AP RERA: RERA Registration Process, Eligibility & Fees


Rules always need to be maintained and regulated. They are essential for things to work smoothly in any area they apply to. The Indian government recognised this need and established RERA in 2016. The Real Estate Regulatory Authority, or RERA, seeks to safeguard homebuyers and increase investments in the real estate sector.

For the same reason as stated above, each state and union territory was to establish their RERA, which gave birth to the Andhra Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority in 2017. Since then, it has been serving the public interest. Therefore, the rules laid out must be followed by developers, builders, and real estate agents. Read more to learn more about the Andhra Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority, or AP RERA.

Features And Objectives Of Andhra Pradesh RERA Act

Andhra Pradesh RERA establishment made it easy for the buyers to access the real estate projects with ease. Below-mentioned is some of the features and objectives of the AP RERA:

  • AP RERA acts as the government body under which the buyers can with their real estate-related grievances for redressal.
  • This authoritative body has the whole control and governs over the real estate world, from constructions, dealings top transactions for both commercial and residential projects.
  • According to the rules of RERA Andhra Pradesh and the command of the government, all the buyers and developers will have to publish each and every piece of information related to the real estate project on the official portal of RERA AP. This real estate information includes approval certificates, project plan, land title status, layout plan, plan for development, complete schedule, etc.
  • In case of any delay in the completion of the project, the developer will have to pay the compensation to the buyer.
  • The AP RERA aims to bring accountability in real estate for the buyers to protect their interests.
  • Infuse transparency in real estate to ensure fair play and reduce the number of frauds and cheating in the real estate industry.
  • AP RERA has the objective to introduce professionalism in the real estate industry. 
  • It established the symmetry of information between the real estate dealers and buyers. 
  • The establishment of RERA imposed some responsibilities on both the buyers and the real estate dealers. 
  • It established a fast-track dispute resolution among the buyers and sellers.
  • With good governance in the real estate sector, the aim is to create good investor confidence.

RERA Andhra Pradesh Approved Projects And Agents

To date, AP RERA Approved projects have crossed the landmark of 300, and the number of agents is also gradually increasing. More and more agents and projects are coming for AP RERA registration in order to make the real estate transparent and authentic to the buyers as well as for smoother connectivity among the sellers and buyers.

AP RERA Registration AP RERA Approved Projects  AP RERA Approved Agents
Numbers 404 58

How To Register (Projects) For AP RERA?

AP RERA registration is quite simple and can be done both online as well offline. It is also important for you to read the guidelines carefully before filling the forms.

Here are the steps to register your project for RERA AP:

Step 1: Visit the official website of RERA AP. There go to the “Project Registration” under the Registration tab on the landing page. 

Step 2: Click on the “New Project” to register a new project under RERA AP or click on “Existing Project” to register an old project under AP RERA.

Step 3: Proceed by filling up the details on the form. For this form, the website will automatically generate an application number. Enter the PAN details. If the PAN details are already used or invalid, then there will be a message alert message displayed on the screen.

Step 4: As per the details of your PAN card, all the AP RERA registered projects under the name of that promoter will be displayed on the screen. Make sure you fill in all the required details with the utmost attention. 

Step 5: Then fill in your details of the bank account, along with uploading your latest bank account statement. 

Step 6: After entering the bank details, you will be asked to fill in the details of the promoter. These details include the father’s name, contact details, Aadhaar details, location details, GST number, license number, website details, etc. 

Step 7: Next, the AP RERA website will ask you to fill in details of the projects that have been launched in the last five years. Other details, such as the acknowledgment of tax returns for the past three years, litigation details, balance sheet, etc., will also be asked. You will also need to upload the relevant documents. 

Step 8: After entering all the details, click on the option “Save and continue”. Then, a dialogue box will appear with the message “Project details saved successfully”.

Step 9: After that, follow the steps and guidance of the AP RERA website and make the payment to successfully register the project under AP RERA.

How To Register Under AP RERA (As An Agent)?

Step 1: Go to the AP RERA website. There select the option “Agent Registration” under the “Registration” tab.

Step 2: Then, select “New” if you want to register as a new agent or “Existing” if you want to update your details.

Step 3: Then, a window will appear, fill in all the required details carefully and upload the documents asked by the AP RERA.

Step 4: Then, a window will appear where you will be asked to preview all the details and documents submitted by you. Check all the details and then p[roceed.

Step 5: Make payment asked by the website to complete your AP RERA registration process.

Applicability Of AP RERA

  1. The AP RERA Act is applicable to all new real estate projects with an area of more than 500 sq. meters or buildings with more than eight subdivisions. It includes plots, apartments, etc.
  2. AP RERA is applicable for all the underway projects (except the ones mentioned below) as of the date of AP RERA commencement, i.e., 01/05/2017.
  3. The handling of projects to the local body for that layout projects, such as open spaces, roads, services, and amenities.
  4. Laying down of slabs in the housing projects.
  5. Developmental projects are completed or the sales or deeds of up until 50% of the houses, flats, or apartments have been executed. 
  6. Completion of developmental work and filing an application to the competent authority for the issuance of Certificate of Completion/Occupancy.

