Should you consider investing in Kanakapura Road?


Kanakapura Road is steadily becoming a major investment hotspot in Bangalore. Kanakapura Road was once a highway with a few resorts. However, fast-paced development has transformed this stretch into a buzzing zone which is located away from the congestion and noise of the city. Should you consider investing in Kanakapura Road?

Experts feel that Kanakapura Road is always a good bet for investments on account of its quality infrastructure. The stretch  has several roads in tandem with seamless metro railway connectivity. Kanakapura Road also offers excellent social infrastructure to residents. The 6.2 km Phase II project of the Namma Metro in this area has definitely increased overall homebuyer interest by leaps and bounds.

The area is also home to reputed educational institutions, restaurants, hospitals, malls and shopping centres. There are several plotted layouts across major gated complexes along with luxury housing developments, affordable housing projects and premium villas as well. There is something for almost every budget in this stretch. The area has an average price of around Rs.5,500 per sq. ft. Over the next 5 years , this is expected to grow at least 15-18% which spells good news for investors.

Several early investors have already reaped handsome returns by now and some have managed to garner three times of their initial investment. Kanakapura Road is expected to become a major residential hub in the near future.