Gurgaon Rapid Metro: Route, Fare, Timing and other details

Gurgaon Rapid Metro

The Gurgaon rapid metro route has made commute much easier to and within the Gurugram, the Millennium City of India. How is it helping daily commuters? Let’s take a look! 

Travelling from Delhi NCR to Gurugram and even travel within Gurugram, is quite a task, which has been made easier now thanks to the Gurgaon rapid metro route. It takes time and we are all aware of the traffic conditions in Delhi – one minor glitch and the traffic can be stranded for hours on end. So, it is but natural that, with the coming of this metro, the burden of travel on daily commuters has decreased. 

Beginning of the project

People, who were commuting from Delhi to Gurugram, regularly or even weekly, were grappling various sorts of problems. Firstly, there was hardly any means of transport which would ensure that they reach their destination in a short time. They were dependent on private vehicles, autos or cabs and along with the traffic, travelling to and fro was a real time-consuming process. And on top of this, there was the terrible Delhi pollution. All in all – it was quite challenging for commuters. The travel of daily commute received a lot of relief when the Gurgaon Rapid Metro became operational in 2013 and the rapid metro route was announced which covered some key target points. 

This was just the first phase, which covered a total stretch of 11.7km system of transit. The second phase of the Gurgaon Rapid Metro, saw its expansion into other areas, this time covering other additional areas in 2017. Plans were underway to extend this project further in the third phase so that it would cover a total transit system of 17kms area. 

Facts of Interest:

Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd (IL&FS) was the organization behind the maintenance of the Gurgaon Rapid Metro which made it the only metro network in the world which was financed by a private organization but the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation took over the responsibility of maintenance on 22nd October 2019. There had been various reports of the metro route being shut down, owing to various difficulties, primarily because of which the change of hands took place.

The Route Covered, Connectivity and Fare

One of the key highlights of the Gurgaon Rapid Metro is the rapid metro route. It connects some of the most frequently travelled spots, forming a much needed seamless connection of locations which are used. Let’s take a look at the route that it covers. 

There are a total of 11 stations that the route covers and the journey time has been estimated to be something around 21-22 minutes. Considering the distance that it travels, it is quite fast. 

It starts off its journey at Sector 55-56, moving on to Sector 54 Chowk, then Sector 53-54, Sector 42-43, Phase 1, Sikanderpur Rapid Metro, Phase 2, Vodafone Belvedere Tower, IndusInd Bank Cyber City(Sector Road to Sector 56, Gurugram), Moulsari Avenue and then finally Phase 3. These are the stations or stops that the rapid metro route covers along the way. At the Sikanderpur Rapid Metro station, it connects with the main Yellow Line of Delhi Metro. Hence if you want to travel from Sector 55-56 to Adarsh Nagar, which is on the Delhi Metro Yellow Line, you will have to take the Gurgaon Rapid Metro from Sector 55-56, get off at Sikanderpur stop and from there take the yellow line Delhi Metro to Adarsh Nagar. It is quite many stops, but it will save you a lot of time and energy. There is a minimum fare that the rapid metro has, which currently stands at Rs.20, but it varies from the distance that you cover. 

Timing and the operational days

The Gurgaon rapid metro route is operational on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The first train becomes available at 6:00 AM and the last one leaves at 10:00 PM. The timing of the train remains the same for every day that it is operational. 

The technology behind this Rapid Metro

The technology that has been used is one of the most noteworthy features of the rapid metro. It has got a Flange lubrication system and Ballast-less track which helps in controlling the sound, smooth turning points, and controlled air pollution. Each of the train cars has sliding plug doors and electric bi-parting. Sometimes, the inside can get stuffy and be difficult for those who have claustrophobia. However, thanks to emergency fans, it helps in keeping the ventilation smooth and flowing.

The Clean Development Mission by the UN has been taken very seriously in the technological aspect of the Gurgaon rapid metro. Regenerative braking technology has been used, which helps to control the carbon emission made along the rapid metro route. The ATP/ATC system that is place helps in reducing the speed of the trains automatically when it comes to turns, which in turn reduces the amount of sound produced. And last but not the least, to ensure proper comfort, each of the train cars has the air conditioning mounted on the roof to ensure proper distribution of cool air. 

Gurgaon Rapid Metro Route

Additional features

 If you want you can turn your commute into a fun ride. If you want to celebrate with style and that too in a unique manner, then you can add the Gurgaon rapid metro to your list. It comes with its list of different services. Let’s take a look at some of them: 

Birthday on Wheels: If you have the birthday of a little one coming just around the corner and you want the celebrations to be done in style with a tinge of difference, then you can hire a train car, decorate it and celebrate the birthday there! Sounds, fun right? To make the bookings and get to know more about the process, you can get in touch with them through their social media platforms or call them at 0124-2800028. This way you can turn the entire rapid metro route into your celebration! 

Hassle Free-Ride: Well, if you want you can book an entire train car for one particular company or even a school event. Suppose you want to take the children from school for a picnic. Then to avoid all the hassle and make the process smooth throughout the rapid metro route, you can book an entire train car for the children. This is a feature that can be availed by various corporates as well. It helps in providing a more comfortable and hassle-free journey. 

Educational Programmes: Occasional education trips that explain the workings of the Gurgaon rapid metro are organized. This is a trip that can be booked by various schools for the benefit of the children. If need be, educational tours that are customized can also be arranged. It’s a fun way to learn along the rapid metro route!

The Gurgaon Rapid Metro is more than just a metro route. It offers convenience, helps in saving time and energy and more importantly, it offers great connectivity. Couple it with the additional features that you get, it is a truly unique experience on its own!