Top 10 Most Expensive Localities in Ahmedabad

Located in the heart of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is recognised as the fifth biggest city in India, with a population of 6.5 million. This thriving metropolis boasts a remarkable fusion of culture, heritage, and cutting-edge growth, making it a popular choice for visitors and inhabitants.

Aside from its cultural and archaeological crux, Ahmedabad has become India’s major economic and industrial centre. The city is home to several textile mills, pharmaceutical enterprises, and information technology businesses, all of which contribute considerably to the national economy. This modern change is reflected in its soaring skyscrapers, crowded shopping centres, and robust infrastructure.

In addition, Ahmedabad has everything you need, whether you are interested in heritage, tradition, or current exploration. Its welcoming hospitality, various experiences, and distinct elegance will leave an indelible mark on your voyage.

Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad

The Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway, also known as the S.G. Road or S.G. Highway, is a 44.5 km, six-lane national highway connecting Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat. It comprises most of NH 8C, which links Sarkhej to Chiloda near Gandhinagar. The highway is a vital major commercial and public travel road, and its route to Gandhinagar has been undergoing a significant development boom.

The S.G. Highway is well-organised and maintained, with numerous flyovers and underpasses. It is also well-lit and has several traffic signals. The highway is a significant arterial road in Ahmedabad, and many vehicles use it daily.

Property Price in Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad 

If you’re looking for a suitable property to lease in Ahmedabad or want to invest in Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway assets, visit Square Yards. Only the finest properties are accessible through us.

Social Conveniences on Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad 

The highway was designed mainly to bypass traffic in Ahmedabad. However, more affordable land prices fueled an upsurge in the property and retail sectors. Currently, land values along the highway are equivalent to those in urban districts. It forms most of NH 8C, which links Sarkhej to Chiloda near Gandhinagar. It is an important arterial road for business and public travel and has seen significant growth in Gandhinagar. Moreover, nearby shopping malls include AlphaOne Mall, the Ahmedabad One Mall, and the Himalaya Mall. 


The Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway is a 44.5 km long, six-lane national highway that interlinks two prominent major cities, Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. It provides easy access to NH 8C, connecting Sarkhej to Chiloda near Gandhinagar. Moreover, it is an important major road for trading and public travel, with a significant growth boom alongside its route to Gandhinagar.

Commercial Hubs 

The Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway is rapidly growing into a commercial hub because it is close to IT parks and corporate centres. The designated road will provide numerous employment possibilities and various shopping and dining alternatives to meet the community’s daily needs.

Educational Institutions 

Several notable educational institutions are situated near the highway, facilitating top-notch education for children. These include: 

  • Ahmedabad International School
  • Dhirubhai Ambani International School
  • Udgam School 

 Healthcare Facilities 

 Numerous hospitals are located along the highway, such as 

  • Ahmedabad Civil Hospital
  • Shalby Hospital
  • Zydus Hospital

Recreational Options 

You may brighten your day by exploring the following places with your loved ones:

  • Sarkhej Roza
  • Kamani Auditorium
  • Sabarmati Riverfront
  • Kankaria Lake
  • Gujarat Science City
  • Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

Jagatpur Road, Ahmedabad

The Jagatpur Road is an important arterial route in northern Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Located along the Sardar Patel Ring Road, Jagatpur is linked to other parts of the city. It also acts as the primary route for traffic in and out of the neighbourhood. Moreover, Jagatpur Road is rapidly developing with new residential infrastructural developments and real estate enterprises, making it an appealing alternative for builders and people looking for a contemporary living environment. In addition, Jagatpur Road, known for its rich green landscapes and tranquil environs, provides a peaceful retreat while providing people access to modern facilities.

Property Price in Jagatpur Road, Ahmedabad 

If you want to buy a property in Ahmedabad, Square Yards has the most up-to-date information on the price list. You might buy various property types (residential or commercial) according to your financial circumstances and statistical information. 

Social Conveniences in Jagatpur Road, Ahmedabad 

Jagatpur Road is ideal for people looking for a contemporary, well-connected, and expanding neighbourhood in Ahmedabad. However, before deciding, thoroughly analyse the potential drawbacks and ensure they align with your lifestyle requirements and budgets. 

