Noida authority moves on to digital mode for property services

digital noida

In a people, friendly move, Noida has taken steps to go digital with property related services.  It conducted a soft launch of the services with 16,300 properties on 27th December. This included commercial, industrial, and institutional properties. The services included the open – ended industrial scheme for which online applications have been started. The formal launch was done on January 2, 2017.

Going forward people can expect fewer visits to the government offices as more properties and property services would have digital processes. Thus, anyone can through the internet get their work done. This move would also encourage transparent systems which are effective and are quick.

Upon tasting success with industrial and commercial properties, the authority now wants to move on to housing segment. This is expected to go live by February 2017. By April 2017 they aim to introduce 3rd phase of the project with group housing real estate. According to plans, the next phase would cover residential real estate and will go live by June 2017. Thus, in the next 5-6 months, almost all properties in Noida would be under the digital framework.

Property services to be included in the digital plan

  • Mutation of land
  • Lease rent deposit
  • Water bill payments
  • Completion and functional certificates
  • Permissions for mortgage
  • Transfer memorandum

Property owners would not only benefit with the reduction of red tape but also able to make required payments electronically. Especially as the government plans to bring up manual applications and requests to an online format. Also under consideration is satellite based property search and Online Building Map Approval Process System (OBMAPS) which will make compliance of building laws much simpler. These steps are not only smart and technology oriented but also futuristic in nature. They hold special significance as Noida has often set the bar higher for other cities to follow.