Top 10 Most Expensive Localities in Anantapur

Top 10 Localities in Anantapur

Standing on the remnants of the Vijayanagara Empire, Anantapur is one of the largest cities in Andhra Pradesh, with an area of more than 105 square kilometres. The city currently houses about 340,613 people and is a thriving space for administrative and agricultural sectors. The town is also an emerging industrial space for the silk and IT sectors, focusing on wind and solar power projects because of the establishment of a Special Economic Zone.

Anantapur witnessed the Vijayanagara Empire’s fall in the 15th century and still protects its rich history, represented by numerous forts such as the Penukonda and Gooty Fort and age-old rituals. Today, the town is predominantly agrarian, producing groundnuts for the whole of India, but it is undergoing massive changes in the IT industry.

This small town, surrounded by Bellary and Dhone, has numerous colleges, schools, hospitals, and superstores within walking distance of the residential areas. Anantapur has many tourist spots, such as the Clock Tower, Prasanthi Nilayam and Lepashi Nandi, which attract thousands of tourists yearly. Besides that, the city boasts multiple manufacturing plants of MNCs such as Kia Motors, Mobis India Module Private Limited, Hyundai Steel and Daechang Seat Automotive.

Here are the top 10 localities of this fast-evolving town which refuses to let go of its rich history. 

Guntakal, Anantapur

Guntakal of Anantpaur is well-connected to a large network of roads, such as the NH 44 and Donimukkala Road, making travelling easy for the residents. This area is known for its six-point railway junction, which is the most profitable division of Indian Railways. It is also connected to lines branching to Vijayawada, Chennai, and Bangalore. Guntakal is one of the prime localities of Anantapur, with housing options varying from independent homes to modern apartments. This safe locality is surrounded by multiple hospitals and schools, which are also funded by the government and provide services at a cheaper rate. 

Property Price in Guntakal, Anantapur 

Guntakal offers residents various housing options based on their respective needs and budgets. Since the area is in a prime location, the cost of each property might be expensive. However, it is worth considering because of the many amenities the community offers, such as affordable shopping centres, hospitals, and schools. The area is perfect for families and senior citizens. You can check the official Square Yards website for more details. 

Social Conveniences in Guntakal, Anantapur

Residents living in Guntakal enjoy many societal conveniences which support their daily needs and luxury demands. This includes government-funded primary and secondary education institutions, excellent healthcare facilities with modern equipment, and shopping centres that offer locally produced items.


Being the hub for railway lines, Guntakal ensures robust connectivity to major roads and highways of Andhra Pradesh. Some highways are NH 63 to Karnataka, SH-53 to nearby villages, NH 67 through the town, SH-26 to Uravakonda and NH 44 to Delhi. The area also has its bus stand, which operates 141 daily buses. 

Commercial Hubs

Guntakal has multiple commercial hubs that cater to the needs of tourists and residents. These include grocery stores, local shopping markets, and small eateries like Station Road and Market Road, which offer everything from snacks to electronics. 

Educational Institutions

Guntakal has many schools and colleges that have provided excellent results over the past few years. 

  • Guntakal Public School 
  • St John’s High School 
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya Guntakal
  • Montessori English Medium High School
  • Government Boys High School

Healthcare Facilities 

Guntakal is close to multiple clinics and healthcare facilities, many of which are government-funded. These include – 

  • Sai Krishna Hospital 
  • Sri Balaji Hospital
  • Latha Nursing Home
  • Anantha Lakshmi Kidney & Multi Speciality Hospital
  • Government General Hospital Guntakal

Recreational Options

While Guntakal is not a tourist place, it offers many recreational activities and attractions to residents that are suitable for people of all ages. It includes the Guntakal Railway Museum, which has many old railway artefacts and locomotives, providing answers related to railway stations and trains. Located just 30 minutes from Guntakal, the Waterfalls of Anantapur is a quiet little spot for picnics or a quick dip in the pool. Residents can also go to Prabhath Nagar Park, which has walking tracks and good exercise facilities. Kids can play in designated areas and spend time outdoors with friends. 

