Elevate Energy Flow: North East Kitchen Vastu for a Harmonious Home

North East Kitchen Vastu

We need a good meal that fulfils our daily requirement for nutrients. And to have all the necessary nutrients, the right ingredients must be in the recipe. Similarly, According to North East Kitchen Vastu provides guidelines like these nutritious ingredients required for a kitchen design that brings positivity and harmony to your household. Just like planning your menu requires a lot of effort, planning a functional and Vastu-compliant kitchen design also requires much effort. We might not notice it, but a lot of people plan their kitchen in north east direction as per Vastu guidelines.

In Vastu Shastra (an ancient Indian architectural philosophy), there are proper instructions for a systematic kitchen design. Having a Vastu-compliant kitchen not only brushes off the evil energies but also brings positivity to the space. In this article, we will walk you through the Vastu guidelines for kitchen areas and do’s and dont.

As per Vastu, the kitchen should be located in Kitchen in north east direction, Vastu is not Vastu-compliant; this corner brings a  bad omen for the household. The kitchen in North east Vastu lies in the region of water element. According to the guidelines, cooking is linked to the fire element. Since fire and water are polar opposites, the fire element is not compatible with the energies of the water element. The kitchen position in north east as per Vastu zone, is therefore not auspicious. If you do not want this negative energy to affect your life, keep reading as we will cover some solutions for you. 

Comprehending the Importance of North East Kitchen Vastu

It is necessary to have a structured layout of the kitchen area, as it boosts the workflow. Hence, if you are looking for simple ways to make your kitchen an oasis of positive atmosphere, you have reached the right place. 

There is a myth that placing the kitchen position in North East as per Vastu area is wrong. It is often considered inauspicious. This is because this section is where God resides; hence having a temple in this section is advised. Therefore, the house’s north east kitchen Vastu corner is known as the Eshan corner.

In Vastu Shastra, it is believed that the Eshan corner of a house is the Lord’s corner. It is filled with beneficial and positive energies.  The negativity subsequently goes along the home, which has ill effects on inhabitants.

Understanding the Implications of Optimal Placement of the Kitchen in the North East

It is said that if the kitchen is situated in this area, it could bring plenty of problems, such as:

  • Finance-Related Troubles: The money you earn might be finished on unnecessary expenses, which implies that most of the capital will get wasted.
  • Cluttered House: The kitchen placement in the North-East corner makes the home untidy and messy. Your home will always be cluttered. It even ill affects the financial elements and health of the residents.
  • Study: The students cannot focus on their studies, despite putting in the effort. Regardless of the efforts put in, they get poor results.
  • Marriage: Finding a suitable partner for life is a tedious task. With the north east kitchen placement in Vastu placement, the arranged marriage could break for no reason.
  • Health: Maintaining good health is not easy in today’s unhealthy lifestyle. As per Vastu, people with a kitchen position in the north east could fall sick quickly and have expensive hospital bills and expenses.
  • Sorrow Nature: As per Vastu. Vastu experts have observed that due to the placement of the kitchen position in the north east corner of the house, a person’s mood also gets affected. 

Looking at The kitchen in North East Vastu remedies – Layout and Design

There are certain remedies suggested in Vastu. Vastu experts advise that if you follow these suggestions, you can remove the negative energies of the North East kitchen Vastu placement. Let us look at them one by one:

  • You should place the cooking stove in the South-East part of your kitchen.
  • You should place the North-East part of the kitchen vacant, neat and tidy. In case you can then incline the house towards the North-East section.
  • It is advised to keep the windows (in the north east kitchen Vastu direction of the kitchen) open all the time. Also, you should install an exhaust fan with a round hole in the wall of your kitchen.
  • If you can, you should expand the north east kitchen Vastu part of your kitchen to the East/ North side. You can build a prayer/pooja room or a washroom in this expanded area.
  • If there is not much space left, you should put a Goddess Annapurna’s portrait in the ideal placement of kitchen, i.e. in north east part. You also have the option to put a pyramid in this corner. 
  • You can change the colour of your kitchen walls. The Vastu experts have observed that blue colour or a shade of lemon yellow brings positivity to a household. 
  • Now, coming to the existing room in the southeast corner of your house. Here, you should put a table/stool in the southeast section. You should boil milk/ cook a meal daily. It will generate semblance in your house. 
  • Vastu tradition advises people to put Siddha Vastu Kalash in the north east corner and pray to Lord Shiva every day.  
  • Vastu experts advise you should place three bronze bowls in an upside-downward position. As per Vastu, you could do it in a way that it is closer to the kitchen ceiling. Place the first bowl in the optimising north east kitchen Vastu benefits, direction and the second one towards the left of the first one and the third one towards the right of the first bowl. It is advised to ensure that these are not above the gas stove. 