Moreover, Jagatpur is gaining popularity due to the affordable housing alternatives and easy access to commercial parks such as Navratna Commercial Park. It is also easily accessible from several significant locations, including Devnagar, Chandkheda, Adalaj, Khodiyar, and Motera.


The Jagatpur route is the main route that passes through the neighbourhood and links to the Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway. Moreover, Chandkhera Road Railway Station is accessible within 3 kilometres via Jagatpur Road, where Malabar County Road and NH147 highways are close to this locality. 

Commercial Hubs 

Jagatpur Road is a popular residential area due to its abundance of prestigious schools, academic institutions, hospitals, clinics, commercial centres, malls, cafes, movie theatres, banking institutions, and lush greenery. Famous retail malls include Ahmedabad One Mall, Shreeji Mall, and Iscon Mega Mall. Moreover, several business parks are nearby, such as Navratna Business Park, Westgate Business Bay, Parshwanath Business Park, and Pinnacle Business Park. 

Educational Institutions 

Numerous schools and colleges offer excellent educational facilities.

  • Shanti Juniors
  • Navrang School
  • Global Indian International School
  • Ahmedabad Institute of Aeronautical Engineering College
  • Nirma University

Healthcare Facilities 

Jagatpur’s well-known medical facilities, located less than 10 to 15 minutes away, include: 

  • Lifeline Multispecialty Hospital
  • Satyam Hospital
  • Samvedna Multispecialty Hospital
  • Parth Children Hospital
  • Sola Civil Hospital

Recreational Options 

Plan an unforgettable trip with your friends and family at the Jagatpur attractions, as mentioned below:

  • Godrej Garden City Park
  • Swapna Srushti Park
  • Him Trail Adventures
  • Sarkhej Roza
  • Kankaria Lake

Gota, Ahmedabad

Gota is a residential neighbourhood in northwest Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It is located along the Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway and is well-linked to the rest of the city. Gota is a reasonably priced neighbourhood when compared to other regions of Ahmedabad. As a result, it is a preferred option among new homeowners and economic families. In addition, it comprises easily accessible road connectivity. The Sardar Patel Ring Road and the Ahmedabad Metro run through this region. Moreover, it has a good social infrastructure with several schools, hospitals, and shopping complexes.

Property Price in Gota, Ahmedabad 

Gota is known for its industrial strength and active marketplaces, which draw residential and commercial development. The locality’s increased infrastructure and connections have resulted in an ongoing increase in property prices, establishing it as a vital construction region. Visit Square Yards to learn about numerous property options that fit your budget.

Social Conveniences in Gota, Ahmedabad 

Gota is home to a plethora of shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment options, catering to all your needs within a short distance.


Gota is a growing residential community in North Ahmedabad. The location got attention due to the construction of Sarkhej, where the Sarkhej Gandhinagar roadway is the primary highway connecting Gota to the rest of the city. Moreover, the neighbourhood is closely connected to Vasant Nagar, Chandlodiya, Shayona City, Vasant Nagar, and Anand Vihar. It is also well connected via Jagatpur Road and Chandlodia Road. 

Commercial Hubs 

Gota is the commercial hub of North Ahmedabad, with active markets and a diverse range of companies. The region’s industrial complexes substantially serve the area’s economy, rendering it a key hub for trading.

Educational Institutions

The notable schools and universities in the neighbourhood are 

  • Nirma University
  • Silver Oak Engineering College
  • Nirma Vidhya Vihar
  • Aatman International School 

Healthcare Facilities 

Several prominent healthcare facilities are situated within a distance of 5 to 10 minutes, like

  • Kamdhenu Hospital
  • Medisure Hospital
  • Shubham Hospital 

Recreational Options 

While Gota may not have many recreational choices in the close region, its ideal position opens up a diverse array of alternatives nearby:

  • Gota Botanical Garden
  • Gota Sports Complex
  • Gujarat Science City

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Chandlodiya Road, Ahmedabad

Chandlodiya Road is an important arterial route in the western section of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It spans from Chandlodiya, the community, to the Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway, serving as a vital link between diverse communities and providing a lively atmosphere. The neighbourhood is rapidly evolving, with infrastructure improvements, new residential complexes, and commercial businesses sprouting. This provides both financial prospects and contemporary living options.

