Mirror Vastu : A Complete Guide For a Peaceful and Happy Life

Mirrror Vastu

Making your home Vastu-compliant is important. Mirror Vastu at home, is crucial, as it holds tremendous power to capture the energy flow. Vastu Shastra says that a mirror is an essential decor element, as it brings positive energy to your home. Moreover, Vastu Shastra experts also state that a mirror can stagnate the energy flow in your place.

Properly positioned mirrors welcome growth and prosperity at home. While sucking up the negative energy, it also helps promote good health for the residents. In this article, discover the correct mirror placements at home as per Vastu and the mirror should be in which mirror vastu direction to ensure that you reap its benefits to the fullest.

Benefits of Mirror Vastu for Home and Office

mirror vastu at home and office

The mirror is not just a beautiful addition to your home interior decor, it can also be highly beneficial for the correction or improvement of the Vastu of your home, shop, or office.

According to Vastu Shastra, the maximum energy enters the house through the main entrance door. Mirror in front of door Vastu plays dual functions in this case. They attract positive energy to the space and repel the negative energy. But, the functionality of a mirror depends on two things – the placement of mirrors and the concave or convex nature of the mirror.ย 

Below are the benefits of keeping the mirror in-home or office:

  • Mirrors according to vastu help double prosperity and improve health by attracting positive energy. The reflection on the mirror should be either of food, cash, or a beautiful view that can help in doubling it.
  • As per Vastu, a mirror attracts good energy.
  • At the same time, the mirror absorbs the negative energy from the space.

Bedroom Mirror Vastu

Bedroom Mirror Vastu

As per Vastu Shastra, the master bedroom in the home should be located either in the south or the south-west direction as it is dominated by the earth element. The mirror is a water element that is associated with instability in Vastu. So, it is advisable not to place a mirror in the bedroom. It is because the mirror will interfere with the earth element and will lead to chaos.

You should not place a mirror in the bedroom as per Vastu Shastra to instil a good and peaceful environment in the room. But, if you have to keep a mirror in the bedroom attached to the dressing table, make sure it is not facing the bed or reflects the person on the bed.

Vastu suggests that the mirror according to vastu should either be covered or concealed by the wardrobe or with a cloth when it is not in use. Also, the mirror direction as per Vastu, should not reflect the entrance of the door.

At the same time, you should avoid designer beds that have mirrors attached to the headboard. It causes restlessness to the occupants. If you add a mirror to the false ceiling, it will reflect the bed and floor, which is against the rules of Vastu Shastra.

One should always avoid such arrangements, as they can cause stress. Also, avoid placing rusted or broken mirrors in the room. The mirror vastu direction in the bedroom should be either in the northern or eastern wall of the bedroom.ย ย 

The ideal mirror direction, as per Vastu, is to keep the dressing table at the side of the bed.ย 

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Kids Bedroom Mirror Placement as Per Vastu

kids bedroom vastu design

Make sure not to place a mirror in front of your kidโ€™s bed in their room. Placing it in the wrong direction can cause restlessness as the mirror bounces the energy around the whole room.ย  Wrong mirror placements can create strange illusions, which, in turn, can eliminate the positivity from the space.ย 

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Mirror in Living Room Vastu

Mirror in Living Room Vastu

If the main entrance door opens into the living area of your home, avoid placing mirrors in front of that space. It is because the mirror will reflect the good energy out of the home. However, you can place a Vastu mirror at entrance above a console table to add a welcoming touch to the foyer.ย 

Mirror placement as per Vastu on the opposite wall of the window (either on the north or east wall) in the living room will maximize the entrance of positive energy as well as lighting in the afternoon.

If the view from your living room window is beautiful, then you can place a mirror opposite it so that it reflects the scenery and replicates it inside your home, creating a positive and blissful aura.ย ย 

If your dining table is in the living room, as per mirror placement Vastu, its position should reflect the dining table, symbolizing the doubling of food and wealth. Additionally,ย  the reflection of the whole family in the mirror while having a meal further helps promote prosperity, love, and affection between the members.

