Ahmedabad is certified as India’s first World Heritage City

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On 6th September, Gujarat’s Chief Minister in the presence of Deputy Chief Minister was handed over the certificate of inscription as world Heritage city to Ahmedabad by the UNESCO Director General.

The CM of Gujarat said that it is a matter of pride for the people of the state as well as India as Ahmedabad got India’s first world Heritage City certificate. Sadly though Ahmedabad could not secure a place in the World Heritage list due to sheer indifference towards these places in the past, but however it is a moment of pride for all people of Gujarat, he added. The Chief Minister also said that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has worked immensely to get the tag of heritage city for Ahmedabad from the UNESCO.

In the year 1411 the Ahmedabad city was built by Ahmed shah and worldwide these prestigious architectures, monuments, pillars and Hindu, Jain and Islamic architecture made it a heritage city.

The CM specially appealed to the citizens of Ahmedabad to take responsibility to maintain the prestige and glory of the freshly crowned World Heritage City. He also expressed his happiness and gratitude to the Prime Minister who finally accomplished to fulfil his long time dream of making Ahmedabad the World Heritage City when he was the Chief Minister of the Gujarat back in 2010.

The city of Ahmedabad under the visionary leadership of Modi acquired a position in the Smart Cities list and got equipped with state of the art facilities like modern infrastructure, smart transit system, optical fibre network, B.R.T.S, metro and many more. He now appealed the citizens and told that it is the need of the hour to now protect, preserve and maintain the heritage sites of the city. He congratulated the officials of the AMC, and various other government officials and the citizens of the state on this historical day.

The city of Ahmedabad was known for trade and commerce across the globe in the past. But it acquired one more tag of ‘World Heritage City’ on September 8, and gained prominent recognition.

India currently has a total of 36 World Heritage Inscriptions among which 28 are cultural, 7 natural and while 1 mixed site.

India stands second after China when it comes to the number of world heritage properties in Asia and Pacific region, while it secures the seventh position in the world.

It was founded in the 15th century on the eastern banks of the Sabarmati River. It presents a rich architectural heritage with its 28 Archaeological Survey of India’s protected monuments. People from all over the world will now explore the heart of the city which will spread its legacy beyond the boundaries of the state and the nation.

Ahmedabad is a city that boasts life, culture, and excitement everyday with its extravagance of lifestyle. It is an iconic symbol of religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence. The importance of the city lays beyond the physical beauty of its architectural heritage it is a landmark city that witnessed Mahatma Gandhi’s struggle for India’s freedom. Ahmedabad was selected amongst 250 cities in the competition for the coveted status.

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