Overview of student accommodation in Chennai

Chennai houses some of India’s top ranking research and higher education institutes. These include universities set up by the Central government, State government and private colleges, totaling around 350 in number. The annual enrollment of students in Chennai is estimated to be above 4,50,000 in number. Many such enrollments are from students domiciled outside Chennai. If we break up the data, it is estimated that about 70% of students enrolled are outstation students and 3% of the total are foreigners.

An overview of housing options for students in Chennai

Rented homes

This option is sought after by the foreign nationals who share their finances and prefer to rent out a complete home. However, it is not easy for them as property owners in Chennai are reluctant to rent out their apartments or homes to foreigners and even bachelors. Those who do rent out, are often found to be revising rentals frequently. Advance rent also makes it an expensive option to live in.

College/University Hostels

In Chennai, most of the institutes allocate hostel rooms on a first come first serve basis. Demand is usually always higher than actual supply. Although the institutions have increased other academic facilities and intake over time, the facilities are not at pace with rising student population. Some hostels have been found to be lacking in basic facilities like drinking water and hygienic food.

Paying Guests Accommodation

Paying Guests Accommodation or P.G. is quite popular in Chennai. Although it caters more to the young professionals working in the city, students too find it suitable for their needs. Out of all other options, this one is the most cost-effective housing option for students.

Private hostels

Unlike other cities, Private Hostels have not gained popularity in Chennai. As of now the authorities don’t have any registration or licensing for hostels. So, it is a highly unorganized segment, with problems similar to college hostels.

Clearly, the demand for quality housing in an organized way is way higher than supply.

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