Georgepet, Anantapur

Georgepet is a small neighbourhood in Anantapur, known for its quiet suburban surroundings and tight-knit community. Depending on the customer’s needs, the area has traditional open courtyard homes and modern apartments. The roads of Georgepet are extremely wide and offer many community spaces, especially parks, which makes the residential area perfect for families. The area’s strategic positioning in Anantapur makes it closer to many amenities and national roads, such as SH-30 and NH44. 

Property Price in Georgepet, Anantapur 

Georgepet is a quiet and safe neighbourhood with direct access to the major roads of Andhra Pradesh. This makes the area a highly preferred place for families to reside and for investors to buy plots. You can check the exact prices of Georgepet land and houses on the official Square Yards website. 

Social Conveniences in Georgepet, Anantapur

Georgepet offers its residents a fulfilling lifestyle with basic amenities and luxury items at an arm’s distance from their homes. The place is close to many reputable educational institutions, religious centres, and recreational spaces, improving everyone’s lifestyle. Georgepet is easily accessible from all roads of Anantapur and is one of the prime residential areas of town. 


While Georgepet does not provide many public transportation services besides local buses, the town is well connected by roads. Residents can easily access private transportation, such as taxis. Some of the roads include the Bellary Road to Bengaluru, Saptagiri Circle Road to central Anantapur, Subash Road to parts of Anantapur, Uravakonda Road to local villages and Anantapur-Tadipatri Road to Tadipatri. 

Commercial Hubs

Georgepet has few commercial hubs or shopping malls but offers local convenience stores with natural and non-harmful products. Some of these shops include MORE Supermarket, SLV GS, SP Super Stores, Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara General Store and MSR Natural Foods and Products. The area also has some shopping centres with many products available at cheap prices, including the Kalinga Family Shopping and Dress Circle Shopping Mall. 

Educational Institutions

Based on their previous academic records, the following schools of Georgepet provide excellent primary, secondary, and high school education to students. 

  • Christos EM School
  • Bharathi Vidya Bhavan 
  • Narayana E-Techno School 
  • Little Flower High School 
  • St. Joseph’s English Medium School

Healthcare Facilities 

Georgepet has multiple hospitals and clinics in the community, with modern equipment and well-educated doctors. 

  • Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences
  • RDT Hospital
  • Anantapur Government General Hospital
  • Lotus Hospitals
  • Sri Venkateswara Hospital

Recreational Options

Georgepet might offer its residents few recreational facilities but has numerous community parks and local clubs. The Shilaparamam Anantapuramu, located 10 minutes from Georgepet, is a cultural heritage club featuring different arts and crafts of old times, including paintings, pottery and wooden items. The club has many water fountains to entertain the young and lavishly celebrates festivals. Families can enjoy a picnic day at the RK Nagar park, which is safe for kids and has a separate playing and exercise zone.

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Rapthadu, Anantapur

Rapthadu offers its residents rural charm packed in the box of ‘urban access.’ This small village of Anantapur has large traditional Indian homes best suited for families looking for a quiet lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This land is still being developed into a residential area, so the housing cost here might be slightly lower than other neighbourhoods. Residents can easily access the nearby essential services, such as hospitals, shopping centres, etc., via the main roads directly connected to the village, including NH 44, Anantapur – Uravakonda Road and Rapthadu – Kalyandurg Road.

Property Price in Rapthadu, Anantapur

Rapthadu is undergoing a lot of development and still has a long way to go before becoming a town. This is why the property rates here are lower than in some surrounding areas, offering other places’ full amenities. You can contact Square Yards for more information on Rapthadu’s property rates.  

Social Conveniences in Rapthadu, Anantapur

Rapthadu might be a small village, but it offers residents comfort and convenience. It prioritises the well-being of its citizens by ensuring the availability of every essential and luxury item at supermarkets. It also has top-notch schools and modern medical care, offering easy travelling via well-connected roads. 


Rapthadu’s strategic position in Anantapur improves its connectivity to all the major roads in and outside the state. Some of the roads include the Anantapur – Bellary Road to Karnataka, Anantapur- Dharamavaram Road to other towns of Anantapur, Rapthadu – Kalyandurg Road to Kalyandurg and Rapthadu – Kanaganapalli Road to villages around Rapthadu. 