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Bathroom Mirror Placement as per Vastu

Bathroom Mirror Placement as per Vastu

ย A mirrors according to vastu should be placed in a well-lit area in the bathroom. Placing the mirror against the light will make it dark, and you will be unable to see in it. The Vastu mirror placement should either be on the east or northern wall of the bathroom.ย 

Adding a full-length mirror on the door is a good idea but make sure it is affixed carefully. Avoid placing mirrors opposite the toilet as it can increase the flow of negative energy in the home.

Clean the mirror placed above the washbasin regularly, as it can easily get stained with water marks. Keeping the mirror dirty attracts negative energy. Also, avoid sticking anything on the mirror, such as bindis, stickers, etc.

Offices and Shops Mirror Placement as per Vastu

If you have a locker for cash in your office or shop, try placing a Vastu mirror in front of it. It will help in attracting wealth and doubling prosperity. You can also add a mirror inside the cash locker, as it will directly reflect the cash kept inside.

Keep the mirror stain free by cleaning it on a regular basis. The mirror in your office or shop should never reflect a distorted image of the cash locker as it can bring ill effects on your growth and prosperity. Also, mirrors, as per Vastu, should not reflect your work desk, as it can lead to a doubling of workload.

Mirrors are an important factor for a shop decor, according to the Vastu design. Shops of jewelry, watches, and clothes, among others, have large mirrors attached to their walls. Ensure proper mirror direction while designing the shop or adding mirrors in it.

Also, if there are extended corners in your shop, do not try to place the mirrors there, as the unequal corners will lead to an unequal flow of energy. The mirror direction, as per Vastu, should be in the direction of water elements, which is either north or north east.

The placement of mirrors in shops and stores can give the illusion of a large number of customers and products. Also, the mirror direction, as per Vastu, in the trial room should either be in the eastern or northern walls of the shops.

Remedy for Mirror on South Wall

  1. Cover the Mirror at Night: Covering the mirror at night is a common practice in Vastu to prevent the reflection of negative energy during the hours of sleep. Use a curtain, cloth, or any decorative cover to conceal the mirror when not in use.

  2. Use a Vastu Mirror: If possible, replace the existing mirror with a Vastu mirror, which is believed to neutralize negative energy. Vastu mirrors are often designed with specific patterns and energies to counteract any adverse effects.

  3. Placement of a Plant: Introduce greenery by placing a healthy, vibrant plant in front of or near the mirror. Plants are considered to have positive energy and can help balance the energy in the space.

  4. Symbolic Remedies: Place symbols or images that are considered auspicious in Vastu, such as Swastik or Om, on the mirror or the surrounding area to counteract any negative effects.

  5. Use Drapes or Curtains: Hang curtains or drapes around the mirror to soften its presence. This not only adds a decorative touch but also helps in reducing the intensity of the mirror’s reflection.

  6. Metallic Enhancements: Place a metallic object, such as a metal frame or border, around the mirror. Metal elements are believed to have a stabilizing effect and can help balance the energy.

Mirror According to Vastu Outside Home

As per Vastu mirror tips, placing the mirror on the outer parts of the home, like your lobby, balcony, etc., can increase the flow of positive energy inside your home. Make sure that the mirror placement reflects the spectacular outside view. A correct mirror position and direction enables abundant light and energy reflection into your space.

Wall Mirror Placement as per Vastu

Wall Mirror Placement Tips and Effects
Mirror on North Wall Avoid using square-shaped mirrors.
Mirror on East Wall Avoid using round-shaped mirrors.
Mirror on North-East Wall An ideal direction for placing rectangular or round-shaped mirrors.
Mirror on West Wall Vastu An ideal direction for round and square-shaped mirrors.
Mirror on South-East Wall Avoid placing mirrors in this direction of the wall.
Mirror on South Wall Do not place a mirror in this direction of the wall.
Mirror on South-West Wall Placing a mirror in this direction of the wall causes disharmony among the family members.

