How the life of a real estate agent is made easier, thanks to tech

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Real Estate Agent

The life of a real estate agent is of blood, sweat, and unwavering perseverance. Wait what!! And we thought that real estate agents have it easy: earning six-figure commissions, working wherever they want, and having a laidback lifestyle.

Thing is it doesn’t matter to them what others think of real estate agents; It’s just that they work tirelessly with a glittering smile, armed with the gift of the gab, never missing an opportunity to lose a listing to a rival, and pretending things are going great. And at the end of the month get their due.

Overcoming notions and challenges

However, with the modern technological boost, the life of real estate agents has changed drastically. While technology is pegged as a force for good, it has put an added responsibility upon real estate agents to get accustomed to its nuances to take on the ways of the digital world with aplomb.

Today a gamut of mobile applications, online search systems and web portals have shrunk the efforts of a real estate agent needed to sell a house. In the digital age, buyers and sellers are already tech-proficient and can zero in on the right property in minutes. The real estate agent acts as a conduit between the real estate developer and the client to make the transaction seamless and close a deal faster.

Here a question arises. Why should they continue to earn the same high commission when their involvement is now much smaller than it used to be? The answer is here: as soon as buyers choose a property and want to look at it, they lose their power just there. A cooperation with a real estate agent becomes necessary to know the inside-out of a property and strike a price negotiation to get a good bargain.

How has technology refashioned the lives of real estate agents?

It is no secret that the right technological tools have upended the lives of Real Estate Agents. Besides enabling real estate agents to deliver more value via innovative ways to communicate between themselves, technology has taken off the stress realtors faced so that they can build lasting relationships with clients.

The right cohort of tools helps real estate agents reach and serve a larger number of clients in a shorter period. Using CRM & other automation tools, mundane tasks are automated, enabling realtors to focus on increasing the level of customer satisfaction and their own skills too.

With the help of AI and machine learning, agents can home in on the needs of their most prospective leads better and whip up strategies accordingly that will lead to faster closures. Availability of numerous data points and information at their fingertips are helping Real Estate Agents take informed and accurate decisions.

The recent pandemic has accelerated the proliferation of tech in real estate and realtors have benefitted big time. With the aid of virtual reality, 3D mapping, screen-to-screen video chats, and Digital Transaction tools, the tireless grind of a Real Estate Agent is compensated. His life has become more organized and efficient. He can give more time to his family now, enjoy the delights a household brings and earn more commissions by closing a far greater number of deals than before.

Sumit Mondal Content Analyst at Square Yards
Sumit Mondal Content Analyst at Square Yards