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Land Conversion
Land Conversion Online

In Real Estate the process of converting agricultural land for industrial purposes is referred to as land conversion. In certain states, it’s also called DC (Deputy Commissioner) Conversion as the conversion is generally initiated by a deputy commissioner or the sub-divisional officer.

To apply for a land conversion certificate, one needs to submit a few documents. A conversion fee will be imposed on him/her accordingly.

Significance of Land Conversion Certificate

● Constructing a residential plot without permission is subject to severe official harassment. In case somebody builds a house marked as an agricultural plot the state has the right to desecrate it.

● As a result, before building a house in a plot which is classified as agrarian one must obtain a conversion certificate of necessity?

How to obtain a Land Conversion Certificate

Different states follow different conventions regarding conversion certificate. As an example, let us look at Karnataka.

Offline Method

Step 1: Approval from the Concerned Authority

First one must decide after weighing the pros and cons of whether to converse the land. Once Decided, Deputy Collector or Collector needs to be intimated. Some personal documents are mandatory. Details on land, which must be included, are the land record certificate, measurement plan, copies of the land map and mutation letter, among others.

Step 2: Verification Conducted by the Concerned Authority

After the application has gone through the authority will verify the validity of your claim on the land. Later an officer would come at the sight to check whether it is vacant or whether there is any legal dispute regarding the plot. In case of the dispute, the land conversion will be deferred depending on the duration of the dispute.

Step 3: Consulting the Development Authority

The sub-Development officer once the application is verified will consult with the development authority on the effect that the

Step 4: Getting Approved

If everything goes well, the CLU (Change of Land Use) application will be approved. However, you need to ensure CLU charges are cleared and also abide by the regulation that you will not be using the land for any other purpose. Also, you have to give information to the Tehsildar about the CLU within 30 days for necessary changes to be incorporated in your land record details.

Online Land Conversion Method

Step 1: Visit “Land Records Bhoomi” and go to the “How to Apply For Land conversion” page to create your profile. You need to type your name, desired ID and password, mobile number and Aadhar details.  Click on “Send OTP” button and you will receive a one-time password on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and captcha and click on the “Register” button to create your profile.

Step 2: After registration is done, you have to submit the current record of rights, and 11E sketch (applicable only if the land conversion application is within the same survey number), property mutation, tenancy and crops (RTC), and an affidavit.

Step 3: After you have completed submitting the document, your application will be sent to the Urban Development Authority. The officials will verify the land details with master plan.

Step 4: When verification, is done you are asked to make payment of fee online. Thereafter, DC will approve the application for conversion and sign the order digitally. You may download or take a printout of the duly signed order of conversion online.

To conclude, we can infer that the government has taken all the necessary steps to initiate the land conversion online process to where farm owners or landlords can convert their agricultural land into commercial land for marketable use. Land conversion online technique is a part of the nation’s efforts to progress its ease-of-doing-business (EODB) ranking. In the future, this development will fasten and make the land conversion process easy, comfortable for individuals planning to use farming land for commercial or residential development. Additionally, it will bring transparency and reduce occurrences of bribery and corruption in the system.

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