Major rebate in property taxes for Gurgaon property owners


There is a major development that has cheered up innumerable real estate owners in Gurgaon. The Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation in Gurgaon has officially confirmed that the property tax bill cum notice has already been uploaded on the corporation’s official site for the 2018-19 financial year.

Owners of homes in Gurgaon are happy that they will now get a 10% rebate on their property taxes provided they pay up before the 31st of July 2018. Online payment options are also available for paying property taxes which is a major plus point for several buyers who will naturally want to save time and energy in this regard.

This new development is being hailed as a good move on part of the Gurgaon Municipal Corporation by a large section of homebuyers in Gurgaon. The official website contains all other details relating to property taxes in Gurgaon. Details will also be available with the specific Regional Taxation Officers in various zones as per the Municipal Commissioner.

For paying property taxes, buyers can pay the amount online or access the Citizen Facilitation Centres. These are located in the office of the Gurgaon Municipal Corporation and help in seamless payment of property bills and taxes. This unique method of rebate will certainly draw more people out in terms of paying their property taxes in a timely manner.