How will Noida’s real estate market be influenced by the Aqua Line of the Metro Network?


The inauguration of the new Aqua Line Metro gears up the real estate market of Noida to achieve new heights. Metro is one of the most convenient transport systems that were ever invented. Metro connectivity can change an entire city at every prospect. The development with metro has reached different heights especially in Noida. Before the metro started, Noida was a small city in Uttar Pradesh but after it got connected to Delhi, a lot of things changed. With the announcement of the commencement of the new Aqua Line Metro, Noida is about to hit another wave of development. With the date approaching and everything being finalised, the real estate market of Noida looks forward to massive development.

This metro project is one of the biggest projects by the Uttar Pradesh government where the line will connect Noida and Greater Noida. The estimated cost of the project is somewhere around 5503 crore INR. The belt of area that the line will cover is popular for affordable residential and commercial property. The Aqua Line metro hence will be a boon for the homebuyers and investors and definitely the real estate market. After the metro connects Noida and Greater Noida, there will be a surge of jobseekers due to the easy transportation. Not only jobseekers, even the surge of students will increase since there are quite a few colleges in Noida. With more people coming in, more residential property will be needed. This will increase the demand of the real estate market. Currently the companies prefer the commercial sector of Noida even though the costs are very high, but the other sides are neglected even with the rents being low. This is because of the low connectivity of Delhi to Noida and Greater Noida Expressway. Therefore with the aqua line metro even the commercial sector will have an effect. The residential real estate market will also have profits with the metro line connecting a larger area.

The Aqua line metro will start the service from Sector 71 Noida and will end at Sector Delta I in Greater Noida. The metro will pass through other sectors like NSEZ, 137,142,143,144, etc. While it passes through this stretch, it will cover a lot of area which is not accessed by investors and homebuyers because of transportation issues. Once the metro starts this low connectivity problem will be solved. The inauguration of the Aqua Line Metro will give a huge boost to not only the commercial sector of the real estate market but also will heighten the profit levels in the residential sector of the real estate market of Noida. This initiative by the Uttar Pradesh government is beneficial for a plethora of markets and people. The Aqua line Metro is brings with itself another huge wave of change when it comes to development. The impact of this new initiative is huge and profitable for the real estate market of Noida and is also highly beneficial for the society as a part of development.