In addition, Devyug Developers, Neelkanthvarni Infraspace LLP, Sarjan Developers, and Simandhar Developers are well-known developers who have ongoing and finished projects in this region. Multi-story home construction dominates the surrounding area.

Property Prices in Chandlodiya Road, Ahmedabad 

Chandlodiya Road property prices are increasing readily because it is a highly developed and well-known Ahmedabad suburb. Gated communities typically offer various home options based on carpet size, basements, interior amenities, and layouts. Square Yards allows you to find your ideal estate effortlessly.

Social Conveniences in Chandlodiya Road, Ahmedabad 

Chandlodiya Road combines residential and commercial spaces, providing ease and proximity to various services in the area. Basic services such as hospitals, clinics, banks, ATMs, and religious facilities are nearby. Several shopping malls and markets provide daily necessities and recreational opportunities.


Chandlodiya Road has excellent access to other areas of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar due  

to the intersection with the Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway and closeness to the Sardar Patel 

Ring Road.

Commercial Hubs

Chandlodiya Road is a good option for individuals seeking a well-connected, expanding neighbourhood with adjacent educational and commercial areas.

Educational Institutions 

Several renowned educational institutions are situated along or near Chandlodiya Road:

  • Durgesh School
  • Chandlodiya Primary School
  • Shree Vishwakarma Hindi High School
  • Shayona International School
  • Tripada International School
  • Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA)
  • National Institute of Design (NID)
  • Gujarat University

Healthcare Facilities

    This location’s individuals benefit from well-known healthcare facilities, including: 

  • Lifeline Multispeciality Hospital
  • Sola Civil Hospital
  • Panchshil Hospital
  • Ohm Hospital
  • Sitaba Hospital

Recreational Options 

Involve oneself in the city’s historical and artistic heritage by visiting these magnificent architectural landmarks.

  • Auda Garden
  • Kankaria Lake
  • Thol Lake
  • Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

Bopal Ghuma Road, Ahmedabad

The Bopal Ghuma route is a significant route in western Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It runs from Bopal to Ghuma, connecting numerous key communities and housing a combination of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Moreover, Bopal Ghuma Road is a popular neighbourhood with robust interaction, social infrastructure, and access to educational institutions. Ghuma has also been a popular residential spot in Ahmedabad due to its inexpensive costs and excellent connections.

Property Price in Bopal Ghuma Road, Ahmedabad

House prices in Bopal Ghuma Road vary depending on the residential market, building style, flooring, etc. Square Yards can offer the best deals, allowing you to build your desired house in this upmarket community. 

Social Conveniences in Bopal Ghuma Road, Ahmedabad 

Bopal Ghuma Road is a widely recognised neighbourhood with a mixture of old and new residential and business buildings. This offers diverse lodging possibilities to meet various budgets and requirements. Moreover, the location is conveniently near basic services such as hospitals, schools, banks, ATMs, and religious facilities. Numerous entertainment options and recreational opportunities exist, such as shopping malls and grocery stores.


Bopal Ghuma Road has excellent access to various regions of Ahmedabad due to its junction with the Sardar Patel Ring Road and its proximity to Ashram Road. It also acts as an entry point to the Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway, giving visitors rapid access to Gandhinagar and other local attractions.

Commercial Hubs 

Bopal Ghuma Road has several commercial properties comprising offices, showrooms, and eateries. This creates employment opportunities and allows access to various goods and services.

Educational Institutions

Ghuma is expanding rapidly, and educational institutes found close to this area include:

  • Spring Field International School
  • Vedant International School
  • Cosmos Castle International School 
  • Global Mission International School

Healthcare Facilities 

Within a 5-kilometre radius, excellent hospitals include: 

  • Life Care Hospital 
  • Veda Health Clinic
  • Krishna Shalby Hospital
  • Adwait Multispecialty Hospital
  • Bopal Multispeciality Hospital

Recreational Options

Bopal Ghuma Road has an amalgam of city and nature recreational possibilities.

