Procedure for filing a complaint in consumer protection act

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Procedure for filing a complaint in consumer protection act

A dissatisfied consumer has the legal right to file a complaint in the consumer court, if the consumer has any grievances about the product quality, service or a brand to seek redressal.

Consumer Court Complaint Format
A consumer complaint shall consist of the following details and in the right format:

1) Foremost step is to issue the notice before filing the complaint.
2) After issuing the notice fill all the particulars specifically narrating all the relevant facts in the consumer court complaint format mentioned below.
3) Always remember to attach the copy of the bill, copy of warranty/guarantee card and proof of payment made if any.
4) Also attach the copy of the notice and other communications like e-mail, SMS etc.
5) The complaint should have the signature of the complainant or his authorized agent

Sample Consumer Complaints

COMPLAINT No.__________ OF
(Name and address of the complainant) Complainant
(Name and address of the opposite party) Opposite Party

Procedure for consumer complaint at a Glance
A Consumer can lodge a complaint either in a written format or in electronic mode online to the District Collector, the Commissioner of regional office or the Central Authority. A consumer can approach the District Forum, State Commission or the National Commission in case of any violation of consumer rights.
Moreover, if not fully satisfied with the order passed by a Consumer Court, the consumer can file an appeal in the higher Court.

1)The first step before filing a consumer complaint is to determine the territorial and pecuniary jurisdiction of the complaint.
2)After determining the jurisdiction of the complaint the consumer then has to send a legal notice to the opposite party.
3)After sending the legal notice if there is no response from the opposite party, a complainant can file a complaint in the respective consumer redressal forum. The procedure for filing the complaint is similar for all the District Forums, State Commissions and National Commissions.

Fee for Consumer Court to file the case
A consumer complaint can be filed in the District Forum if the claims for goods and services does not exceed Rs 1 Crore. Where the value of goods and services is between Rs. 1 Crore and 10 Crore, the complaint can be filed in the State Commission whereas if the value of goods and services exceeds Rs 10 Crore, a consumer complaint can be filed in the National Commission.

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