Here’s all that you need to know about Vastu for Bedroom

Are you facing issues with your sleep pattern or discontinuity in your sleep cycle? If yes, then maybe it’s time to modify your home as per the principles of Vastu for bedroom. You can easily bring in balance to your professional and personal life by incorporating Vastu tips for bedroom regarding the placement of the bed and also your sleeping position.

This article is all about how Vastu for bedroom is quite helpful in creating your sleeping room the centre for rejuvenation and tranquillity. We have covered every point that needs consideration when arranging your bedroom as per Vastu shastra, in a way that is an easy and quick fix. So, let’s not do any ado and dig in to know Vastu Shastra for bedroom has for you.

The Right Placement of Bed as per Vastu Shastra

 Bedroom vastu

The incorrect placement of the bed can have harsh effects on your sleep and can also disturb the health of you and your dear ones. Vastu tips for the bedroom suggest your bed should always be placed in a way that the head of the bed faces the east or south direction and that the headrest of your bed should be in the basic square or rectangular shape.

In the homes constructed according to modern architecture, you will witness the beds being placed against the hero wall of the bedroom. This placement does not have any adverse effect until the bed falls directly under the beam or is in the corner because this will interrupt the flow of positive cosmic vibrations and energies in the room. What you can do is place the bed in the centre of the wall leaving some distance of the bed from the corners, to move around easily in the bedroom. Your guest bedroom should have the bed placed with its head in the south or west direction so that your legs point towards the north or east direction while you are lying.

Important Pointers for Vastu for Bedroom

  • It is advised to use wood as the material in place of metal as it is known to attract positive energies and repel negative energies present in the space.
  • If you are a couple, use one large bed instead of joining two single beds as brings in more harmony in the relationship.
  • Skip the placement of a mirror in your bedroom and if it is not possible then ensure that the mirror does not reflect your body when you are lying or sleeping as this placement can lead to serious illness.
  • Avoid the placement of your bedroom doors in front of the bathroom doors as it will attract the negative energies coming from the bathroom. And if you are facing nightmares, do not put your legs right in front of the bedroom doors.
  • According to the Vastu experts, you should not have any windows right behind the headrest of your bed because it can degrade the quality of your sleep. To balance the energies in your bedroom, you can use curtains of a dark color to block the natural light and use paints of light shade for the walls.
  • Do not put any electronic gadgets on the beds while you go to sleep because they are known to generate negative vibrations. Try that these gadgets remain as far as possible from you while you are asleep.
  • Try to keep any clutter or mess away from your bed as it restricts the flow of good vibes. Add some positive elements of Vastu like the windchime or dreamcatcher to enhance the flow of positive energies.
  • Avoid keeping any plants in your bedroom and ensure that your bedroom is not placed right on top of the kitchen because it can interrupt your sleep cycle.

Vastu Shastra for the Placement of Cupboard in Your Bedroom


The cosmic energies present in the universe are known to have a tremendous effect on your life and they can be present in the most surprising areas of your home like the wardrobe or cupboard placed in your bedroom. If you follow the principles of master bedroom Vastu, you can easily ward off the negative energies in your home and bring positivity and prosperity. The bedroom in a house is considered to be a private place where you can relax after a long and tiring day. And basic things like the wrong placement of the cupboard in your bedroom can disrupt the way you lead your life, your career, relationships, growth, and wealth. Here are a few tips of Vastu for bedroom which can help you correct or modify the placement of wardrobe in your room for positivity.

The Direction of the Wardrobe

Position of wardrobe

The northwest and southwest direction in the bedroom is considered to be the best for placing your wardrobes or cupboards as it ensures a consistent flow of money in the house. But if you have a heavy cupboard, you can place it on the south or west wall of the bedroom. Do not place your wardrobes in any other directions because it can restrict the flow of cash immensely. Having a wardrobe in the above-mentioned direction in bedrooms without a mirror is known to be an ideal combination as per Vastu.