  • Bopal Safari Park
  • Ghuma Lake
  • Sugar Rush Outdoors & Cafe
  • Thol Lake
  • Amrapali Shopping Malls
  • Suncity Shopping Mall

Ambli Bopal Road, Ahmedabad

Ambli Bopal Road is located in the western area of Ahmedabad, linking Ambli and Bopal neighbourhoods and making this road more prominent. It has a combination of residential and commercial properties, creating a lively atmosphere. The region is experiencing continuous growth with new residential projects, commercial complexes, and infrastructure upgrades, which provide both financial prospects and contemporary living options.

In addition, several trends indicate that Ambli Bopal Road will experience increased property demand in the coming years, making it an attractive option for many key players in the real estate industry.

Property Price in Ambli Bopal Road, Ahmedabad

The locality’s growing infrastructural development has boosted real estate values, showcasing its promise as a peaceful yet accessible area to reside. For the most recent property prices on Ambli Bopal Road, head to Square Yards. Explore a wide variety of options for housing that cater to your budget and way of life preferences without breaking the bank.

Social Conveniences in Ambli Bopal Road, Ahmedabad

It is situated in the western suburb of Ahmedabad and has numerous upcoming residential proposals. The area embraces modern infrastructure, including significant highways and maintained parks. Moreover, it is close to several amenities, like schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and entertainment options.


Ambli Bopal Road is well connected to other areas of Ahmedabad due to its connection with the Sardar Patel Ring Road and its proximity to the Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway. This road allows easy access to other parts of the city.  

Commercial Hubs

This neighbourhood is rapidly emerging as a commercial hub, with new shopping malls and business parks appearing to meet the growing population requirements and contribute to the area’s economic growth. 

Educational Institutions

Some of the prime educational institutes are located nearby, such as 

  • New Tulip International School
  • Cosmos Castle International School
  • Ahmedabad International School
  • Global Mission International School

Healthcare Facilities

Residents can find healthcare services nearby: 

  • Adwait Multispecialty Hospital
  • Life Care Hospital
  • Krishna Shalby Hospital
  • Shalby Hospitals
  • Multi Specialty Hospital

Recreational Options 

With limited open spaces nearby, the area provides tranquil retreats and recreational options.

  • Ambli Bopal Park
  • Ghuma Lake 
  • Gujarat Science Park 

Gala Gymkhana Road, Ahmedabad

Gala Gymkhana Road is situated in the south Bopal locality of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This vibrant neighbourhood exemplifies the city’s industrial expertise. Home to several manufacturing units, Gala Gymkhana Road combines residential and commercial spaces. Its strong vitality makes it an excellent alternative for individuals looking for a vibrant living environment.

Property Price in Gala Gymkhana Road, Ahmedabad

Gala Gymkhana Road is a popular destination for professionals and nature enthusiasts. The area’s increasing infrastructure and lifestyle advantages have led to an increase in property values. Square Yards is your one-stop shop for an in-depth overview of Gala Gymkhana Road property possibilities that mix urban living and nature.

Social Conveniences in Gala Gymkhana Road, Ahmedabad

Gala Gymkhana Road offers many social amenities, such as retail malls, restaurants, and entertainment areas, assuring a thriving community life.


Gala Gymkhana Road is well-connected to other regions of Ahmedabad via major routes such as the Sardar Patel Ring Road and the SG Highway, making it a convenient location for both residents and commuters. 

Commercial Hubs 

Gala Gymkhana Road is becoming popular for residential and commercial developments because it is close to the Sardar Patel Ring Road. Moreover, its upgraded infrastructure provides potential buyers with cutting-edge amenities, including schools, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, and alternative living investments. 