Commercial Hubs

While Rapthadu has many grocery stores, it does not have a commercial hub per se. The Kalyandurg Road Commercial Area, SAP Bazaar, Sri Kanyaka Parameswari Shopping Mall, Anantapur City Center, and the Industrial Estate are commercial hubs near the village. These hubs offer a wide range of products at affordable prices, and most of the items sold here are produced locally. 

Educational Institutions

Rapthadu village is surrounded by highly accredited schools and colleges that offer many extra-curricular activities. 

  • Kendriya Vidyalaya, Anantapur
  • St. Vincent Pallotti School
  • Narayana e-Techno School, Anantapur
  • Zilla Parishad High School, Rapthadu
  • Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School

Healthcare Facilities 

Rapthadu village has many nearby hospitals and clinics with the best medical professionals on duty and modern medicinal methods. 

  • Anantapur Government General Hospital
  • RDT Hospital
  • Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences
  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Lotus Hospitals

Recreational Options

Natural, beautiful places and lakes surround Rapthadu. The Ayyavaripalli Bridge of Andhra Pradesh offers a scenic view of Rapthadu Lake, which is the perfect place for a quick dip or a family picnic in the nearby gardens. Residents can also go to the Narayana Swamy Katta temple and spend some quality time in the calm location.  

Gooty, Anantapur

The Gooty locality of Anantapur is named after the 7th-century fort Gooty Fort, ruled by the Mughals, the Vijayanagara dynasty, and even the British. This small area is primarily associated with agriculture and trading agricultural products. Besides that, Gooty also has a railway station connecting the town to major cities in South India. The locality, which still offers old-style Indian homes, celebrates traditional festivals of the royal times with great enthusiasm. 

Property Price in Gooty, Anantapur

Gooty offers many old-time heritage homes that cannot be found elsewhere in India. Because of the locality’s prime location and strong connection with history, Gooty’s property rates might be higher, depending on market conditions and the house type. You can find more details on Square Yards‘ official website. 

Social Conveniences in Gooty, Anantapur

Gooty is one of the prime localities of Anantapur, and its strategic location makes it much easier for the residents to reach every essential and luxury store. The locality also boasts many healthcare facilities, educational centres, and ease of travel within and outside the town. These services are affordable and offer the best products and services.


Gooty offers railway services to its residents, with lines going to almost all major cities of South India. Some major roads in the locality include the NH 44 to Delhi, the Anantapur-Gooty Road to major areas of Anantapur, and the Gooty-Adoni Road to western Andhra Pradesh. Public transportation services are also available in the area at a very cheap cost. 

Commercial Hubs

Gooty itself has many commercial hubs that serve residents of all ages. The Gooty Railway Station Area is a shopping area for citizens, as it has many local shops, small eateries, and other hawkers. Residents can also find many mechanical shops in the town, which provide easy access for residents who need car maintenance. The main commercial centre in the area is the Gooty Market Area, which sells everything from groceries to clothes to electronics.

Educational Institutions

Some of the best schools of Gooty which have given excellent results over the past couple of years include: 

  • Gooty Zilla Parishad High School 
  • Sri Vivekananda High School 
  • Little Flower English Medium School 
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya Gooty 
  • Gooty Public School

Healthcare Facilities 

Gooty provides excellent healthcare facilities to its residents by taking advantage of modern medicinal methods and well-equipped hospitals. 

  • RDT Hospital 
  • Sri Sai Hospital 
  • Anantapur Government General Hospital 
  • Gooty Government Hospital 
  • Primary Health Centers

Recreational Options

Gooty is not a tourist destination but boasts multiple attractions for people of all ages. This includes the Gooty Fort, a castle atop a hill with spectacular views. It still has the original architectural design of the 7th century, which is a talking point amongst the residents. Residents can also explore the Jain Temple within the fort, which acts as a spiritual hub of the area. Besides that, the town also has many scenic trails where you can take a walk and enjoy the flora and fauna. 

Adarsh Nagar, Anantapur

Adarsh Nagar is a quiet residential locality of Anantapur with multiple independent houses and apartment complexes. It is quite close to the city centre, providing easy access to all the major roads and required services. Residents can also reach many major hospitals and clinics in the town, just a few minutes from Anantapur. The locality, connected with SPT Road and Anantapur—Bellary Road, offers its residents many amenities and nearby markets, improving their quality of life.  