Documents Required For AP RERA Registration

Applicant Documents
Real Estate Developers
  • Documents for information of the promoter (PAN card, Aadhaar card, passport size photographs, address proof, etc.)
  • Financial Statement declaration document (Audited sheet of balance, profit and loss statement, ITR, statement of cash flow, etc.)
  • Project information with all the fitting documents (details of land encumbrance, certificate of approval with the right authority, plans for development, plans for layout, details of the location, deed of title, certificate of structural stability, etc.)
  • Bank account details (the account where the funds for the project is saved)
Real Estate Agents
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Agent or entities’ contact details
  • Enterprise information (along with the address proof)
  • Details of litigations (If it is applicable)

AP RERA Timelines

Requirement Time Taken To Complete The Requirement
From the date of submission, issuance registration certificate of a project Up to 30 days
Complaint redressal from the day form is filled Up to 30 days
Withdrawal of project registration by the promoter Up to 30 days
Grievance redressal filled prior to the Appellate Tribunal Up to 60 days
Possession handing over by the promoter to the allottee Up to 2 months
Revoking the registration from the date of notice issuance Not a single day less than 30 days
Handing over of plans, documents, etc. to the association (after getting the certificate of occupancy) Up to 30 days
Allottee response time/agent/promoter after they receive the notice Not a single day more than 30 days
Creation of login ID after the registration of project (For deemed projects) On the same day
Change of Professional intimation (Architect/Contractor/Engineer/CA) Up to 7 days
Progress of work updates (On a quarterly basis) Within 7 days from the expiry of quarters.
Refunding the amount to allottee by the promoter from the judicial decision day by the judicial officer In 45 days
Filling up of any vacancy caused in the office of the chairperson or any other member (it includes the date from which the vacancy occurs) In 3 months
Intimation to the authority by the promoter when the allottee has withdrawn from that project Up until 30 days
Structural defects rectifications by the promoter after the intimation done by the allottee or the association of buyers Up until 30 days

AP RERA Registration Fees

Applicant Fees
Real Estate Agents Rs. 10,000
Other Than Individual Rs. 50,000

How To Check The Status Of Your Application Under AP RERA?

  • Visit the official AP RERA website.
  • There you will find the option “Registered”. Under this option, select “Project”.
  • There you can access all the AP RERA registered projects. Type the name of your project. The details of your project will be displayed on the screen. It includes whether the application is approved or not. And if not, then when will it be completed.

Also, if you want to download the list of projects, you can do it in the form of a word file or excel file. 

Steps To File Complaints Under RERA Andhra Pradesh

Step 1: Go to the official AP RERA website. There click on “Registration” and select “Complaint Registration” from the drop-down options. 

Step 2: Then, a form will appear. This form is Form C1 which you need to fill. Enter all the required details and upload documents related to the complaint. The documents can strengthen your stand, so make sure you have the right documents for the complaint. 

Step 3: Each page will have an option “Save and Continue”. Click on the option, and at last submit the complaint form. 

Grading Of Agents Under AP RERA

AP RERA is soon going to adopt a system that will be used to grade the real estate agents in the state. To make real estate smooth and transparent along with narrowing out the deficit of trust in the market. Agent grading will help the buyers to understand the importance of siding with a good agent. 

Earlier, the buyers used to believe in word-of-mouth to find a good agent. But now, they can access the genuine and efficiency of agents with the information made available to them by the AP RERA. With the information and documents submitted by the brokers during the registration to RERA AP, the grading of agents will soon start and boost accountability in the real estate market.

The grading will be based on the analysis of a few factors, such as details of real estate partners, legal cases, clearances, previous projects for which the sales have been facilitated by the agent, broker’s financial stability, balance sheet, and IT returns. Along with all these, the agency of the real estate agent will be under the surveillance of RERA during the tenure. 

RERA Andhra Pradesh Office Address


D.No:60-5-1, Y Tower,

Siddhartha Nagar 1st Lane,

Pinnamaneni Polyclinic Road,

Vijayawada – 520010,

Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh

To ask questions or for any query, contact the help desk by calling on  6304906011. They are available on all working days from 10 AM in the morning to 6 PM in the evening. You can also contact them by dropping your query and questions through the mail  helpdesk-rera@ap.gov.in 

Latest Updates about RERA Andhra Pradesh

September 2023

The RERA of Andhra Pradesh imposed a penalty of Rs. 42,000 on GCON Urban Builders in Vishakapatnam for violating certain norms. GCON Urban Builders is a real-estate builder in the state. 

Reportedly, Chetti Lakshmi Bhai (62), the widow of an Army Officer, had filed a petition against Gottumukkala Satyanarayana Raju of GCON Urban Builders. The woman had purchased a 1,997 sq. ft. apartment flat from GCON. However, GVMC issued the revised area statement to 1,825.5 sq. ft.

Thus, as per the RERA Act, the responsible authorities directed the builders to refund the excess amount charged. They were also instructed to carry out the necessary tasks in favour of the complaint. Additionally, a penalty of Rs 42,000 was charged to GCON Urban Builders for the same.

End Thoughts

RERA has a legacy of monitoring and managing real estate concerns state-wise. The operations have become more organised and data-driven, making the construction business more valid and legal. Hopefully, new projects from the renowned developer’s end have seen a sense of comfort, and the authorities know the mechanism of establishing a healthy infrastructure in different zones of the states.

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RERA Andhra Pradesh FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

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