DDA may merge 1 BHK apartments at its projects


The DDA (Delhi Development Authority) is reportedly planning to alter the designs of its 1 BHK apartments at two major housing schemes which are hardly finding any buyers. The DDA may consider merging these 1 BHK apartments to make them more attractive for homebuyers along with ensuring more space for residents to live in. The DDA may break down walls between two such apartments and make them into 2 BHK housing units.

As part of its 2017 housing scheme, the organization was offering 12, 617 apartments and the number of applications received stood at a whopping 46, 000+ as per reports. Yet, within just a month of these apartments being allotted for applicants who were successful, more than 3, 000 people surrendered their apartments. The draw of lots was used for choosing the successful applicants and most people who got 1 BHK apartments in areas like Siraspur and Narela surrendered them.

The huge number of requests for cancelling flat allotment has already touched 5, 661 with a majority of these being from the 1 BHK category. Applicants have given several reasons and the major one is the small size of these housing units along with the absence of necessary amenities. Several 1 BHK apartments were also surrendered in the 2014 DDA housing scheme. Those apartments were offered once again the scheme for 2017.

DDA is now considering options for transforming these units into 2 BHK apartments in order to draw more interest from homebuyers. Officials from the engineering and architecture divisions of DDA have reportedly started working on tweaking the layouts of these apartments in order to increase space and also adhere to development regulations. Two LIG apartments will thus be merged into a single MIG flat. LIG apartments usually have 33 sq. metres in carpet area which will now be 66 metres for a 2 BHK unit offered by the DDA. This could attract more buyers since these units will be more spacious.