, you will be able to lure the inflow of positivity and cosmic rays right from the Ishanya corner.
  • South-west direction Vastu can be your favorite workaround, too. All you have to do is keep your south-west boundary a little higher in case you have a north-west facing property. Make sure that the height as well as the size of this boundary wall is based on the size of your house and the plot, as it will provide ample space in the north-east zone of the property at the construction of the plot.
  • You must prevail on both the south-east and the north-west sides of your plot in equal proportion while your home undergoes construction.
  • Make sure the south-west zone of your plot is given minimum space while your plot is at the construction stage, as it will enable you to layer up the Vastu stance of your place with more strength.
  • A plot facing a north-west direction can make for an aroma garden to level up the properties of the wind element.

Apart from following the tips mentioned above, you should also keep in mind to circumvent any projections in the plot. Note that it is not necessary to do the same in the case of the north-east, to some extent, says Vastu.

2. North West Main Door Vastu and Roads

Is purchasing a house with a north-west facing road worthwhile? Well, Vastu suggests that you keep your eyes open to the side towards which that road goes while you purchase a north-west facing house. Vastu also advises you to see if the road runs in the west direction as well as stops in the west, as this indicates the financial well-being of an individual. 

Here are the important tips on north-west facing entrance house Vastu, road and corner house plans:

  • You should avoid a plot that has a road end in the east of the south-east direction, south of the south-west direction, north of the north-west direction, and west of the south-west direction.
  • Make sure that your plot does not have a junction on any of its sides. 
  • You should treat any T junction in the north-west direction with Vastu remedies. A junction plot or any home that seems highly unlucky to you should be treated with the strong remedies suggested by Vastu.

3. Vastu North West Facing Houses for Bedroom

The north-west direction can appear to be a tricky one to you. However, a rightly constructed north-west house called Vastu can unbundle the bunch of good fortune, happiness, health, dignity, long life, career growth, financial inflows, and overall prosperity. According to Vastu Shastra experts, the most ideal direction for you to construct the bedroom is in the north-west direction. 

Other Important Vastu North-West Facing House Plan 

  • A north-west facing plot or property should feature a fire element such as the kitchen, a power station, etc. located on the southeast side.
  • It is recommended that your north-west facing Vastu house plan have both internal and external orientations as per the set of Vastu guidelines before you commence any construction.
  • You can use Vastu remedies such as wind chimes, aromatic plants, or Vastu brass helix, as they can be of great help in the implementation of Vastu north-west facing properties.
  • Any north-west extended property or cut can have a huge impact on your business relationships and career, and this location is also considered to be a bearer of enmity among relatives and friends.
  • You should also make sure that your north-facing house has a master bedroom located in the south-west corner, the puja room in the northeast, and the bathroom in the west side of the house.

Final Thoughts

You can’t seriously tag any direction as good or bad. However, understanding the rules, compatibility, and pros and cons of each direction become substantial when it comes to events such as arranging a house or construction of a new house, purchasing new land, etc. Taking a hand from these Vastu tips will be a sound step in understanding Vastu for your north west facing house.

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Is north west facing house good?

From the Vastu point of view, it is best to have a house facing north, east, or north-east.

Is north west facing study good?

North west facing study is not considered as auspicious as it ruins focus and makes students restless.

Is the North-West direction good for the Temple?

The north-east is considered the most auspicious direction to place a temple. If that doesn’t go with your place, then you can place the temple in either a north or east direction. 

Which direction should God face?

Idols like Goddess Durga, Lord Ganesha, and Kuber should be placed in the north facing the south. On the other side, Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh should be placed in the east direction, facing west.

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