Vastu for Flats & Apartments: 15 Major signs to watch out for

Vastu for Flats & Apartments
Vastu for Flats & Apartments


There are several effective guidelines laid down by Vastu Shastra for flats and apartments. Owning a bigger house is a far chase, considering there are less land and more people. However, one’s house can be small or big but it must give satisfaction to its owner. This feeling of satisfaction and pride should not be influenced by the negativity of the space. Therefore, it is necessary to ward off negativity from every corner by following the Vastu tips for flat. The Vastu for flat suggests a specific use of plants, colours, directions, and other decorative accessories required to nullify the evil effects. You must follow the Vastu tips for flats or meet Vastu experts to know how to check Vastu for flats. 

Vastu for flat: Vastu tips for flat


There are a few questions that pop in every individual’s mind that is looking for an auspicious house, “Is Vastu applicable for flats?” and “Does Vastu matter?"

The answer to the above question is that every nook and corner of your space has cosmic energy that can be either positive or negative. Thus, it is essential to follow the basic tips of Vaastu for flat to achieve a successful and peaceful life. Vastu for apartments and flats can be checked or corrected by following the following tips:

  • One of the basics of Vastu shastra is to buy a flat with North, North-west or East facing main entrance only.
  • In the pooja room, the deities must be enshrined in the Northeast corner as per basic Vastu. South-west direction must be chosen for over-head tanks.
  • North-east direction must be chosen for under-water tanks.
  • The drainage pipes must lead to North-west, North, or West directions.
  • The South-west corner must be picked for the master bedroom.
  • The North-west corner must be for the children’s room.
  • According to basic Vastu, the construction of bathrooms must be done in the West or South direction only.
  • The drawing room must in North-west, South, or West directions only.
  • The direction of the kitchen must be South-west as it is an essential part of the house and therefore it is important to know the kitchen should be in which direction.
  • The East, North, North-west, West and North-east corners must be chosen for study rooms.
  • Both the pooja room and study room must be adjacent.
  • The direction of the guest room must be North-west.
  • The windows must open in the East or North direction.
  • All the windows and doors must open inwards and be of even number.
  • The storeroom must be in the South.
  • Dustbins and garbage must be properly covered and kept in the South-west of your home.
  • The balconies must be in northeast, East, or North directions.

Apart from the above basic Vastu tips, you can also get a Vastu chart for a home that has detailed tips for every room such as a kitchen, bedroom, main door, pooja room, etc.

Vastu for Pooja Room in Flats


The most auspicious space corner to worship is the northeast. It is also known as the Ishan Cone. The worshipper must be facing East or North while praying to the deities. The deities' idols must be placed in the West or East direction. The walls of the room must be yellow, white, or light blue. It is also recommended to take the place of worship of marble or wood. The Pooja room is an essential room that maintains positive vibrations and provides mental peace. As it’s a sacred place, the room needs special attention. The Vastu shastra directions must be followed to gain maximum benefit from the praying room. From its spatial arrangement to direction in-home, the Vastu shastra directions play an important role. Here are some points to avoid when constructing the pooja room to ward off negativity from the house:

  • The pooja room must never be constructed in the South direction. This might harm the inhabitants with negative vibes.
  • One must never build a storeroom, bedroom, or any other room adjacent to the bathroom as per Vastu. This can negatively affect the inhabitants and the house.
  • In the pooja room, the idols must not be placed facing the south direction.
  • Avoid placing photos of dead people in the pooja room.
  • You must also refrain from keeping unnecessary things in the pooja room.
  • It is inauspicious to hide money and valuables in the room.
  • You must also avoid keeping dustbins inside a pooja room as it may drive away positive energy.

It is crucial to understand what must be done and avoided to gain maximum profit by following the Vastu guidelines.

Main door Vastu for flats


The Vastu for flats entrance is recommended to be northeast, East, or North in direction. There must not be any lifts or elevators in front of the entrance. It is also advised to have a window right in front of the main door. One should also avoid removing shoes at the main entrance. The main door's height must be more than the other rooms in the house. The entrance area must be well-lit and there must be no garbage or dustbin kept there. Building your house as per main door Vastu for flats is crucial and equally important. The entrance of your home is regarded as a pivotal and most influential part because of various cosmic energy and vibes movie in and out from that door. Therefore, an apartment flat’s main entrance design must be done as per the guidelines of the Vastu shastra directions. Your apartment flat’s entrance decoration must be under the basic Vastu as it attracts positive vibrations in the house. Let us look at the dos and don’ts of the main door Vastu:

Do’s list

  • The main door is recommended to be in the East, North-east, West, or North direction.
  • There must be a doormat placed at the entrance of the house to prevent negative energy from entering.
  • The entrance door must be the biggest in the house.
  • There must also be an elevated concrete slab or an Umbro at the entrance. Some auspicious signs such as felicitous footstep or Sathiya must be stuck on the main door to drive away negative energies.
  • There must be a nameplate at the main entrance because it attracts good health, happiness, and wealth.
  • The main door must be made of wood. The combination of materials recommended is metal and wood if the door is placed in the South.
  • The main door entrance must be very clean and neat.
  • Make sure to oil your door to avoid creaking as it creates negative vibrations.