Property Price in Adarsh Nagar, Anantapur

Adarsh Nagar is a well-known residential neighbourhood in Anantapur with many beautiful houses and independent flats. It’s an ideal locality for families with kids and pets due to its high safety standards. Additionally, properties in this area are available for rent at affordable prices.

You can find more details about the locality’s pricing options on Square Yards’ website. 

Social Conveniences in Adarsh Nagar, Anantapur

Adarsh Nagar of Anantapur offers every kind of convenience to its residents so they live in luxury and comfort. This includes seamless connectivity of roads, major commercial hubs at an arms’ distance and multiple essential service centres. 


The roads of Adarsh Nagar are wide, clean, and well-connected, which helps the residents move around without any issues. The major highways in the area include NH 44 to Delhi, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad, Anantapur—Bellary Road to Karnataka and other neighbourhoods of Anantapur, and SPT Road to the city centre. 

Commercial Hubs

Adarsh Nagar has many local grocery and retail outlets, making shopping convenient for residents. These hubs include the SAP Bazaar, RS Road, Reliance Mart, and Anantapur City Centre. These markets are open until late at night and offer many shopping options and small eateries. The Tower Clock area is also very close to Adarsh Nagar, which has many retail outlets offering products at competitive prices. 

Educational Institutions

Almost all of the schools of Adarsh Nagar boast excellent academic results and participation in extra-curricular activities. Some of them are:

  • St. Joseph’s English Medium School
  • Narayana e-Techno School
  • Ravindra Bharathi School
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya Anantapur
  • Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School

Healthcare Facilities

Adarsh Nagar has multiple hospitals and health clinics within walking distance. These include –

  • RDT Hospital 
  • Lotus Hospital 
  • Apollo Hospital 
  • Cure Hospital 
  • KIMS Saveera Hospital 

Recreational Options

Adarsh Nagar is the hub of attractive spots in Anantapur, perfect for a day’s outing with the family. The town’s Clock Tower is a popular meeting place for all residents, surrounded by hawkers and local shops. Also, citizens can visit the nearby Isckon temple, a cultural heritage site in the locality. The Lepakshi mandir, with a large Nandi statue, is just a few minutes away. If you have time, visit the Anantapur local museum, which showcases the arts and crafts of the area through the centuries. 

Kalyandurg, Anantapur

Kalyandurg is one of the prime agricultural localities of Anantapur, with almost the entire population relying on crops for income. The neighbourhood is surrounded by many villages, which depend on the same industry to run their households. The area is best known for its rich history and cultural heritage of various dynasties and kings. Kalyandurg’s economy is well-supported by nearby roads, such as the Kalyandurg – Uravakonda Road and the Kalyandurg – Rayadurg Road, which helps transport goods and food. Even though this locality is mainly rural, you will find many essential services and supermarkets within 20 minutes of driving distance. 

Property Price in Kalyandurg, Anantapur

Kalyandurg mostly has large farmhouses and independent houses, which offer various amenities. The property rates of this area are highly competitive because of the ongoing developmental projects and interest shown by multiple investors. For more details, you can check Square Yards’ website. 

Social Conveniences in Kalyandurg, Anantapur

Kalyandurg of Anantapur offers its residents all sorts of social conveniences, such as ease of transportation, the best schools, well-maintained administrative offices, and hospitals with modern medicinal tools. These services ensure a convenient and safe lifestyle for the citizens and quick access to the major roads of Andhra Pradesh.


Kalyandurg of Anantapur is off-road but within walking distance of major localities and highways. These include the Kalyandurg—Uravakonda Road to Uravakonda (aiding local trade and small markets), Kalyandurg—Pavagada Road to Karnataka, Kalyandurg—Rayadurg Road to eastern Anantapur, and Anantapur—Kalyandurg Road to the city centre. These roads help connect residents to major town facilities while living a suburban, quiet lifestyle. 

