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lockdown offers by top developers

If you aren’t living under a rock of late, you must have heard about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which has unleashed havoc across the globe. This invisible enemy has conjured up an apocalyptic scenario where physical businesses are shut, GDPs shrink, and mankind is under house arrest.

The worry is real, but as they say, out of every crisis emerges new and incredible opportunities. Levelling with this ideology, businesses are re-inventing their strategies, a collective adrenaline is flowing, leading to the creation of new systems and structures. And technology is at the heart of this innovative, seismic shift.

In the wake of this virus-induced lockdown across the country, the real estate sector gravitated towards the digital domain, adopting futuristic technological tools including Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & 3D tech.

Homebuying is an emotional decision and requires a certain amount of physical experience. Taking emotions, senses, realism and imagination into account, real estate companies like Square Yards are leveraging the prowess of virtual reality to bring a real-time, life-like homebuying experience.

Visiting homes virtually through mobiles, tablets & laptops from the convenience of your couch is the new mantra of late and homebuyers are pleased to adopt and experience such a path-breaking idea.

Square Yards is at the centre of this structural shift. The company has added features like 3D walkthrough and location overview through drone technology to its property-selling website that emulates a physical environment to create a truly immersive and interactive experience.

To create a hassle-free home-buying experience, artificial intelligence is harnessed, where real-time inventory blocking engines integrated with multiple payment gateways and state-of-the-art transaction enabler tools like digital signatures complete the home-buying process.

If home buying is on your mind amidst this lockdown, you have come to the right place. Square Yards has unravelled a host of lockdown offers on top real estate properties listed on its Online Digital Platform across India.

We have presented a lowdown of some of the top-selling properties, city-wise for your home-buying convenience. Enjoy.

  1. Bangalore: The Garden City is a potential real estate investment destination not only for investors but also homebuyers. Bangalore enjoys strong macro-economic robustness, world-class infrastructure, smart public amenities, favourable climatic conditions, unrivalled IT & manufacturing hubs and excellent transport apparatus which makes it a hotspot for residential investment. On the housing front, the city offers sound prospects in terms of price appreciation and rental returns. Stable real estate market conditions, steep price rates and no drastic fluctuations in market rates are other factors that have tipped the scales in Bangalore’s favour.

 Top real estate projects to lock your eyes on:

  1. Shriram Earth, Mysore Road, Bangalore
  2. Shriram Dil Chahta Hai Dobara, Off Hosur Road, Bangalore
  3. Salarpuria Sattava Park Cubix, Devanahalli, Bangalore


  1. Noida: Noida is systematically planned and the fastest growing city in India. The upcoming Jewar airport will attract a host of MNCs to the city and trigger an infrastructure boom. Job opportunities will explode with the setting up of several IT & ITES offices. Add to that the excellent rail and road network offering connectivity to prime locations of Delhi-NCR. The presence of world-class schools, hospitals and knowledge park make it an ideal real estate investment destination for millennials and Gen Z folks.

Keep your eyes peeled for these real estate projects:

  1. WTC CBD, Noida
  2. Cyberpod, Sector 140-A, Noida
  3. Presithum, Phase I, Noida


  1. Pune: Pune is the fastest emerging hotspot for real estate investors and homebuyers. Amazing weather, lush greenery and a high liveability score make Pune a dream investment destination. Excellent infrastructure, modern social fabric, tech, IT & automobile hubs and superior connectivity to Mumbai region and other cities in the vicinity makes up for an interesting roster of features. Reasonably priced homes, good ROI on rentals and stable real estate price market have led to higher absorption of residential properties.

Check out these hot properties:

  1. VTP Blue Waters, Mahalunge, Pune
  2. VTP Pegasus, New Kharadi, Pune
  3. Godrej Park Greens, Mamurdi, Pune


  1. Mumbai: The financial city is going through a trend of affordable housing. Residential projects with world-class amenities are coming up to cater to the needs of millennials, amidst an infrastructure boom. Mumbai is the only place in the country to give you a robust blend of culture, entertainment destinations, upscale cosmopolitan lifestyle, glamour, and finest living experiences. So, if you aren’t investing in Mumbai, you are missing out the good life.

Properties to look for:

Rustomjee Global City, Virar West, Mumbai


  1. Gurgaon: Abundance of space, ample job opportunities, excellent civic amenities, robust transport network, proximity to IGI airport and a deluge of affordable housing options make Gurgaon the best bet for a real estate investment. The corporate hub is the major draw of the city and smooth connectivity to Delhi adds a cherry on the cake.

Watch out for the hottest residential properties:

Signature Global Park, Sohna Sector 36, Gurgaon

  1. Goa: Looking for a second home? What’s better than a tourist destination like Goa. Serene location, quiet life and a good climate make Goa a perfect retirement paradise. An influx of foreign tourists round the year can be a great opportunity to generate good rentals. The ROI is excellent and property prices are within the budget of most NRI investors.

Look out for these properties

Axis Blues, North Goa

So, what are you waiting for? Visit us at and enjoy an immersive 3D virtual tour of properties of your choice. Snap up lockdown offers and take advantage of our guaranteed lowest prices across different properties. We bet your home buying experience will be like no other. Happy home buying!!

Sumit Mondal Content Analyst at Square Yards
Sumit Mondal Content Analyst at Square Yards