KMP Expressway to give NCR realty market massive boost


The KMP (Kundli-Manesar-Palwal) Expressway is set to give a huge boost to the real estate market in the National Capital Region (NCR). This is also called the Western Peripheral Expressway and spans 135 kilometres, starting from Kundli which is near Sonipat and linking to Palwal near Faridabad via Manesar which is near Gurgaon. There are four highways connected by this expressway, namely the National Highways 2, 1, 10 and 8 in the State of Haryana. The project will boost the NCR realty market greatly as opined by several experts and developers.

The KMP Expressway has already been inaugurated ahead of schedule by the Prime Minister of India and will boost multiple cities including Manesar, Sonipat, Palwal, Bahadurgarh and others. These are areas which are already seeing an increase in prices of property ever since the expressway was opened. The KMP Expressway links three States and four highways and will lead to considerable growth in surrounding areas from a real estate perspective. The New Gurgaon stretch will greatly benefit from new industries, commercial hubs and residential real estate growth.

Both commercial and residential realty projects around this zone should see price appreciation due to improved connectivity. Manesar is already growing into a major residential hotspot which is well connected to New Gurgaon. The average residential property prices are already on the growth path in this zone. Other areas like Palwal, Kundli and Sonipat are also seeing an increase in market rates. Kundli will soon have a metro railway link with the Delhi Metro being extended here as well. This will lead to 1.5.2 lakh jobs being generated in the region in the future. Sectors 82-83 are expected to benefit hugely along with other surrounding areas due to the connectivity benefits offered by the expressway, rapid development of infrastructure, contemporary residential and commercial projects, educational ventures and other industrial activities. Top projects nearby include Supertech Basera, Godrej Air Sector 85 and Mapsko Casa Bella Apartments among others.