Kitchen Tips To Balance the Elements for Harmonious Cooking

In Vastu, the five elements of nature (Fire, water, air, earth and space)  play a significant role. When the five elements are in synchronisation with each other, they bring favourable outcomes. In the kitchen, when these five elements are synchronized, the food cooked here is nutritious. If you want to have all the elements in a balanced form, then you should remember the below-mentioned tips:

  • A kitchen in a house’s East and Southeast direction brings favourable outcomes in your life.
  • The east direction is the best for placing a gas stove. 
  • A green-coloured stone slab brings a balance to the element of air. This is because the green colour is the element of wood. 
  • The drinking water (water purifier etc.) should be placed in the North direction. This is because the north direction is of the water element. Also, if the sink is placed in the north direction, it should always be kept clean.
  • You should avoid placing the sink and gas opposite to each other. In case, these two are kept closer, you can place a laborite rock stone between them. 
  • The west direction is optimal for the placement of the fridge. 
  • You should put the crockery in the southwest direction. 
  • You must not have the pooja/ prayer room in the kitchen.
  • Northwest is ideal for the placement of the breakfast table. 

What are the North east kitchen colour as per vastu?

Choosing the right color for your kitchen area is very important. These colors look aesthetically pleasing and affect the energy as per Vastu. Hence, we will mention all the suitable North east kitchen color as per vastu benefits. As per Vastu, it is advised that painting your kitchen with these colors will bring positivity in your household. So, without further ado, let us get started:

  • Red – As you have read above, the south east direction is ideal for the placement of the kitchen. Since, this direction represents the fire element, the same as the kitchen, red is the perfect color for kitchen cabinets, shelves, countertops etc. Red represents very auspicious fire. Thus you should have shades of red in your kitchen.
  • Orange – This colour is very vibrant and radiates warmth. It goes perfectly with the fire element. Selecting this color will bring peace and prosperity. 
  • Green – This colour is a Vastu-compliant colour. The shades of green bring a refreshing appeal to the kitchen area. 
  • White – According to Vastu, white colour is the colour of purity. It is considered sacred to have white colour incorporated into the kitchen. 
  • Yellow – This colour lightens the mood and gives the kitchen a sense of security. You can paint the kitchen with several shades of yellow as it is an auspicious colour as per Vastu. 

The Correct Lighting in the Kitchen

In Vastu, lighting plays an important role in managing the energies of the space. Also, proper lighting is essential while working in the kitchen, as it affects your ability to work efficiently. Therefore, you should follow the Vastu guidelines to have good lighting in the north east kitchen Vastu. 

The southeast direction is considered ideal for the positions of lights. Having the lights placed at the centre of the ceiling is also advised. As per Vastu, the natural light should come from your kitchen’s east/ north direction. In case you have bad lighting, you can add:

  • Bright lights
  • Artificial light
  • Install a mirror 
  • Use yellow colour in the kitchen 

Following these measures will wash off the negativity from your and Vastu remedies for north east kitchen. 

Good Storage Solutions for an Organized North East Kitchen 

What is interesting about Vastu is that it helps you to create a well-organized kitchen space. And who does not want a functional kitchen? Well, no one. Therefore, as per Vastu, it is advised to have: 

  • Built-in, clutter-free cabinets and shelves.
  • Horizontal storage is better than vertical one. 
  • The south or west direction is considered ideal for placing these storage cabinets. 

So, if you construct your kitchen following these measures, it will be well-organised, structured, functional, and Vastu-compliant. Hence, follow the above-mentioned tips to bring optimal energy to your north east kitchen Vastu.

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Is north east kitchen Vastu good?

No, a kitchen position in north east as per Vastu corner brings problems to the household.

What happens when the kitchen is in north east direction?

When a kitchen position is in the north east direction as per Vastu, it brings financial, mental, emotional and physical troubles. It burns the existing positive energy and transforms it into a bad omen.

What are the Vastu defects in the north east?

There are not any defects in the north east kitchen Vastu direction. It is known as God’s direction in Vastu. Hence, a kitchen in this direction brings bad luck to an individual or a household.

Which metal is north east kitchen Vastu?

Vastu guidelines for North east kitchen direction symbolizes the water element. So, metals such as Copper, Stainless Steel, and Aluminium should be avoided.

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