Commercial Hubs

Kalyandurg has many small and medium enterprises, such as Mylana Impex and Gangamma cement bricks factory, which deal in various sectors such as manufacturing, textiles, and crafts. The village is surrounded by shopping complexes and centres such as the main market area, which deals with daily essential products, and Bazaar Street, famous for its street vendors and cheap products of the best quality.  

Educational Institutions

Kalyandurg has few private educational institutions but is supported by many government-run public schools. Some of these institutions in and around Kalyandurg include: 

  • Kalyandurg Model School 
  • Sri Vivekananda English Medium School
  • Little Flower High School
  • Zilla Parishad High School
  • Kalyandurg Public School

Healthcare Facilities 

Kalyandurg is near many clinics and hospitals with experienced doctors and modern medicinal techniques, which provide treatment at affordable costs to the public. These include: 

  • Primary Health Clinic
  • Kalyandurg Government Hospital
  • BMS Hospital 
  • RDT Hospital 
  • Siddharta Healthcare

Recreational Options

Kalyandurg has many beautiful gardens and scenic viewpoints that showcase the beauty of rural life. The Gadaputi Gardens is extremely safe for kids and offers special play areas, including swings and sandpits. The Zandu Gardens of Kalyandurg are a well-known community meeting place with many seating areas, picnic spots, and playground equipment. 

Brahmanapalle, Anantapur

Brahmanapalle is a developing urban area of Anantapur undergoing major infrastructure changes. The small locality, near SH 205 and the local villages, hosts many cultural events based on the old-age tales of the dynasties and is one of the prominent agricultural players of the city, especially in groundnuts, cotton and millets. The locality boasts multiple local temples and community centres, promoting its cultural heritage while adapting to the modern lifestyle. 

Property Price in Brahmanapalle, Anantapur

Brahmanapalle is still connected to its traditional roots but is undergoing huge changes in real estate developments and investments in other sectors. The area’s proximity to the city centre and access to essential services, especially with ongoing changes, hints at a surging real estate market. You can check the prices of the area on the Square Yards’ website. 

Social Conveniences in Brahmanapalle, Anantapur

Brahmanapalle boasts multiple shopping centres and schools, and major healthcare centres are easily accessible. The area is also closely connected to major highways and roads of Andhra Pradesh. 


Brahmanpalle is located very close to NH 42, which runs through the major towns of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. This helps the residents access almost all the cities of South India. The small locality is also just 20 minutes away from NH 44, which connects Brahmanpalle to North Indian cities as well. Besides that, it also offers direct access to other localities of Anantapur via the roads- Anantapur-Kadiri and State Highway 205.  

Commercial Hubs

Brahmanpalle has few shopping centres and malls but is close to other commercial hubs. These include the Sree Veerabhadra Swamy Shopping Mall, CP Complex, GV Mall, Veerabhadra Wholesale Mall and JP Shopping Mall. These are within 30 minutes’ driving distance and offer various products at reasonable prices.

Educational Institutions

Brahmanpalle has many excellent public and private schools. These include: 

  • ZPH School 
  • ABC Grammar School
  • MPP School of RR Center
  • Government School
  • Mallavolu School

Healthcare Facilities 

Brahmanpalle has a few well-equipped hospitals and is directly linked to some of them in the nearby towns. These include: 

  • Vikasa Hospital 
  • Sri Sowjanya Hospital 
  • Sri Venkateswara Skin Clinic
  • Chetan SuperSpeciality Dental Clinic 
  • Medisys Hospitals

Recreational Options

Residents of Brahamanapalle can enjoy the scenic view of the Govidhapuram lake every day, which is the perfect place for a family picnic or gathering. Citizens can also enjoy a long walk or hike in Kallam Township Park 2. The area has multiple parks nearby, such as Indira Park and Krishna Kanth, which are safe for kids and have multiple playground equipment. 

Ram Nagar, Anantapur

Ram Nagar is a residential and commercial area of Anantapur, with wide roads, an amazing community and multiple shopping centres. The locality also offers public transportation services, as it is well-connected with a wide network of roads such as the Subhash Road and the Ramachandra Nagar Road. Families largely prefer the locality because of its quiet vibe and an intra-connected neighbourhood filled with schools, playing fields and hospitals. 

