Hyderabad Hits New Highs in the Real Estate Market

Hyderabad Hits New Highs in the Real Estate Market

Hyderabad, also known as Pearl City, has become India’s most popular investment and property-buying/renting destination. New urban projects in the city’s eastern reaches have contributed to the increase in the real estate market. The city has grown into a major pharmaceutical and biotechnology powerhouse in India, and not to forget that the IT industry in Hyderabad is one of the most significant global IT/ITES presences.

Major investments by buyers, investors, and tenants have been made in this beautiful coastal city because of its cosmopolitan atmosphere, affordability, and excellent connectivity. The major commuting options include buses, Metro, and MMTS light rail services that connect the city from the west part of the state to the far east.

In addition to the above attractive factors, the city is located at the crossroads of three major national highways: NH-7, NH-9, and NH-765. The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA), connected to all the major international destinations, is also the world’s fifth-best airport in the category of 5-15 million passengers.

According to the RBI, the region is the state’s largest contributor to GDP (gross domestic product) and the nation’s fourth-largest credit centre. Hyderabad’s economy is divided into four areas: central business districts, local business centres, sub-central business centres, and community business centres.

With all the attractive and alluring factors mentioned above, Hyderabad is a hard-to-miss city for real estate investment or purchasing a property.

IT Industry Pushes the Real Estate Market

Hyderabad’s IT industry growth exports have surged by over 26% to $1,83,569 crores in the fiscal year 2021-22, with approximately 1.50 lakh new employment created in the sector.

Minister K.T.Rama Rao also claimed that the State’s performance had exceeded all the expectations. While launching the 2021-22’s annual report of the IT Department, he specifically emphasised the fact that the IT industry in Hyderabad is on track to meet its growth targets ahead of schedule. Hyderabad’s performance not only solidified its place as India’s emerging IT powerhouse but has also managed to outperform several national IT exports. The IT growth drives the major Real estate investment in Telangana right now, which is expected to grow more with the approaching time.

In 2021-22, 1,49,506 jobs were created alone in IT companies in Hyderabad, India, which is the most in a single year since the state of Telangana’s inception. Last fiscal year, the number of jobs increased by 23.78 per cent.

The fascinating data presented above can give us a stark reality of the growing headcount in the new IT industry in Hyderabad, India. Since more and more job opportunities are being created by numerous MNCs, Unicorns, and other major IT players, the city’s footfall has increased to a new height. The increase in population is resulting in a sudden boom in the real estate sector. The real estate market in Hyderabad has been one of the country’s best-performing residential markets, which has increased sales by a whopping 142%, also the highest recorded since 2011. In current times, Hyderabad is one of the most popular real estate investment destinations in the country.

The city is home to some major Silicon Valley giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Micron, attracting the mainstream IT workforce who want to work with luxury and comfort at hand, which is a perfect real estate product can only achieve. The techies are keen on investing, purchasing, and renting better home spaces to enable their homes to be good workstations so that they can work in the Hybrid work model if a Pandemic-like situation arises anytime in future.

The following table shows the price ranges of various property types under the ‘rent’ and ‘purchase’ umbrella:


Rent Purchase
Type Low High Low High
Apartment ₹ 6000 ₹ 6 Lacs ₹ 5 Lacs ₹ 39.45 Cr.
Plot ₹ 10,000 ₹ 30,000 ₹ 5 Lacs ₹ 50.12 Cr.
Independent House ₹ 5000 ₹ 5 Lacs ₹ 15 Lacs ₹ 20.12 Cr.
Villa ₹ 10,000 ₹ 2.05 Lacs ₹ 10 Lacs ₹ 25.25 Cr.

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Why Hyderabad is an Investment-Friendly City?

Investors in Hyderabad see excellent returns on their investments, making the city a desirable investment location. Hyderabad has always had infrastructure that has kept pace with its growth. The city attracts large investments in both commercial and residential sectors due to its excellent socio-economic infrastructure. With its well-planned IT and telecom infrastructure, Hyderabad has embraced the chance. It checks all criteria for IT professionals and global IT industry behemoths.

The “T Hub” (Technology Hub) is an innate innovation centre and a complete ecosystem within the IIT Hyderabad campus, placed in Hyderabad city’s Gachibowli IT Hub. It fosters an environment of invention and cooperation by bringing together many start-ups under one roof. The vast land parcels around the Outer Ring Road provide an excellent connection to the airport and will shape Hyderabad’s future development. Overall, Hyderabad is set to experience tremendous expansion in the next years.

Most reputable builders in Hyderabad are constructing magnificent residential abodes to provide prospective buyers with a futuristic living experience. For example, PROVINCIA, a luxury lifestyle residential property by Rajapushpa Properties, has opened in Narsingi, near the Financial District. This property is an alcove of wonderfully constructed residences surrounded by gorgeous landscapes and waterscapes, built across a spacious 23.75 acres of land.

To sum up, according to all the data and recent research, the IT industry in Hyderabad is the major factor or the driving force behind the surge in real estate prices. It can be seen that IT growth drives the major chunk of investors in the real estate market in Hyderabad.

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