Don’ts list:

  • To the opposite of the entrance, there must be no mirror as it reflects vibrations and energy
  • You must avoid using red lights at the entrance.
  • There must be no god’s photo stuck on the main door, as banging and disrespecting it may cause problems.
  • You must avoid placing any religious sign or symbols on the elevated slab to avoid stepping on it.
  • As per basic Vastu, the stairs must be uneven in number in front of the entrance.
  • One must avoid having the main door of the house in the South-east, north-west, south-west, or south directions.
  • The house must not have any creaking doors.

Therefore, if you want to know how to check the Vastu of the house then you must look at the points mentioned above.

Northwest Entrance Flat Vastu

As per the Vastu Shastra, the ruler of the northwest-facing homes is the Moon. Therefore, it must be given special attention and care. You must follow the essential Vastu tips to keep serious health and legal issues at bay. If your north-west entrance flat Vastu is not right, it will lead to disturbance in your personal life. Many curious individuals ask Vastu experts- “How to check my Vastu?”

The answer is simple, just go through the basic Vastu tips or meet an expert to get detailed information about your house. The northeast entrance flat Vastu is known as eshan, eshanya, eesan, etc. The main entrance of your home must be placed in the northeast, north, or east. The cut in the northeast corner as per Vastu is regarded as suicidal. It leads to several chronic diseases and has a serious negative impact on the next generations.

Vastu Shastra for Flats in Marathi

To avail expertise on Vastu shastra for flats in Marathi, you can visit the trusted website of Vastu shastra.

West Facing Flat Vastu

When the main entrance of your home faces the west, then it is known as the west-facing flat Vastu. The west-facing apartments are regarded inauspicious but the Vastu experts say otherwise.

Vastu for Apartments


  1. You must only go for rectangular or square-shaped buildings.
  2. Choose apartments with large bodies located in the west or south of the apartment.
  3. Your kitchen must not be facing the main entrance of the house.
  4. Do not opt for apartments that have balconies in the West or south.
  5. Do not opt for apartments whose watchmen’s cabin is situated in the northeast.

South Facing Flat Vastu


The entrance door of the South facing apartment must be placed in the South-east. This will allow sunlight to enter the room from the east. When the south-facing flat has defects it is known as the southeast cut Vastu. But the southeast Vastu is regarded as an ideal position.  The Vastu for east facing house and the south-facing house is considered best in terms of harmony, peace, prosperity, health, fame, name, and development.

The dead-end road Vastu of homes, apartments, or plots is considered very dangerous.

Similarly, the triangle plot Vastu along with other different oddly shaped plots are considered inauspicious. These triangular plots emit negative energies. The owners must make quick necessary corrections to the Vastu to get rid of the negative energies. The best shape of the flat recommended by Vastu experts is square and rectangular.


1. Which is the best facing for a flat?

The best facing for flat and its entrance are North-east and east directions. This will allow the best positive energy to enter your space. If your flat-facing direction is not Vastu compliant, there is nothing to worry about until all the other rooms are as per Vastu principles.

2. Is Vastu applicable for flats?

For the removal of all negative energies, the Vastu Shastra is amazingly effective. As per Vastu for flats, it is recommended to have certain plants, colours, and other decorative objectsto nullify the Vastu dosha’s evil effects.

3. Which floor is best to live in the apartment as per Vastu?

As per Vastu experts, apartments on the ground, first, second, third, and fourth floor are highly recommended as the best floor to live in. Any apartment beyond the fourth floor is devoid of the essential element i.e. water.

4. Is a south-facing flat good?

There is a huge misconception about the south-facing flat being inauspicious. The south-facing flats allow sunlight to freely flow in the house. If the Vastu principles are properly followed, then no direction is inauspicious.

5. Which direction should the main door face?

The main entrance of the home must face east, north-east or north directions as the main door allows energies to move in and out.

6. Which face house is best?

The prime direction that your house must face is either East or South. The best directions allow inhabitants to be more energy efficient.