Awe Inspiring places to visit in Mumbai

Mumbai is addictive and one just happens to fall in love with it again and again. Be its awesome culture, mouth-watering food, beguiling beaches, enrapturing spots and not to mention the zeal of Mumbaikar. They have it all. Here are some places in Mumbai that fall across its length and breadth and worth a visit-

Juhu Beach


When it comes to defining the beauty of the city, the beaches tends to surpass the visitors. It makes an ideal destination for the people who wish to spend some time in peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Juhu beach is a glittering jewel in the vibrant city of Mumbai located at Ville Parle at a distance of 18 km from the city centre. It is one of the most posh areas in the town as it is a home to most of the Bollywood celebrities. It is the best place to enjoy a walk in cool breeze amidst the hazy mist.

Sunset at Haji Ali

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Haji Ali is a famous dargah roosted on a small beautiful island connected right off the coast of Worli.  The shrine tends to share a strong spiritual connect from the people of Mumbai and beyond. It is also the best place to laze and gaze along the euphonic gushing of the sea waves. The utmost serenity in the atmosphere tends to rejuvenate breaking the dull mundane of horn blaring city. When dawn gradually sets in, the sunset casts a spell bound hue. The grandeur place offers an easy commute from Mahalakshmi station.

Elephanta Ride


A ferry ride on the Arabian Sea would be the most thrilling experience for those who love to dive in deep water. Ideal to have fun in water, it is also the best place to laze and gaze sitting in the wobbly boat sailing across the spouting sea. The first ferry journey begins at 9 in the morning from the Gateway of India and offers its last ride till 5:30 in the evening. After the fun ride, shopping from Crawford market which is located in Colaba, just a few distance away from the place will end your day well.

Marine Drive


Marine Drive located in South Mumbai is one of the most spectacular places to visit, the C- shaped roads along with the enthralling beach of Arabian Sea tends to pull a good number of crowd.  The boulevard is tactfully laid out carving three lanes in each direction connecting Nariman Point with Malabar Hills. Marine Drive is called the Queen’s Necklace in light of the fact that, if saw during the evening from an elevated point anywhere along the drive, the road lights look like a pearl necklace in a neckband. The glittering light splits in the hazy sky presenting a picturesque view leaving the people awestruck.

Hanging Garden


Hanging Gardens opposite to Kamala Nehru Park is an alluring garden beautified with large variety of flora and fauna. The garden marks its significance because of the animal shaped hedges which majorly fascinates the kids. The well planned pathways in the garden attract a good number of joggers in the morning. It is an ideal place to cherish some good moments with your family amidst the lush greenery and utmost tranquillity. It tends to break the dull mundane of the hectic life. It also serves as an amazing spot to get some photos captured with your loved ones.

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