File A Consumer Complaint Online in Consumer Court/Forum

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File A Consumer Complaint Online in Consumer Court

A complaint can be filed by an unsatisfied consumer in court against a service provider or a seller in case of faulty product delivery, improper service, or harassment. The Judiciary hearings are set up by the Government Of India to safeguard consumer rights.

How an investor can file consumer complaints?

There are various types of complaints that can be filed by a consumer by visiting the concerned consumer court and submitting the necessary documents. The consumer can also register a complaint online along with the necessary documents on Consumer Online Resource and Empowerment Centre ( which is a portal managed by the Consumer Co-ordination Council and is supported by the Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India.

How to register a complaint in consumer court in India?

The consumer complaint should be filed within two years from the date of the cause of action in the Consumer Court in India. Here is a step by step guide to register a complaint in consumer court in India:

Step1: A legal notice is first sent to the service provider by the consumer.
Step2: If there is no response or the service provider is not willing to offer the compensation, the consumer then has the right to lodge a formal complaint under the consumer protection act, 1986.
Step3: Then the copies of the material evidence and relevant documents are attached.
Step4: Choose the right forum for filing the complaint with the pecuniary jurisdiction
Step5: The consumer has to pay the court fees and submit an affidavit in the court.

What are the best websites for customer complaints?

Here are the top 5 websites where a consumer can complain against any product or service.

Consumer courts can help in real estate issues too?

Any consumer can lodge a complaint in the consumer court for any default pertaining to the real estate sector.
With these simple steps a consumer can file a complaint in consumer courts easily:

Step 1: Before filing a complaint, the consumer must issue a notice to the developer. As per the norms, a consumer must issue a formal notice to inform them about the unfair practices. If the developer does not respond to it then the consumer can approach the consumer court.

Step 2: A consumer can then register an online complaint against the developer by signing up here and filling the form.

Step 3: After filling the form the consumer is then required to pay the registration fee.

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