Educational Institutions 

Several educational institutions are present near the locality, such as

  • EuroKids Preschool
  • Kalorex Pre-School
  • Vedant International Preschool
  • Little Einsteins Preschool

Healthcare Facilities 

A few healthcare facilities are available in the locality, such as

  • Deetya Hospital
  • Surya Hospital
  • Veeha Children’s Hospital
  • Shivam Hospital 

Recreational Options 

Several excellent leisure opportunities will enable you to unwind, like

  • Godrej Garden City Park
  • Swapna Srushti Park
  • Him Trail Adventures

Thaltej Shilaj Road, Ahmedabad

The Thaltej Shilaj Road is a significant route and residential area in Ahmedabad’s western suburbs, Gujarat, India. It is renowned for its broad roads, organised facilities, and accessibility to educational institutions, shopping malls, and healthcare services. Moreover,  the route is a fast-expanding neighbourhood with various residential units and commercial hubs that provide affordable living and convenient access. It is suited to new graduates and budget-conscious shoppers alike. The bustling locality of Thaltej Shilaj Road is distinguished by its vibrant environment. 

The area is conveniently located on major routes, such as the Sardar Patel Ring Road,  and is emerging as a promising location for new developments. With a mix of residences and local enterprises, Thaltej Shilaj Road provides an evolving living environment that caters to a diverse spectrum of individuals.

Property Price in Thaltej Shilaj Road, Ahmedabad

Property prices on Thaltej Shilaj Road, Ahmedabad, fluctuate and occasionally rise. The rising price indicates that real estate in Ahmedabad is in high demand, as the town is home to various key residential and retail establishments.

Social Conveniences in Thaltej Shilaj Road, Ahmedabad

Thaltej Shilaj Road is becoming a more significant residential and business area due to its easy access to major economic centres and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport. Some localities, including Sardar Patel Ring Road and Gandhinagar Highway, are easily accessible from Thaltej Shilaj Road. The area features few apartments or standalone homes, but plenty of residential sites exist. In addition, the cost of living on Thaltej Shilaj Road tends to be higher than in other areas of Ahmedabad.


Thaltej Shilaj Road is excellently accessible to other parts of Ahmedabad via important roadways such as the Sardar Patel Ring Road and the 100 Feet Road. It also offers convenient access to the Ahmedabad Airport and Gandhinagar Highway.

Commercial Hubs 

Thaltej Shilaj Road has rapidly grown into a commercial hub, with IT corporations, schools, and colleges driving the economy. The existence of tech spots and startups creates a vibrant corporate community in the neighbourhood and an array of shopping and food alternatives tailored to urban life.

Educational Institutions 

Some of the prime educational institutions close to the area are:

  • Zebar School for Children
  • Little Angel School
  • D A V International Kids School
  • Ahmedabad International School 
  • J. G. College of Education

Healthcare Facilities 

Popular healthcare facilities are situated within and around the locality: 

  • SAL Hospital & Medical Institute
  • Global Hospital
  • Adwait Multispecialty Hospital
  • Zydus Hospitals
  • Lifecare Hospital

Recreational Options 

Thaltej Shilaj Road’s recreational amenities are expanding, and new parks and community facilities are proposed. The area’s lush greenery offers a serene environment for outdoor activities, and its closeness to the city guarantees residents full exposure to Ahemdabad’s diverse cultural and recreational offerings.

  • Thaltej Lake 
  • Shilaj Lake
  • Ahmedabad One Mall
  • Iscon Mega Mall

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Judges Bunglow Road, Ahmedabad

Judges Bunglow Road is renowned for its upscale and well-developed surroundings, which attract individuals and families preferring a high-end living environment. Moreover, Judges Bunglow Road is known for its organised layout and green surroundings, which appeal to individuals seeking a calm living environment. The neighbourhood is becoming popular among people seeking a balance of urban amenities and serene living.

Property Price in Judges Bunglow Road, Ahmedabad 

Judges Bunglow Road’s strategic industrial and residential growth provides an adequate suburban experience. Real estate values have risen in response to local service and amenities improvements, reflecting the area’s expanding popularity. Square Yards offers a variety of property alternatives on Judges Bunglow Road, where business development meets residential accessibility.

Social Conveniences in Judges Bunglow Road, Ahmedabad 

The area has several retail stores, educational institutions, and healthcare services, making it an ideal option for families.