The Placement of the Wardrobe

 If you want the placement of wardrobe to be Vastu- compliant then make sure that the wardrobe and the wall have atleast 3 inches of the gap. The aim behind keeping this gap is to ensure that there is no obstruction in the flow of positive energies in the room. If your wardrobe is placed correctly, it can prove to be quite auspicious for the occupants of the house. The placement of your furniture should always be in the northeast direction and the doors of the wardrobe should not be placed right in the front of the doors of the bathroom as it can restrict the flow of cash in the house. The door of the cupboard or wardrobe should always open in the east direction and not in the south direction because the south can bring disruption in the family and attract negative energies that lead to quarrels.

The Colours of the Wardrobe

According to the Vastu colours for the bedroom, it is recommended to use light shades both on the walls of the bedroom as well as for the wardrobes. The reason for this is that light colors are known to attract positivity and good energy and are also pleasing to the eyes. On the contrary, dark hues are a strict no-no because they absorb negative energies and keep them circulating in the room which, tends to disturb the harmony of the house. Shades of white and beige are known to attract positivity and the best color for bedroom according to Vastu are the pastel shades of pink, yellow, and shades of cream. These hues will open the space for the flow of positive energies to maintain the harmony of the house.

The Design of Wardrobe as per Vastu


If your wardrobe has to be Vastu-compliant then it should be made of wood and iron and not of any stone or marble. A standard rectangular or square shape is the best with only a single door and any odd shapes of the wardrobe are considered to be inauspicious in Vastu shastra. Also, one should keep in mind that the wardrobes should not have any mirrors on them because they can reflect the ones sleeping on the bed which is again considered to be inauspicious. It is best to avoid mirrors in the bedroom but if it is not a possibility make sure that it does not directly reflect the person sleeping on the bed.

The Positioning of Wardrobe Items

As per the Vastu for bedroom, the wardrobes inside the bedroom should have enough space to hold all the personal items of the occupants. The rearrangement of the items should be done once in a while and any unnecessary items should be thrown or discarded to avoid any clutter because it is important to keep your wardrobe neat and organized at all times. If your wardrobe has a safe or vault, you should always keep it filled and never empty. To maintain the cash flow, always keep some jewelry or cash inside the vault and it should face the north direction because this direction is considered to be the direction of Lord Kuber. You can also keep some silver coins in the safe if you don’t want to keep any cash or jewelry in it. Ensure that the safe is kept on a sturdy platform and not on a fragile one to keep the balance consistent.

About the Master Bedroom Vastu


When it comes to the master bedroom there are multiple Vastu tips for bedroom that will come across. Undoubtedly, the master bedroom is one of the crucial components of the house but people tend to get perplexed about the direction related to the master bedroom of the house. Here are a few tips that will help you in understanding the directions that are ideal for a master bedroom:

  • The Direction– According to the experts of Vastu shastra, the ideal and the only direction in which the master bedroom should be there is in the southwest direction of the house.
  • Door Positioning– Ensure that the door of your master bedroom opens at ninety degrees and while opening it should glide smoothly without making any creaky sounds.
  • The Bed Placement– Make sure that you do not place your bed right opposite the door of the master bedroom. It should be placed such that the head of the person lying on the bed should face the south or east direction. This assists in making you sleep in peace.
  • The Placement of Wardrobe– As per the Vastu tips for bedroom, the heavy elements of the room like the wardrobes should be placed in the southwest, south, or west direction because these directions are said to attract positive energy.
  • Electronic Gadgets Placement– It is said by the experts that one should avoid keeping any electronic gadget in the room or if necessary then it should be kept at a good distance so that the negative energies sent by them do not affect the sleep of the occupants.
  • The Colour for Master Bedroom– In Vastu shastra, the colors of a room play a vital role in determining the overall vibe of the room. For the master bedroom, the best-suited colors are beige, white, grey, rose pink.
  • Mirror Placement – There is a lot of emphasis on the placement of a mirror in the Vastu shastra. You should avoid placing the mirror right in front of the bed as it can lead to serious health issues
  • Placement of Family Photographs– While putting your family pictures, ensure that they are the first thing visible to the eyes when you enter the room. Remember to place happy family pictures in the master bedroom.
  • Fresh Flowers– Avoid keeping any artificial flowers in your bedroom. Instead, go for fresh flowers which help in attracting positive energies to your bedroom.
  • Lights in your Bedroom– It is quite obvious that having proper lighting in your house enhances the aesthetics of your space. As per Vastu, you need to maintain a balance between light and dark lighting in your bedroom.

