Home prices keep rising in Hyderabad backed by steady demand

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Hyderabad is one of the top real estate markets in the country and is witnessing steady demand for real estate which has led to an increase in home prices. Prices have gone up by 18.6% for housing units over the last 12 months which makes it one out of the top 5 cities globally to have seen such high increases in home values. It stands at the 4th slot amongst the top 150 global cities in terms of home price increases as per several reports. The list is headed by the city of Xian in China which saw prices going up by a whopping 20% in the residential housing category for this period.

The list has 6 Indian cities in the top 20 tally including Ahmedabad at number two with an increase of 19.6% in home prices and Hyderabad comes in at number four. There is Bangalore at the 5th position with an increase of 18.3% in home prices along with Surat at the 9th position with an increase of 13.2% in home prices. Pune comes in at 12th position with home prices having gone up by 12.6% while Mumbai comes in at number 17 with price increases of 11.5%. Hyderabad has recovered fully from the earlier slump in its residential housing category and demand has been boosted by its growth in employment, political stability, infrastructural projects and several policies unveiled by the State government.

Hyderabad is seeing residential values increase due to high demand which is increasing rapidly according to experts. The city is also being projected in the right manner by the authorities who are also emphasizing on infrastructural development and transformation of several areas into residential cum commercial hotspots. There are several policies like lowering of several tariffs such as nala charges and impact fees for high-rise buildings which have contributed towards growth in the real estate sector as per experts. With a booming real estate market, top real estate projects like Indiabulls Centrum, Lodha Athena and K Raheja Corp Vistas have come up in Hyderabad.

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