New farmhouse scheme to be launched by Jaipur Development Authority


The JDA (Jaipur Development Authority) is slated to launch a new farmhouse scheme in close proximity to Jamwa, Ramgarh which falls within the ecological area. The farmhouse scheme was first mooted in the year 2006 but was junked thereafter since the JDA was anxious about lower demand from customers for the plots on account of the distance from the city. However, connectivity has improved hugely after 12 years and hence the JDA is planning to revive the scheme once again.

According to the proposal, the farmhouse scheme will be spread over 4, 32, 264 square meters of land and along with 25 farmhouses, a convention centre, swimming pool, yoga cum meditation zone and stadium will also be built in the scheme. The JDA will be building farmhouses in three sizes with the largest ones covering 5, 000 square meters while 3, 000 square meters will be the smallest possible size for farmhouses. The average size of plots will range between 3-4,000 square meters.

Officials have stated that the JDA has proposed registration of the farmhouse scheme as per the RERA guidelines before the time given by the State Government for the same. The launch is aimed at drawing revenue from plot sales. Owners can presently undertake construction on just 20% of farm land of 2,500 square meters provided this is the minimum amount owned. Srichand Kriplani, the urban development and housing minister, has reportedly sanctioned the proposal for enabling construction to take place in ecological zones.

According to this proposal, the department will also provide permission for building medical institutions and marriage gardens in this zone. The maximum height will be 8 meters for the construction of institutes in case the area is around 2 hectares and there is an 18-meter road. The same limits will be applicable in terms of height for construction of marriage gardens on 1 hectare of land located on an 18-meter road.

The JDA is preparing to launch this scheme soon though there are worries regarding any violations of the Rajasthan High Court order which states that no changes should be carried out in ecologically sensitive or green zones specified in the Master Development Plan during the operative tenor of the same. Sources have stated that the scheme was junked earlier on account of the violation of the Court’s orders. It remains to be seen whether JDA can successfully launch this farmhouse scheme this year.