What is the Best Direction for Sleeping as per Vastu?

Let’s assume that you have got the cosiest pillows and mattress of your bed and you also have a warm comforter in your room, you have also practised night-time meditation but still struggle to have a proper sleep. Why is that so? Vastu Shastra is the science of achieving a balance between your lifestyle and the environment. As human beings, the principles of Vastu shastra are also applicable to us and these are more prominent for your bedroom.

If the place where you come for some relaxation after a tiring day of work lacks balance, does not have the right set of elements, or has the wrong placement of the bed, it can make your day even more daunting. Vastu Shastra principles are more concerned with the ideal setting for peaceful sleep and that’s why we are here to tell you everything that is required to have proper sleep as per Vastu. 

What is the Best Direction to Sleep Scientifically?

If you are in the region of the northern hemisphere, the best direction for sleeping is towards the east. Living a harmonious life while striking a balance between your life and nature is the essence of Vastu Shastra and the principle of this science prevails in the present time because living in coordination with nature has been passed down as human heritage. With your head towards the east, the flow of energy and blood in your body remains uninterrupted.

Some Sleeping Tips for Restful Nights 

  • Avoid any electronic gadgets in your bedroom
  • Make sure to have a window that allows the flow of fresh air into the room
  • If you have any clutter under the bed, clear it immediately
  • You can have some plants which are Vastu-compliant for your bedroom to bring in nature to your home
  • If the mirror in your room shows your reflection, change its placement in a way that it does show your reflection
  • Do not sleep while keeping your feet towards the door because it is considered to be a sign of bad luck
  • Try to get some comfortable and soft mattresses and pillows for your bed. You can also go for pressure-releasing mattresses if that is a need.

What is the Fix for Having Your Bedroom in the Southeast direction?

Lights in Bedroom

The Vastu experts have revealed that having your bedroom in the southeast direction can lead to complications in the life of the occupants by forming discomfort in the relationship of wife and husband. Also, having a bedroom in the southeast direction leads to triggers of aggression and even if your head is in the southeast direction while you sleep, it can cause multiple problems like deteriorating the health of the inhabitants. According to the Vastu tips for bedroom, the person feels irritated while sleeping in a bedroom in southeast direction because of the relation with the fire element. When people sleep in the southeast direction, it can cause diseases like diabetes and lead to high blood pressure. Thus, it is better to not construct the bedroom in this direction, and for other directions while sleeping ensure that your head is either towards the north or west direction. By doing this you can avoid the above-mentioned complications and it will lead to a healthier life and successful relationships.

In a Nutshell


Some people might question the effect of sleeping direction and the situation of bedroom but then there is no harm in giving it a try. When you change the direction, ensure that the other elements are in compliance with the Vastu for bedroom to have a peaceful and prosperous life prevail.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Vastu is good for bedroom?

Southwest corner is the best for bedroom.

What is master bedroom as per Vastu?

Master bedroom is linked with prosperity and longevity hence it should be in the southwest corner.

What should you not keep in your bedroom?

You should not keep any electronic gadgets and mirror in your bedroom.

What should be kept in bedroom?

You keep a dream catcher or wind chyme in your bedroom.

Who can live in master bedroom?

The one who is the head of the family should live in the master bedroom

Can bedroom be in north-east corner?

You should avoid having bedrooms in the northeast corner.

Which God photo can be kept in bedroom?

You should not keep any photos of the God in your bedroom.

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