Property Price in Ram Nagar, Anantapur

Ram Nagar is a well-known area packed with large residential houses and numerous commercial investments. The prices of this area are surging by the minute because of its close connectivity to highways and essential service centres. More details about the property rates are available on the Square Yards website.

Social Conveniences in Ram Nagar, Anantapur

Ram Nagar is located near the centre of the town, so it is near multiple attraction points, entertainment zones, and shopping centres. These are easily accessible by public and private modes of transportation and are kid-friendly.


Ram Nagar is surrounded by multiple villages and important landmarks of Anantapur, located arm’s length away from the area centre. These include the SPT Road within Anantapur, the Aravinda Nagar Road connecting the neighbourhood and the Anantapur-Bellary Road to Karnataka. 

Commercial Hubs

Ram Nagar has multiple shopping centres and malls that sell branded products of good quality at an affordable cost. These include the Dress Circle Shopping Mall, Pallavi Towers, Municipal Shopping Mall, Roopa Shopping Mall, and Preeti Complex. These commercial hubs also include small eateries and restaurants that have been operating for generations. 

Educational Institutions

The following schools of Ram Nagar have provided excellent academic records over the past couple of years. 

  • Lakshmi English Medium School 
  • Prasad Talent School 
  • Christos EM School 
  • Ark Public School 
  • Rao’s School

Healthcare Facilities 

Ram Nagar has many hospitals and clinics that provide excellent Medicare at affordable prices. 

  • Aasha Hospital 
  • SV Hospital 
  • KIMS- Saveera Hospital
  • Mythri Hospital
  • Sreenivasa Hospital

Recreational Options

Residents of Ram Nagar can enjoy many recreational activities in different community spaces and gardens. People can enjoy long walks or cycling on the lush green lawns of Swami Vivekanand Park. Kids can also enjoy multiple slides and see the various flora and fauna at the national park. The Veerashavalingath Samajamu is a community place where residents can hold gathering events and enjoy every festival. 

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Puttaparthi, Anantapur

Puttaparthi is an extremely religious residential area in Anantapur, known for Sri Sathya Sai Baba Ashram. The area is also visited by hundreds of international tourists yearly and is like a spiritual pilgrimage for the locals. Puttaparthi has traditional Indian homes and still celebrates the local festivals. The area is well-connected to the roads of Anantapur and other cities, and it has multiple hotels, restaurants, and homestays for tourists. 

Property Price in Puttaparthi, Anantapur

Puttaparthi’s association with Sri Sathya Sai Baba and his ashram Prasanthi Nilayam makes it an extremely popular choice for property investments. The families living in the area enjoy the numerous amenities and shopping malls built for the convenience of locals and tourists. You can check the locality prices on Square Yards’ official website. 

Social Conveniences in Puttaparthi, Anantapur

Puttaparthi in Anantapur offers its residents a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. Numerous schools, malls, and hospitals are nearby. The area is also well-connected to many highways and other neighbourhoods, making citizens’ lives comfortable. 


Puttaparthi is well-connected to a large number of road networks in and outside the state. This is because many people visit Sai Baba’s ashram daily. Some of these roads include the Puttaparthi Road directly to the Prasanthi Nilayam, Kadiri-Puttaparthi Road to Bengaluru, Satya Sai Airport Road to the Puttaparthi Airport (only used by VIPs to visit the ashram) and the Anantapur-Puttaparthi Road for the movement of goods in the district. 

Commercial Hubs

Puttaparthi’s economy mainly depends on the income generated by tourists, which is why there is a huge market space near the ashram. This commercial hub has everything from basic household stuff to electronics to furniture, providing customers with easy shopping. In addition, Gopuram Road offers many household items and decorative pieces for festivals and special occasions. Residents can also buy products from the local market and enjoy delicious food from small eateries while shopping. 

