Real estate to get a boost near Dakshineswar in Kolkata

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The Dakshineswar Skywalk has officially been opened in Kolkata, thereby providing a major boost to real estate in surrounding areas like Belghoria, Bali and areas situated along the Belghoria Expressway. The skywalk has been designed by DFI, the reputed architectural firm and will be relocating more than 200 shops which are currently running on the Rani Rashmoni Road.

The Dakshineswar Skywalk measures 380 metres and 10.5 metres in terms of length and width. This links the Dakshineswar Kali Temple and the Dakshineswar Railway Station with ease. The skywalk builds a connection between the entrance gates of the temple compound and traffic rotary. There are provisions for 14 escalators and 8 staircases along with four elevators.

There will be provisions for several plazas on the skywalk which integrates shops, the walking concourse, elevators and escalators with the railway footbridge. There are separate non-motorized and motorized traffic lanes. KMDA (Kolkata Municipal Development Authority) is the executing agency for this project by the West Bengal Government.

Construction commenced late in 2016 and the skywalk follows a design template of a tube that is positioned above a platform which is supported by two legs. Temple motifs have been deployed as references, particularly in terms of artwork. Areas around Dakshineswar are also seeing a real estate boom due to the announcement of the Kolkata Metro Line 1 till Dakshineswar from Dum Dum back in the 2010-11 period. Work is ongoing although there were encroachment led delays.

The metro station is being developed alongside the Dakshineswar railway station. The metro line may become fully functional by early 2020 as per reports. This will be a major boost for those living in and around the area. Real estate projects near the Belghoria Expressway should benefit including the likes of Ganges Puja Ganges Uttarpara, Merlin Maximus Sodepur and Space Club Town Gardens Belghoria.

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