Bangalore residences to have innovative digital ID

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In a novel move of sorts, every property in Bangalore, the IT capital of the country, will have a unique digital address. This will be accomplished within only a few more weeks as per reports. The project is being implemented by the BBMP and it is collaborating with Keonics for this purpose. This will be the digital identification number or DiGi-7. This project and the mobile app that accompanies it will be known by this nomenclature since every address will be easily identified with the 7-digit alphanumeric. Every combination of the numeral and letter will be assigned for particular areas, lanes, sub-areas and by lanes.

Numbers have already been allotted for close to 20 lakh properties which are within the limits of the city corporation. This covers properties which are both occupied and vacant. The 7-digit unique digital identification number will be a permanent one which will remain unchanged even if the ownership of the property changes in the future as per reports. The DiGi-7 numbers can be obtained by calling the BBMP call center or sending an SMS. They can also submit their PID (property identification number) by visiting the DiGi-7 portal or also downloading the DiGi-7 navigator mobile application.

This app will enable people to easily share unique property numbers with other people through WhatsApp, SMS and other applications. DiGi-7 does not cease to show from a few metres away from the specific location but will rather take one to the doorstep of the property. The BBMP has divided Bangalore into three grids, i.e. sub, main and micro grids for this project. The main grid covers more than 1 sq km and a sub grid covers 200×200 sq meters. The micro grid covers 10×10 sq metres. The number of properties within a micro grid are also allotted numerals, thereby creating a 7-digit ID.


Resident Editor