A Complete Guide To Investing

Complete Guide Investing

Complete Guide Investing in your life and it’s going to make things easy for you. Long, long ago, it was a challenge to know how to start a share market. Today, the challenge is how to start investing and how to stay long in profit. You must make your financial dreams come true and make your financial future quite secure. You must not let your wealth lie idle in the banks. You must have the skills and wherewithal to be wealthy. There are investment avenues of many types like stocks, mutual funds, fixed deposits, and so on. Rome was not built in a day. You can’t be wealthy in short term either. You have got to learn the tricks of the trade tirelessly. Some people began at zero and went on to become a financial hero. The road to success is not easy and not busy too. There are not many who tread the path to the zenith. Most of them wander in the wilderness of shortcuts and diversions. If you wish to climb up the mountain, you have got to start at the training school. The market itself is your school of learning and there are professionals out there ready to proffer their helping hands. You can avail yourself of the support in the exchange for some fees, but the ends will be sweet. You will enjoy the sweats of success because it tastes sweet.

All investment avenues are not friendly because they are just rank outsiders to you. You have to choose the way based on your goals of investment and your appetite for liquidity and risk. A risk appetite in the right proportion is going to be crucial to test you in the crucible of financial gain. You should be bang on the target and your efforts must be relentless. There should be someone to decide on the right option, and that special someone could be you also, provided you have the enterprise to give it a try and you may be burnt at the stake for being heretic. Yes, the stock market is merciless in executing the naïve and the credulous. You should be skeptical of the fault so that you begin doubting your shadows. There is no room for trust and misjudgment in this game. You’ve got to trust your elements and you must be in them to the verbatim.

Many dreams for getting to the opulence are weaved on the success stories doing the rounds. These pieces of stupendous super-success tales relate mostly to the share-brokers who know their craft so well. But, despite all that they have, most of them end up either in bankruptcy or in abysmal debt. If you’ve begun weaving your own story with the fabric of these flimsy tales of fortune, you’ll drive yourself into a blind alley.

Your risk appetite decides it all

Investments do carry a certain amount of risk and uncertainty. The volatility remains unpredictable and beyond measure. The rule is straight and simple; the greater is the risk, the higher is the return. Your investment may tank, your effort may go down the dark tunnels, and yet you may get a gleam of hope at the end of the tunnel, provided you do your work professionally. Your riches in the future count on the risk you are taking today. There are different levels of risk and so are different investments.

Complete Guide Investing Low-risk investments

Investors with low-risk abilities seek no volatility and they want it smooth and perfect. They won’t gain much but their investment remains relatively safer. The people who have retired from jobs and are the pensioners opt for low-risk investing. And they do it rightfully. They can’t afford to spend their hard-earned money to go down the drains. They are not be led to the garden path. For them, fixed deposits, government bonds, etc. are quite suitable. These avenues will suit them perfectly. Low-risk investments aren’t linked with the stock market movements; they are mostly affected by the movement of government policies on interest rates or the RBI repo rate with the banks. These are populist establishments with little or no chance of tilting in favor of the hazards. These safe investments usually have long-term lock-in periods.

Complete Guide Investing Moderate risk investments

For a moderate risk level and relatively higher returns, there are medium-risk options for investment. The risks are of medium level but the returns are on the higher side. The options are debt funds, index funds, balanced mutual funds, and so on.

There are debt and stability in these investments but there is some volatility that may eat up a portion of the principal. If you are eyeing regular incomes, these investments are not for you.

High-risk Complete Guide Investing

If you are market savvy, have a deeper understanding of the share market, and have a stronger tolerance for risk, this is for you. The risks are pretty high but the returns are stupendous. The examples are the stock market, equity mutual funds, etc. if you invest in these instruments and if you are market savvy, you must be knowing when to invest your money in the cauldron of volatility so that the gains will be much more than the losses.

Investment instruments in India to increase your savings

  • Stocks: It’s the best investment avenue for long-term investors who can wait and tolerate risk in the short-run. They can trade in the market where the stocks are traded by the daily traders.
  • Term Deposits: There is a good return with almost nil risk. It is the best in the market. You are going to get assured returns with interest with a sound knowledge your money is in safe hands. People who have a high investment appetite also invest in these instruments.
  • Mutual funds: Mutual funds are managed by professionals who are qualified and experienced. They are the fund managers. The money invested by you in them is well-spread in various market segments and industries. The rise and fall in one sector are evenly balanced by the investment in another sector. This strategy is the key to its success. This option is moderately risky.
  • Savings Schemes for the senior citizens: These are the vulnerable sections with the lowest appetite for risk. They want a secure and steady income for as long as they survive. The senior citizens get some raise in their returns by some timely corrections by the government keeping in view the dearness and inflation.
  • PPF: It is the most trusted investment avenue for all and it is the most secure too against all odds. Its interest is calculated annually. It is prescribed by the government and so it’s safer.

Top 10 Best Investment Options In India








Can be sold anytime



Fixed Deposit


7 days to 10 years

Premature exit


Mutual Fund





Senior Citizens’ Saving Scheme


5 years





15 years

Partial withdrawals**


*ELSS comes with 3-year lock-in         **Subject to conditions

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