Judges Bunglow Road is conveniently linked to other parts of the city by the SG Highway. The Apparel Park Metro Station is 13 km via Swami Vivekananda Road, while the Ahmedabad Junction is 10 km away via Relief Road. Furthermore, Sardar Vallabhai International Airport is 15 km away via Airport Road. Due to its high connectivity, the growing region offers golden opportunities in social infrastructure. 

Commercial Hubs 

This area is well-known for its residential and commercial zones, especially for many lawyers. Judges Bunglow Road’s economic landscape is changing with the addition of new shopping areas, restaurants, and service centres to meet the rising demands of its residents.

Educational Institutions 

Families on Judges Bunglow Road profit from the accessibility of multiple reputable schools, which ensures access to a good education.

  • Shri Narayana Central School
  • Ahmedabad International School
  • Anand Niketan Group of School

Healthcare Facilities 

Some of the best hospitals are within 15 – 20 minutes: 

  • Shalby Multi-Specialty Hospitals
  • Sterling Hospital
  • Zydus Hospitals
  • Kaizen Hospital

Recreational Options

Judges Bunglow Road’s closeness to parks and entertainment centres allows for a wide range of entertainment options. 

  • Samprat Garden
  • Sharda Mandir Complex

Aarohi Club Road, Ahmedabad

Aarohi Club Road in Ahmedabad offers a unique combination of well-established facilities and continual growth, making it an appealing option for homeowners looking for an updated, comfortable lifestyle. Moreover, compared to busy places in Ahmedabad, it has a calm ambience, making it ideal for individuals seeking peace.

Property Prices in Aarohi Club Road, Ahmedabad

The locality’s ongoing growth and improved interconnection have increased residence prices, making it a desirable residential location. Discover the tranquil living areas at Aarohi Club Road on Square Yards, which combines contemporary with nature.

Social Conveniences in Aarohi Club Road, Ahmedabad

Aarohi Club Road is becoming a more significant residential and business area due to its easy access to major economic centres such as Vastrapur, SG Highway, and Thaltej. The locality features few apartments or standalone homes, but plenty of residential sites exist in the area.


Nestled in South Bopal, the road is well-connected to the rest of the city via the SG Highway and Bopal Road. Its closeness to vital regions such as Vastrapur and Thaltej makes it even more accessible.

Commercial Hubs 

Aarohi Club Road is bounded by a thriving commercial landscape, including markets, retail centres, and corporate parks. The area’s economic expansion is matched by a broad range of dining and shopping alternatives that cater to residents’ daily needs.

Educational Institutions 

A few major schools are located in the locality, such as 

  • Satyameva Jayate International School
  • LDR International School
  • The New Tulip International School
  • Delhi Public School Bopal
  • Divine Institute of Management & Technology
  • Bhavan’s College of Commerce & Arts

Healthcare Facilities 

These nearby hospitals offer exceptional services and are equipped with the latest technology. 

  • Shalby Hospitals
  • Saraswati Multispeciality Hospital
  • Navkar Hospital

Recreational Options 

While limited in the local surroundings, close-by green spaces include

  • Ghuma Lake
  • Bopal Safari Park

FAQ’s about Top 10 Localities in Ahmedabad

Q1. What is famous about Ahmedabad?

This city of notable tourist destinations is located on the shores of the Sabarmati River. It is recognised for its world-renowned cotton textiles, extensive choice of tempting foods, diamond cutting, and more.

Q2. Which is the biggest sector in Ahmedabad?

The textile industry is the biggest sector in Ahmedabad.

Q3. Who is the best builder in Ahmedabad?

Some well-known builders in Ahmedabad are Chamunda Line Works, Navkar Construction, Monoceros Interarch Solutions, and Shree Ugati Developer.

Q4. Which market is the cheapest in Ahmedabad?

Lal Darwaja, Sindhi Market, and Dhalgarwad are some of the cheapest markets in Ahmedabad.

Q5. Which sector is the heart of Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad’s heart is home to a rising educational sector, information technology, and scientific industries.

Q6. Is property expensive in Ahmedabad?

Affordable properties are available in Ahmedabad, and property prices are subject to market fluctuations.

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