Importance of Tulsi plant in Vastu Shastra

Tulsi is also known as Basil. It has numerous medicinal properties, which will keep you safe from seasonal colds and coughs. The Tulsi plant is known as the queen of herbs. It can be found in every household in India because the plant is considered sacred in the country. This plant acts as a medicine and cure to several seasonal diseases that include cold, cough, and flu. At the same time, according to the Tulsi plant Vastu, keeping it at home will bring happiness and harmony to the home. 


The Tulsi plant has been described as the form of goddess Lakhsmi in the Vedas. So, it is said that where there is Tulsi, there is Lakshmi (fortune). The Tulsi plant is auspicious for the financial, mental, and physical health of the family.

Keeping the Tulsi plant at home can bring tons of positive energy to the home. In this article, we will tell you the benefits of keeping Tulsi plants at home. According to the Vastu Shastra, which tells us the importance and significance of the Tulsi plant said by Acharya Indu Prakash. From the point of view of Vastu shastra and Tulsi Vastu, it is a very auspicious plant that has the power of eliminating the doshas by planting them in the home.

Tulsi Plant Vastu and its Benefits

  • The presence of Tulsi plants at home, according to the Tulsi plant Vastu, eliminates stress.
  • It also has mosquito repellent properties that keep the mosquitoes away from the palace it is planted. 
  • Purifying the air of the space is another benefit of the Tulsi plant. It is said and believed that the plant of Tulsi absorbs harmful gases, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and many more from the air of the space it is planted in.
  • The plant of Tulsi creates a beautiful aroma that helps in keeping the surroundings fresh and calm. 

Placement of Plant as per Tulsi Vastu


  • The best location to place the Tulsi plant, according to Tulsi plant Vastu, is in the east direction, on the balcony, or near the window.
  • You can also place the Tulsi plant in the north or north east direction as per the Tulsi Vastu and Tulsi plant direction for the betterment of homes. 
  • Make sure that the Tulsi plant direction in which it is kept receives enough sunlight.
  • Never keep the plants in even numbers. Choose the plants in odd numbers like one, three, five, seven, and more.
  • Make sure that you never place dustbins, brooms, shoes, or any such thing near the Tulsi plant.
  • Keep the area around the Tulsi plant clean and neat.
  • Add flowering plants near the Tulsi plant for a beautiful environment as that complements the plant.
  • Never keep a dry plant in the house as it will attract negative energies to your home and bring ill effects on the members. 

Tulsi Plant Vastu Direction at Home


According to the Tulsi plant Vastu, plant them in the north, north east, east, or at the center of the house. Placing the Tulsi plant in the west direction, south direction. south east direction, south west direction, west direction, and north west direction is not a good choice as it can attract negative energies. Make sure you never place the Tulsi plant in the wrong direction. Place them in the directions suggested as it will eliminate the negativity and bring positive energy to the home. 

Day to plant Tulsi as per Tulsi Plant Vastu

As per the Tulsi Vastu and Hindu beliefs, the best day to plant Tulsi at your space is Thursday in the month of Karthik, according to the Hindu calendar.

Best Tulsi Plant for Home

The Tulsi plant that has green leaves is known as ‘Shri Tulsi’. This plant is also known as ‘Fortunate Tulsi’ or the ‘Rama Tulsi’. It is also known as ‘Bright Tulsi’.

The Tulsi plant that has purple leaves, as well as stem and dark green leaves, is known as Shyama Tulsi’. This Tulsi plant is also known as ‘Krishna Tulsi’ or ‘Dark Tulsi’. This Tulsi plant is associated with Lord Krishna because of the similarity of purple cI mportanlor to the dark complexion of Lord Krishna.

As per Tulsi Vastu, these two are the best Tusli plants that you can keep in your space. You can keep either of these two Tulsi plants at your home. 

Sunlight for Tulsi Plants

The Tulsi plants should be placed near the area or place, which is warm as well as sunny, according to the experts of gardening. The Tulsi plant needs a minimum of 6 hours to a maximum of 8 hours of sunlight in a day. Hence, you need to place the plant in a space where Tulsi can receive enough sunlight that would help them in growth. 

Can Tulsi plants be grown indoors?

With the proper sunlight and care, you can grow the Tulsi plants indoors. Choose the right direction for the Tulsi plant where they can receive enough sunlight, and it can be on your balcony or near the window. Moreover, keep the indoor environment warm and keep the soil moist for better care of the Tulsi plant. This will allow the Tulsi plant to bloom and spread the aromatic fragrance in your house. 

Maintenance of Tulsi Plant

Prune the Tulsi plant on a regular basis. Also, remove the dried leaves from the plant and keep Tulsi watered. You can also add organic fertilizers that will keep the plant green and healthy.

Why not keep Tulsi indoors as per the Tulsi plant Vastu?

In the indoor environment, there is something that we call a roof. The roof stops the Tulsi plant from getting the essentials, such as sunlight, and stops their growth, according to the Tulsi Vastu. Tulsi is a plant that we all worship as well as it brings harmony and happiness to homes, and for that reason, the plants need to be healthy and bloom all the time. Hence, keeping the plants indoors might not promote their growth, and that is why they should be kept outside.  

Can we keep the Tulsi Plant at the main door of the house?

The Tulsi is a plant that removes the negative energy from the house. Keeping the plant at the front of the main door of the house in the north, north east, east, or center direction is a good choice as it will stop the negative energy to enter the house as per the Tulsi Vastu. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which side should we keep the Tulsi plant?

According to the Tulsi plant Vastu, the best directions for the Tulsi plant are north, east, north east, and in the center of the space.

Where should we place the Tulsi plant at home?

Tulsi plant is one of the most auspicious plants that will drive in positive energy and growth by driving out the negative energy.

Is the west direction good for the Tulsi plant?

No. The Tulsi plant in the west direction is a bad choice. One should never plant Tulsi in the west direction, as it can attract negative energies as per Tulsi plant Vastu.

Is the Tulsi plant lucky?

Tulsi can be considered somewhat lucky as the Tulsi plant can bring positiveness that will enhance your financial, mental, and physical situations.

Can we plant Tulsi on Saturday?

No. The ideal time to plant the Tulsi plant is Thursday in the month of Karthik according to the Hindu calendar, Tulsi Vastu, and Hindu beliefs.