Home exchange plan offered by top real estate developer in Bangalore


Bangalore based real estate developer Puravankara Limited, has come out with a unique Home Exchange Plan for its customers who are looking to sell their homes and upgrade to another home. The exchange offer is available for 3 days between the 15th and 17th of June in Bangalore as per reports. The company will assist buyers in selling their current homes through an organized process and will help in planning funding for the new home acquisition.

As per reports, there is a large chunk of home owners in Bangalore who are looking to sell off their current homes in order to upgrade to larger homes in better locations. This is a natural occurrence given the rising disposable incomes and aspirations of home owners. This new scheme will be tailored to the needs of these sellers who wish to upgrade to a better home. There is huge interest amongst property owners in Bangalore for selling off and upgrading their realty possessions. However, the entire procedure of valuing property and resale is perceived as quite complicated and tiring by most owners.

Puravankara Limited will offer this added help in selling off the old homes prior to taking the buyer through the ownership procedure for his/her new property. Almost 8/10 residents in Bangalore, as per several studies, are currently considering reselling current homes and are not totally aware about the intricacies involved in the upgradation procedure to a better home and also aspects like finding suitable buyers for their current homes and valuation among other aspects. This Home Exchange Plan seeks to encourage customers to upgrade their real estate assets without holding back or losing interest on account of expected delays and other lags which are normally part and parcel of the process.