Educational Institutions

Most of the schools in Puttaparthi teach about Sai Baba’s life lessons, along with the set curriculum. Some of these institutions are:

  • Easwaramma High School
  • Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar
  • Sri Sathya Sai Mirpuri College of Music
  • Sri Sathya Sai Primary School
  • Sai Geetha School

Healthcare Facilities 

Puttaparthi has excellent healthcare facilities, along with some clinics offering free treatment to patients. Some of the best hospitals in the town are:

  • Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital
  • Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences
  • Ashika Clinic
  • Manipal Northside Hospital 
  • BMS Hospital

Recreational Options

Residents can spend a day out with their friends and families at the Chaitanya Jyoti Museum, which teaches about Sai Baba’s life and works. This place shares the message of love, peace, and service to humanity, attracting national and international tourists. People can visit the Kalpvriksha tree for a hike and connect with Sai Baba’s spiritual legacy. The place is mesmerising, with a huge variety of flora and fauna and an amazing sea view. 

Srinagar Colony, Anantapur

The Srinagar Colony in Anantapur offers a balanced lifestyle to its residents, with a quiet suburban home close to urban access. This area has many independent houses and apartment complexes, making it a perfect choice of residence for all types of citizens. This neighbourhood has multiple parks and sports facilities so that you can live an active and healthy lifestyle. Srinagar Colony is close to the Sreenivasa Nagar Road and Subash Road, which makes it easier to reach the nearby malls and shopping centres. 

Property Price in Srinagar Colony, Anantapur

Srinagar Colony is one of the prime locations in Anantapur because of its elite homes and luxurious lifestyle. The residential area is close to many markets, further increasing its demand in the real estate market. You can check more information about the locality’s prices on Square Yards’ official website. 

Social Conveniences in Srinagar Colony, Anantapur

Srinagar Colony offers its residents a wide range of facilities and is one of the preferred residence choices for families. The locality is also well-connected to other neighbourhoods and provides ease of travelling. 


Srinagar Colony is well-connected to several roads in and around Andhra Pradesh. This helps daily commuters and residents access the town’s major landmarks and offices. Some roads are the Uravakonda Road to the centre of Anantapur, Anantapur-Bellary Road to Karnataka and Subash Road to local villages and neighbourhoods. 

Commercial Hubs

Srinagar Colony has many shopping complexes and malls which offer various products at affordable prices. These hubs include the Reliance Mart, Anantapur Shopping Complex, SAP Bazaar and the Subash Road Commercial Zone. The locality also has a Reliance Mart, which sells many products, such as groceries and clothes, under one roof. 

Educational Institutions

Srinagar Colony has many excellent schools and an impressive academic track record. These include:

  • Crescent Colony 
  • Sethu Schools
  • Uday English Medium High School 
  • Narayana Group of Schools
  • St. Joseph School

Healthcare Facilities 

Srinagar Colony offers multiple hospitals and clinics with experienced doctors and modern medicinal equipment. Some of them include:

  • Tirumala Hospital 
  • Kavety Multispeciality Hospital 
  • Siri Hospital
  • Kriya Hospital 
  • Vinayaka Chest General Clinic and Hospital

Recreational Options

Srinagar Colony is not a tourist destination but offers many recreational parks to its residents. These include the Aravind Nagar Park, Education Park, and Buddha Vihar Park, which provide separate play areas for kids, sports fields, and seating facilities. These parks also hold community gatherings and parties for the locals.

FAQ’s about Top 10 Localities in Anantapur

Q1. What is Anantapur known for?

Anantapur is known for its rich cultural heritage of the Vijayanagara Empire and the numerous forts of the same dynasty.

Q2. Which is the biggest Sector in Anantapur?

The agriculture sector is the largest in Anantapur, especially in groundnuts.

Q3. Who is the best builder in Anantapur?

Anantapur has several builders known for their amazing construction techniques and deadline adherence. While it is difficult to name the “best,” some of the best builders in the city are Icon Builders, V B Viraj Builders And Developers, and Lakshmi Chandra Builders and Developers.

Q4. Which market is cheapest in Anantapur?

The cheapest market in Anantapur is the Rythu Bazaar, RK Nagar.

Q5. Which sector is the heart of Anantapur?

The Clock Tower in Anantapur is often called the city’s central area. This landmark acts as a meeting point for residents and is surrounded by many banks, restaurants and retail outlets.

Q6. Is property expensive in Anantapur?

Anantapura offers its residents various housing options, from cosy apartments to large mansions. The rate of these properties depends on various factors such as the customer’s preferences, residence area, type of home, and the state of the real estate market.

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