Usmanpura – connecting the Old and New Ahmedabad


Usmanpura in Ahmedabad acts as a bridge that connects the modern suburbs of Ahmedabad and the Old City.

The financial hub of Gujarat, Ahmedabad contains within itself a locality that beautifully encapsulates the historical architectural marvels along with hustle and bustle of the modern city. Usmanpura is an affluent locality in the suburbs of Ahmedabad and acquires its name from Syed Usman the founder of this village in the early 1400s. This area has been an integral part of the provinces since then and the area has always been the ideal residential area across the ages.

Usmanpura has a very distinct geographical location; not being located centrally is what makes it even more popular. It takes just 10 minutes to drive away from CG Road or Bodakdev to reach Usmanpura that is located adjacent to Ashram Road that has some of the most reputed business offices in the state.

“This area has its own charm. It provides you space, peace and tranquillity which other areas might fall short of. The best part about the locality is that we hardly face any traffic issue which is now a common problem with every other area. There are always alternate routes to take; which would otherwise be impossible if we resided elsewhere,” says Riddhi Shah, a local resident. After the MEGA project (Metro-Link Express for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad) reaches its completion, Usmanpura will have one of the Metro stops and will also offer excellent connectivity across the city and its outskirts along with Gandhinagar. Apart from hassle free inter area connectivity the international airport is only 9 km away. The main the railway station terminus of the city, better known as Kalupur, is barely at a distance of 5 km with the Gandhigram Station being just 3 km away.

Usmanpura has always enjoyed much popularity as a residential as well as commercial centre and with the growth of modernisation it is now experiencing an increase in the influx of people. In order to offer a suitable place to all those people, the real estate market in Usmanpura offers an interesting blend of the old and the new. There are several real estate developments which are undergoing construction and many that are reaching completion. These projects offer both luxury as well as affordable homes to cater to the needs of home buyers belonging to diverse economic profiles. “It’s been about two years, I shifted to Usmanpura and apart from offering amazing connectivity, there is an AMC park right next to my house making an early morning walk very convenient,” says Rashi Chopra, a local resident.

In spite of the considerable rise in contemporary infrastructure developments, Usmanpura has still managed to retain its old world essence. This place is also hold a lot of importance in regards to the cultural scenario of Ahmedabad since it is home to some of the reputed dance academies; also, the boundaries of Usmanpura lies close to Gujarat Vidhyapith, that was founded by the Father of our nation.

Usmanpura is dotted by government offices and also houses the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) office. Beside this office, there is an ancient piece of Persian architecture that was built in 1460. This ancient structure is the tomb and mosque of Syed Usman, the founder of Usmanpura. Interestingly enough, in this locality, the mosque has been built right beside a temple which thereby indicates the unflinching bond that clearly exists among the people staying there. With its diverse cultural traits and rich history, Usmanpura emanates the quaint charm that makes you wonder about a bygone era.