Do’s and Don’ts of Mirror Placement as per Vastu

  • Place mirrors up to four or five feet above the wall or ground.
  • The placement of mirrors or other glass showpieces/reflective surfaces should be in the eastern or northern walls.
  • All reflective surfaces, like tabletops, televisions, should be placed in the southeast corner of the space. If it is possible, keep the reflective surfaces covered when not in use.
  • Keep all the reflective surfaces clean all the time. Keep the mirrors stain-free so that anyone can see the reflection clearly.
  • Make sure the mirror is not leaning forward when placed against the wall. Hang the mirrors straight against the wall.
  • Placing the mirror near the staircase as per vastu is not good.
  • Do not add mirrors to the kitchen. Also, avoid the placement of mirrors that reflect the kitchen area or the gas stove.
  • Always add translucent mirrors for windows and doors, not transparent ones.
  • Mirror placement is one of the most important factors to be considered while designing a study room, As per vastu so, keeping a mirror near the study table will negatively affect the concentration.ย 
  • Avoid placing two mirrors opposite each other, as it causes negativity in the family. Always keep two mirrors in different rooms or far away from each other.
  • Always hang the mirror instead of placing it on the floor or surface.
  • Always choose rectangle or square-shaped mirrors over round or oval-shaped mirrors.
  • If you have a spectacular view outside the window, place the mirror in a way that reflects the outside view. It will replicate and double the positive energy and beauty of nature inside the space via reflection.
  • You can also place a mirror that reflects the dining table. It will eventually symbolize the increase in food and attract wealth to the home.
  • For bathroom mirrors, make sure there are enough lights for proper reflection in the mirror.
  • Add wooden frames to the mirrors.
  • Avoid adding transparent window panes to your home.
  • If there is any cut in your home, try to place the mirror in that direction.
  • Place reflective decorative items, such as lights, mirrors, clocks, showpieces, etc., only on the northern or eastern walls of the home.
  • You can even correct and decorate specific corners of your room with two mirrors. However, ensure they have no distortions between them.
  • Keep the reflective items and mirrors clean all the time. Also, make sure that the mirror shows a clean and clear reflection of anyone in front of it.

All About Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors

The Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors have eight trigrams with an octagonal wooden frame. This Chinese amulet is believed to eliminate all the negative and bad energies, evil eye, and bad luck. It is also believed to bring in a positive aura to your home. Feng Shui experts have designed the Bagua mirrors based on the calculations of the number of Kua as well as with the exact date and year of birth, etc. Bagua mirrors are placed depending on the direction of the building. Baguas have the ability to protect homes from all kinds of negative energy.ย 

Mirror shape as per Vastu concave or Convex?

As per the beliefs of the Vastu mirror, the convex mirror is said to reflect back the negative energies that are coming towards your home. It is one of the best and most commonly used remedies of Vastu. Hang the convex mirror outside your home and above the entry door. It will help in dispelling the negative energy that is coming towards your home.

Feng Shui says that there are different uses of both concave and convex mirrors. While the convex mirror repels, the concave mirror sucks in the negative energy and neutralizes the power.

Place the convex mirror in front of the doors or windows of your home to reflect back the negative energy. Convex mirrors promote an endless bounceback of negative energy.

Use a concave mirror when you want to neutralize the negative energy that is present or coming towards your home by getting it absorbed in the mirror.

A concave mirror is a better choice and most preferred, as it takes in the negative energy instead of throwing it back into the other environment and affects those who live in these negative surroundings.

Right Mirror Direction as per Vastu

  • As southeast is the direction of the fire element, placing a mirror direction as per Vastu will increase the chances of arguments and quarrels.
  • Placing mirrors opposite each other results in a volatile negative energy flow in the space.
  • Placing the mirror to face north or east reflects away positive energy from entering the space.
  • Mirrors positioned to face the bed lead to health problems for those living in that space.
  • Placing a mirror at the entry gate of the house reflects back the positive energy and stops it from entering the house.

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Which direction should a mirror be placed?

As per Vastu Shastra, it’s recommended to place mirrors on the eastern or northern walls of a house, and avoid placing them on southern or western walls.

How should one keep hand mirrors in the cupboard?

To comply with Vastu Shastra, it’s advisable to keep handheld mirrors face down when not in use, and store extra mirrors with their reflective side facing the wall or floor and covered with a thick cloth.

Can one hang mirrors in the puja room?

It’s recommended to avoid placing mirrors in the puja room, as they can magnify the surrounding energy and disturb the peaceful ambiance of the room, as per the Vastu Shastra.

Can mirrors be used on the ceiling designs as per Vastu?

According to Vastu Shastra, using mirrors on false ceiling designs should be avoided as they can create stress and have a negative impact on the occupants.

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