Rent Agreement Format: A Sample With Reference

Rent Agreement Format

Homeowners or tenants of residential properties can use the lease format. It is signed by the tenant and the landlord, indicating that they agree to the conditions set by the landlord. This is a legal document with legal effect, and the court can reference it in case of disagreement. The rent agreement must be printed on non-judicial seal paper worth 100 rupees or more. Usually, two copies of the document are copied, with each party (tenant and landowner) retaining one of the original copies. Well, to make you acquainted with the comprehensive rent agreement format, Square Yards is here with a sample of the lease agreement. 

Have A Look At The Rent agreement Format In Word

This Rent agreement is hereby implemented at ____________ on this ________ day of ___________ between:

________________ son of _________________ R/o ______________________ (hereinafter referred to as First party/landlord) this term would include his heirs, successors, legal representatives etc.


_________________ son of _________________, resident of _________________________________ (hereinafter called the tenant/Second party) of the other part, which expression shall mean and include his heirs, lawyers etc.

The premise is in the possession of the owner who is the first party with residential House of Flat No. _____________________________________ and he has agreed to let out the said flat as monthly rent basis to the second party /tenant.

Now, This Deed Of Tenancy Incorporates The Following:

1.The lease contract is initially signed for ____________ to_______ and can be extended from time to time through a mutual agreement between the owner and tenant.

  1. The rent payable by the Tenant to the House owner or his authorized person, in respect of the said property, will be Rs. _______ /- (___________________________ only) per month which will be paid on or before every next month in addition to the above mentioned two immovable property maintenance charges payable to ___________________ Association by the Tenant every month.
  2. The Tenant has paid Rs. ________/- (Rupees _______________________ only) as interest free rent advance, the receipt of which is acknowledged by the house owner by these presents. This advance amount will be returned to the tenant by the house owner when vacating the premises after adjusting the dues such as rent, water charges, maintenance charges and electricity dues, apart from the cost of damages, if any.
  3. The house has a separate conventional three-phase internal power connection. The tenant will pay the electricity bill for the distribution board based on the meter reading shown on the card.
  4. The organization’s property taxes, and water and sewage taxes are paid by the landlord. However, tenants must pay for water usage occasionally, and the operating costs related to the tenant’s use/consumption.
  5. The fittings and fixtures on the property are in good condition, and the tenant returns them to the owner of the house intact. The actual costs of normal wear and tear and any damage before the house vacates will be paid by the tenant to the house owner.
  6. The tenant has agreed to guarantee a “minimum stay” of six months. The tenant decided to notify the house two months before vacating. If less information is available, the tenant agrees to pay two months’ rent to the homeowner. The landlord has decided to give the tenant two months’ notice and during that time – the minimum stay clause will not be considered.
  7. The Tenant shall not sublet or sublet the house of the rented apartment in whole or in part. The rented house is only for the tenant and his family to live in and shall not be used for other commercial or illegal purposes.
  8. The tenant has agreed to keep the house’s premises (including the surrounding area) clean and hygienic and has chosen not to take any measures that may cause irreversible/structural damage/changes without the landlord’s prior consent.
  9. The apartment owner has the right to inspect the living space in person or by other authorized personnel when necessary.
  10. The tenant has agreed not to keep pets in the house.
  11. The tenant has agreed to hand over the front door key (number), bedroom key (number), light bulb (number) and accessory light bulb (number) to the homeowner together with the EB card at the vacating of the house.

Rental Agreement Format Pdf

We can change the conditions according to our agreement with the tenant/landlord. If not registered, this lease is invalid. A notarized contract does not mean that it has been registered. Renters must pay stamp duty and registration fees when renting a house.

Different states may also have different rules for collecting fair rent, that is, the amount that tenants can expect to rent the property. You need to make sure you understand the fair rental rules in your area to determine how much you can charge. Various states and territories have different rent control laws, and some may have different regulations for cities.

Wrapping Up

To avoid all troubles, please make sure to list all the contract terms in your rent agreement format. It may seem intimidating at first glance, but it is always helpful to provide a written, oral agreement. In case of a dispute, you can use the rent agreement format in word or pdf as it works as a piece of evidence. If necessary, consult a lawyer before signing the rent agreement. Hiring a broker may not be a bad idea. Today, availing of online services provided by real estate agents can also rectify this challenge.